Excerpts from a 2018 TED talk by Jaron Lanier.

Jaron Lanier is a technologist and author best known for coining or popularising the term 'virtual reality'. He featured as a commentator in the 2020 Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma".


00:00:10 Vision of first generation technologists, computing in the '80s; critique of the theoretical background to modern big tech/social engineering projects -- Norbert Wiener, cybernetics, B.F. Skinner and behaviorism

00:04:25 'Free' web services V subscription or micropayment models

00:07:10 Google, Facebook and other social media giants are 'behavior modification empires'

00:07:21 Future of the internet

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The cyberpunk classic that started it all. Click on the audiobook or cyberpunk hashtags for more.

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CD Projekt Gets Rekt, burning over a decade of consumer goodwill in one botched rush job that pales in comparison to The Witcher 3.

This highlight was taken from episode #007 of S.R. Showtolongo w/Armando Ramirez . Watch the full episode here: https://srsotolongo.com/srshow/2021/2/5/sr-showtolongo-007-warmando-ramirez

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Jill's mind is blown by her next customer of this evening. You might be able to say that this customer is a little too brainy for Jill's taste.

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Don't ask how or why, but I'm Keanu Reeves! I am definitely not complaining! lol

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When I tell you things go sideways for this heist, I really mean, they go seriously sideways! Watch and see!

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Cyberpunk 2077 and its soundtrack inspired me. So I made my own musical interpretation of V's journey through Night City. Hope you like

I have no affiliation with Cyberpunk, just a fan

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Jackie and I are off to do the heist, and MAN, we look sharp!!

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William Gibson's cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer.

1 month ago

Roaming through a dystopian 2048 New York in cyberpunk stealth-action RPG Disjunction.

To download the Disjunction demo check out its Steam page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/979310/Disjunction/

Disjunction is set to launch on January 28th 2021.





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In part eight, Jill tries to get another Lilim drunk, creeps on Streaming Chan, warns clients to avoid spouting illegal statements, talks about brain uploads and leaves the drunken streamer knocked unconscious in the office.

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People come for profit but stay for the revolution

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Cyberpunk 2077 2018 E3 Demo Faked And They Knew It Would Not Run On Older Systems!



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That's my car, dick!

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5th track of 10 of the album SINGULARITY by Onyrix/ Dino Olivieri.
listen and support at: https://www.onyrix.com

Genre: synthwave, retrowave, vaporwave, electronic cyberpunk soundtrack, cypherpunk, synthpop, 80s, soundscapes, electronic music, eurodance, europop.
موسيقى الكترونية

Now available on all digital music stores and streaming platforms:

Synthesizer's atmospheres and electronic soundscapes for one of the most suggestive original soundtracks inspired by the electronic musicians and film scores of the 80's and 90's. Onyrix / Dino Olivieri's music will immerse you in a cyber-adventure

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How did it come to this

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Streaming Chan is the most annoying character in the game. I won't argue that, but she is a moderately successful, self-motivated solo business woman.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

it only took me waiting for the game to become irrelevant and 10 iterations but here we are

i intentionally didn't do any sidequests because i wanted to see if CDPR's claim that the game would take over 100 hours to play through was true, spoiler alert, it's not.

no idea about the intro, kinda hoping on content id

read my brain cheese


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Top Hat Studios is under attack by those on twitter condemning the release of a video game that has nothing wrong with it

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Nesse vídeo eu trato a respeito do jogo Cyberpunk 2077, bem como sobre desdobramentos pertinentes ao pensamento. Espero que goste. =)

Nota: Não repare muito na capa do vídeo, ela é apenas uma cópia da capa usada no meu canal do YouTube.

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Comichat is a series where we talk about Comics that I've read lately, good or bad.

This video is not intended to be viewed by children, but is intended for adults.

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Will he be able to destroy Mikoshi before more netrunners are sucked into project Soulkiller?

1 month, 3 weeks ago

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In part 5 of this let's play we finally meet Alma, whom Jill had mentioned at the very beginning of the game while reading of Alice Rabbit. Then our newest regular shows up. At least our newest regular so far.

Music show on Twitch this Saturday night:

So this video took me quite a few tries to successfully upload and process since last night.Thank you, BitChute, for finally processing this video. Hope this site soon allows lengthier videos at 1080p 60 fps soon. They have the financial support for it now.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Enjoy the Vids everyone!!!

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V.IT covers in Episode 9:
Information Services
Electronic Subculture

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1 month, 3 weeks ago

Cyberpunk 2077 amd ryzen SMT bug.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Dark cyberpunk ambient album from In Quantum:

"Early Spring 2074
Some say the old days were different. Before cybernetics and the transhumanist revolution. Before the megacorps bought us and our nations, our hopes and our dreams. People back then did not live, work, eat and sleep their lives away within the towering megacorp arcologies. These days only the lucky do so.
Before the megacorps developed the semantic networks, there were us - soulless prototypes with imprinted memories and so cybernetically enhanced that we verge ever on cyber-psychosis. Due to our post-human DNA, programmed for resilience, we work and live in areas where Humans cannot - like Sector 417. A quarantined and irradiated zone where we protect and maintain the filtration, power and sewage systems of the Mega-City. The nuclear fallout from the conflicts of the 50's is mostly cleaned up thanks to us, though you would never know it.
Water is scarce, and the first war over it is already brewing. We see, but lack the capacity to care. The word Humanity now feels on the tongue like some long-lost dream. A vision of freedom and serenity, turned to coarse sand on our pallets.
We see the riots from up here, red smoke and gunfire as anti-transhumanist chants peal through the city. Humans that are disenfranchised, without value in a new world where semantic networks connect the soulless, making them smarter and more effective. What is a single brain compared to thousands? Sometime recently we diverged from the evolutionary path of the many, and now seem land-locked into evolving into a single mind. A single mind at war with itself and all of creation. A single mind ready to disembowel itself to cut the cancer out.
To cut us out."

00:00 Anno MMLXXIV
05:39 Dream
10:29 Oceanum Mortuis
15:59 Sarapis
21:03 Memory 417
24:12 Isolation Journal
28:09 Odysses
35:18 Suicidium
40:49 Itarius Mourning
45:20 Andor
50:54 Sanctum
54:43 The End


1 month, 3 weeks ago

V.IT covers in episode 7
SINS state program

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1 month, 4 weeks ago

This is the secret ending of Cyberpunk 2077. It's done on hard mode so with quite conservative play - many of the enemies can and will one shot you if you give them the chance. I tried to use the most 'natural sounding' dialogue so it sounds more like a movie when given the choices, so I didn't pick every single choice.

You might want to skip to 5:50 or so because I left in the wait to trigger the secret ending.

1 month, 4 weeks ago

V.IT continues the lore from HotB book with the children of the Cyberpunk universe.

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2 months ago

Meme Benis goes over the mishaps of his holiday, we talk a little bit about food, usage of everyday language, and delve into the message Cyberpunk wants to send.

Discord hang out: https://discord.gg/QGnkYkV
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Email for questions and thoughts: [email protected]
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2 months ago

V.IT continues the lore of Cyberpunk Home of the Brave
The New America
The Destruction of the American Family
Growing up in New America
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I also cover small amount of info on Streetkid, Nomad, and Corpo children.

2 months ago

Let's keep it wholesome.

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2 months ago

VdotIT goes over the fall of the gang of 4 (CIA, FBI, DEA, and NSA)
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2 months ago

V.IT talks the fall of America in this lore series by reading and bringing context to the Home of the Brave book. This is part 3 of the adventure and covers the Gang of 4 as well as The beginning of the End. Please join us on this trip through Cyberpunk in the 1990's.
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2 months ago

V.IT Cyberpunk Home of the Brave intro and how I'm going to go about it.
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2 months ago

V.IT talks the fall of America in this lore series by reading and bringing context to the Home of the Brave book.
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2 months ago

V.IT continues the lore in the Home of the Brave Cyberpunk book.
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2 months ago

Come join Recess Gaming in our investigation to find out how to get rid of Keanu Reeves that lives in my head via biochip.

2 months ago