Barstool Sports founder and President Dave Portnoy weighs in on the GameStop stock price stock surge and how Robinhood and Wall Street have reacted to the short squeeze.

6 months ago

Robin Hood CEO Vlad Tenev has poked the wrong dragon. Dave Portnoy also known as El Prez is the true Robin Hood. Not only is Dave helping out small businesses in a way that Congress should be jealous of, he is going to take up the fight with hedge funds on behalf of the people.

Mr. Portnoy knows how to carry out a grudge.

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6 months ago

Dave Portnoy Interviews Donald Trump at the White House

Per Dave - "This was truly one of the most surreal days of my life. From delivering newspapers out of my astrovan to interviewing the leader of the free world at the White House. What a long, strange trip it's been. I don't care what your politics are this was an opportunity that couldn't be turned on. I still can't believe it happened to be honest."

1 year ago