Rabbi Moshe Zeldman explains that all the critics of the Torah codes ignore more than a decade of data and focus on one test conducted 15 years ago that had faulty protocol. New tests that have been conducted since have never been refuted. People claiming to be scientists make unscientific claims because they can't accept the fact that the Torah codes are real and by extension the Torah was written by God.

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I talk about some basics of Steganography, specifically I wanna demonstrate how it can be used to decode a certain letter and enable you to secretly talk about things that you otherwise couldn't talk about...

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Ferdinand Sauer explains how the FGLM Gröbner basis term order change algorithm works.

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This video covers the basics of understanding public and private keys as it relates to sending and receiving in Bitcoin.


Working with Bitcoin keys is one of the first things a new user is confronted with.

Because all information on the blockchain is just digital data, it's important to understand how these digital keys are like and not like physical keys.

This video shows you the basics of how keys lock and unlock, or send and receive data on the blockchain.

The images from this video are animations illustrations originally from the book, Bitcoin Clarity.

I share practical mental models for understanding bitcoin + share personal opinions of my view of the markets.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments?

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