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David McBride is an Australian whistleblower. In 2011 and 2013, he served in Afghanistan as a military lawyer to the Royal Australian Regiment and Australian Special Forces.

Over two deployments, he became increasingly concerned that the war was dictated by politics rather than the best interests of Australians and Australian soldiers.

David McBride made information on war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan available to the ABC.

This followed Formal complaints David McBride had made internally in 2014 that were dismissed by members of the Australian Defence Force.

As a footnote, in June of 2019, the federal police raided the offices of the ABC because David McBride had released information, which, as we know was broadcast by the ABC.

The warrant according to one news source, allowed police to "add, copy, delete, or alter" any material they wanted to alter on the ABC's computers.

If convicted of the charges made against him, David McBride faces many years in prison.

Asia Pacific Today. October 13, 2021

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