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Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea

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DavidPFranceTV INTERVIEW #44
Choreographer, Dancer
Augsburg, Germany

For his 44th interview, David speaks with Christine Ceconello, a choreographer and dancer originally from Brazil and now residing in Germany. David and Christine worked together approximately five years when David P. France Dance Company was still in operating in Basel, Switzerland. During this conversation, Christine talks about her upbringing, how she developed an interest in dance, the various artists and choreographers she has worked for and with; as well as her connection in ballet and contemporary dance world in Europe.

David also speaks with Christine about dance as a language, woman in the field of dance (as directors and choreographers); the diversity in the creation and learning of dance; as well as the impact of the current epidemic on the dance community.

Christine is very pleased to invite you to attend the premiere of Christine Ceconello's work: 1:1 ONE ONE, on December 5th, at 7:30pm, on YouTube. Performers: Irupé Sarmiento and Diego Cruz.

The tickets can purchase through sympla, on the link:


The idea of creating this show emerged as a means to continue developing our creativity, even in complex times. The show approaches an attempt to connect, a silent conversation, a desire to touch even if virtually. Not even different time zones and the distance prevented us from working together. We did all this for the pleasure of creating, dancing and sharing our art.

It will be a joy to share this work with you. I hope you will enjoy it and we want to know your opinion!

We are waiting for you!

Christine, Irupé and Diego


Christine Ceconello was born in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. She is currently working as a dancer, choreographer and choreographic assistant throughout Europe and South America.

Starting out as a dancer with the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, she also went on to perform with Theatre Castro Alves, De Anima Dance Company, Staatstheater Augsburg, Grand Theatre de Geneve, Stadttheater Hagen, Theatre Heidelberg and Deutsche Oper Berlin. During this time she enjoyed dancing choreographies by Amanda Miller, Itzik Galili, Mauro Bigonzetti, Cayetano Soto, Peter Chu, Emily Molnar, Mauricio de Oliveira, Mário Nascimento, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Martino Muller, Stephen Shropshire and Andonis Foniadakis.

As of recent worked as choreographic assistant of Martino Muller, Marcelo Misailidis and Stephen Shropshire, helping them in the creation of their work.

She's been developing her own choreographic works, being nominated for the Prêmio de Dança Cesgranrio 2019/2020 as best choreographer and performer.

She now enjoys a varied carreer spreading throughout central Europe, assisting, performing and choreographing with independent artists and theatres.

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The Official Final Chapter, Available Now!!! – Andora’s Afterthoughts – Chapter 24 discusses some of the powerful experiences I had around Andora’s passing. Andora would show her presence almost immediately after making her transition to the beyond… #GuardianAngel #AllDogsGoToHeaven

I conclude with some final thoughts on dealing with loss. It is very important to me that we show people the respect they deserve in #life and #death. #Tragedy can be such a #challenge for those of us left behind so I find it is important to be prepared. As I’ve learned through my #voyage, we are all just here for a short time until we return to the Beyond. May this book help you on your #journey as it has helped me too. Thank you for joining me on this Magnificent Endeavor.

#Read, #Listen, or #Watch Heavens Angel Andora Read Chapter 24, Andora’s Afterthoughts, to the Book Dancing Beyond Cancer. Please Enjoy and Share. #QuarantineReads #QuarantineReading

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vjaytv.com the canadian alternative to youtube

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