What the whole world is now witnessing is the descent to a collective state of manufactured madness, irrational fear and extreme over-reaction being experienced by the vast majority of humanity. There is a highly organized Ordo ab Chao strategy being implemented with extremely purposeful design by demonic powers and malevolent forces.

Make no mistake, this rapidly devolving state of affairs is the direct reflection of the delusional psychopathy and utter insanity of the power elite who currently run the world. This is exactly what happens when those who control the Earth realm attain a level of such obscene wealth and absolute control over the entire planetary civilization.

What else could be expected when The Powers That Be exert total command and control over every sphere of life?! Given upwards of 7.8 billion digitally connected people on the planet, and that the Internet is now ubiquitous, TPTB know we have reached a defining moment in human history. They know they’re in BIG trouble with so much truth revealed about their multi-century crime sprees on all 7 continents.

Therefore, the elites brazenly and recklessly decided to launch OPERATION COVID-19 around the globe. Once TPTB pushed the button on this exceedingly desperate international crime wave against humanity, they knew there was no turning back.

In fact, at this point of 2021, the New World Order globalist cabal has clearly passed the point of no return. And they know it. Hence, the world community of nations will now be forced to deal with “VAXports & CovAIDS, Shedders & SuperSpeaders!”, unless We the People put a stop to it.

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Divide and Conquer

Surely, there’s no easier way to divide and conquer all of humanity more efficiently than to first divide them into two diametrically opposed camps—the Covid Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers.

First, the Plandemic perps engineered a false predicament whereby all effective COVID-19 treatments were quite deliberately not approved by the American regulatory agencies and medical establishment. That deceitful move alone set up the FDA’s legal maneuver to approve the various Covid ‘vaccines’ for “Emergency Authorization Use” only. Once that happened, Big Pharma, W.H.O., along with Bill Gates & Company, illicitly took over the management of this transparently fabricated pandemic.

Their main tools and techniques include the release of the bioweapon — SARS-CoV-2 — and it’s many variants and mutant forms. In this way, the perps have created a worldwide health disaster that will eventually become known as CovAIDS.
URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons
and Discuss What to do About It (Video)

Because of how debilitating Coronavirus Syndrome truly is, this multi-infection syndrome now known as CovAIDS to the initiated will become a scourge to humankind, far exceeding the HIV scare of the 1980s and the subsequent AIDS epidemic.

This stealthily contrived global health catastrophe, they plan, will then give them justification to roll out a globally recognized VAXport. Simply put, you don’t travel unless you can show that your COVID-19 vaccination card (and VAXport) is totally up to date.

Of course, this divide and conquer strategy has been ramped up MAJORLY by creating a vey real pandemic whereby every Covid-vaccinated individual is now a carrier of SARS-CoV-2. See: The Covid ‘Vaccine’ Has Become the Real Pandemic!

And that each infected individual has the potential to morph into a full-blown SuperSpreader by becoming a Shedder of the dangerous spike proteins put into the fake vaccines.

In this manner, every vaccinated person will become a vector of dissemination for SARS-CoV-2 as well as for the shedding pernicious spike proteins which can lead to various neurological disorders similar to Mad Cow Disease.
Doctor Explains Why You Should Keep Away From Vaccinated People —
Spike Protein Shedding! (Video)

If this ongoing crisis is permitted to continue unabated, there can be only one outcome. The vaccinated Shedders and SuperSpreaders will become a very serious super threat to the unvaxxed and healthy folks. Conversely, those who refuse all Covid injections, shots and jabs will be incorrectly viewed by the vaxxed as a danger to their health.
Tägliche politische und Geoengineering-Nachrichten:

Meine Kanäle:

My personal greetings from Germany go to all patriots in the world:

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Jim and Diane Present THEIR TAKE on the Ryan Dawson-David Stein Cole Interview Discussion (June 15, 2020) July 5, 2020

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Shane Dawson Who Is Pals With YouTube CEO Sexually Assaults Dog In Video

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http://www.paandusports.com/2020/02/Grant-Dawson-vs-Darrick-Minner-MMA-Live-Stream-01-Mar-UFC-Fight-Night-169 Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner UFC Fight Night 169 Sunday (European Daylight Time) 20:00 ET 01:00 GMT 06:30 IST 01-Mar MMA. Follow this match featuring Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner right here. Click the link above to start watching Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner game live and all other UFC Fight Night 169 MMA matches online for free. Powered by | Sports Paandu | HD Software Technology. Trending: All Sports Channels Live Streaming, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner MMA, UFC Fight Night 169, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner Preview & Prediction, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner Highlights, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner Live Stream Reddit, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner Tv Channel, Grant Dawson Match Live, Darrick Minner Streaming Info, Grant Dawson Game Today, Darrick Minner 2020, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner Live 2020, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner, Grant Dawson vs Darrick Minner Betting Tips

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In this two hour and thirty five minute video, Ryan Dawson explains his views on the “Holocaust” hate propaganda.
Using a speech by Deborah Lipstadt, as an example, Ryan speedily rebuts her statements showing that she claims that her version is the only one, and if you disagree with “it” you must be a “lying Nazi”. As Ryan points out, Lipstadt “denies” that lying is a feature of wars. Using the battle of Fredericksburg as an example, Ryan explains that “how” and “how many” are questions we should ask. Of any war, we need to ascertain what is true, what was rumour, and was created by Psychological Warfare.
Citing a remark by a Rabbi, that the “Holocaust” is a successful historical fiction, Ryan moves on to show that Lipstadt’s speech is full of distortions, lies, and half-truths. Lipstadt claims for example that all “revisionists” are really Neo-Nazi racists. Lipstadt is a Zionist, and a racist herself. Ryan, shows numerous clips from relatively modern wars, about “weapons of mass destruction”, the fake claim by the British Government that Iraq was trying to buy material for Nuclear Weapons,and many others. Lipstadt goes on with her extraordinary claims that the “revisionist” neo-nazis, allege that it was the Jews who made up the “Holocaust” atrocity story. Ryan shows how the “holocaust” story is just a long list of propaganda stories "proved" at Nuremberg from Homocidal “steam chambers”, “Gas vans”, death by Lumberjack, transportable crematoria, Atomic Weapons, bone grinding machines, spanking machines, automatic shooters, human skin lampshades, human skin gloves, human skin used to wrap pocket books, Swamps, Ice, Gas chambers that double as Showers, and so on.
Ryan ends his video by examining “survivor” accounts, especially one which said that plays were put on at Auschwitz.

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Ryan Dawson interviewed by Timothy Kelly for 'our interesting times' -series.

Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to share his thoughts on the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein. Ryan is an author, independent researcher and the proprietor of the ANC Report.

Epstein Crime Map: https://www.ancreport.com/report/jeffrey-epstein-crime-map-july-18-2019/

Very good research into who Epstein really are, who his friends are and what these enteties have done.

The interview is almost 3 hours long but very informing FYI.

Tim Kelly is also avalible on BC and YT. Follow Links.
Only a few of his many interviews will be avalible on my channel.

BC: https://www.bitchute.com/profile/VN58YYOn8cTT/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKAZwaFnH_QX1ddYDQf-lg

Ryan Dawson is also on Bitchute and YT.
BC: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/dawson/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rys2sense

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A friendly conversation between two nationalists with different perspectives. Originally aired on December 10, 2018

Ryan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyLiberty
Anti-Neocon Report: http://www.ancreport.com/


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🎵 "Short Cinematic Trailer", licensed by SafeMusicList.com

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Ryan Discussing Neo Conservatism on Warski Live: https://youtu.be/MijlhCxHVqg

Tucker Asks Senator How Regime Change Helps The US: https://youtu.be/nDf-OuK2gKw

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Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Suzie Dawson, June 8, 2018 noliesradio.org

DISCLAIMER: Personally, I believe when you research the Assange past, you find that there are nefarious ties to CIA, NSA, Rothschild and Soros. So would that place Suzie in the know, probably since she proclaims she has reviewed the "smear campaigns".

For more counter information:

RichPlanet TV: Wikileaks & Assange: Made By The NSA

ACA. Cult Compo. (The Family. Julian Assange. Anne Hamilton-Byrne.)

3 years, 1 month ago

Highlighting one of the highest level agents in the "alternative media." Dana, the host, has no apparent awareness of the international jewish crime network. Dana exposes Ryan Dawson, Helen Caldicot, Arnie Gundersen, and other leading activist for covering up the crime of Fukushima.

Streamed live on Jul 5, 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjxuqhmRZws

Dana Durnford is currently doing a species count on the British Columbia coastline. This is only the second count since 3-11-11. He also did the first, finding around 100 species remaining of the 6500 endemic to the B.C. tide pools.

FYI: Dana is running this expensive operation only with the help of supporters because the media, universities and governments have failed to report the death of the Pacific Ocean. He has 3 boats and is currently positioned at the border of AK ready to begin his work. He barely has internet and is running on a shoestring, so I am attempting to help pick up the funding slack a bit. IMHO we need the data that he is collecting.

Even if you only can afford a few bucks, please support Dana, learn what he is teaching and follow his journey from Alaska to California, as he exhaustively documents the current state of life on the coastline over the next 6 months or so. In my opinion, this is the ONLY reasonable source of information about nuclear, Fukushima and the Pacific available to us at this time. He is struggling financially to accomplish the mission, though he will complete it even if he has to cannibalize the fleet to do so.

jewtube backup: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw2fJLhuT5pQdJKTSP5XlaQ/videos
Direct donation link, easily found on the above sites:

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