After searching Pick n Pull for a LSD that would fit in my Crown Vic, I have finally found one. Finding a Crown Vic with LSD option is rare. It's easier to pull one from a Mustang GT as all Mustang GT's have the LSD. The problem there is two fold. Mustang GT's are more rare than regular Mustangs and the very few that find their way to Pick n Pull get picked clean before you can get there.

They picked the GT clean before I could get to the Thanksgiving day Pick n Pull hunt. I found one today that arrived just after Thanksgiving. I got to this one first boys. In this video I remove the differential carrier assembly and will be filming another video later where I replace the clutches with carbon fiber upgrades. In the third installment I will have this rear end in my Crown Vic and be throwing up rooster tails like a boss.

2 months, 2 weeks ago