"We need an audit of COVID-19 death certificates says Dr. Scott Jensen, former Minnesota senator. He says that people need to be held accountable."

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Mehrere Bestattungsunternehmer sprechen Tacheles über gefälschte C-Todesurkunden

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Fox News, December 2020

Representative Mary Franson and Scott Jensen were on Tucker Carlson Tonight hosted by Mark Steyn calling once again for a full audit of COVID deaths.

We deserve transparency.


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The number of people who are actually dying from COVID-19 is probably much lower then the true numbers indicate. Several medical doctors including Prof Karol Sikora - the former head of the World Health Organization - have come out and said that the numbers are all wrong because the Death Certificates are not being filled out truthfully. In this video we look at Dr. Scott Jensen a Iowa Senator who has been called out for questioning the information that the CDC has told Doctors to include in the Death Certificates. In the United States all Birth Certificates are including COVID-19 as an underlying cause for death and recently CNN did a story highlighting Dr. Jensen's belief that all Death Certificates being filled out are inaccurately reporting COVID-19 as a contributing factor in death. I ask why only now, is CNN calling out Senator Dr. Jensen and his theory on the COVID-19 numbers being fudged in the USA. When this has been a cause of concern in the Truth Community since April when the CDC came out with new protocols on how doctors should be filling out Death Certificates. Is CNN trying to control the narrative of the Death Certificate Hoax?


Global Agenda Video on Test Kits
Why Was the World Bank Shipping COVID19 Test Kits to Countries in 2017 Before COVID Was Even a Word?

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Viral!!! Doctor Jensen's Medical License Threatened For Speaking Out On Covid-19
Viable Tv

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Clare Wills Harrison is a death certificate solicitor. And is talking about the serious fraud that is going on with Coronavirus death certificates in the UK.

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Del Bigtree with Scott Jensen, July 24, 2020

Senator and “Doctor of the Year,” Scott Jensen, MD, was interviewed on MSM about the new and unorthodox way he was instructed to fill out death certificates by the CDC, as well as comparing Coronavirus and the seasonal flu, a statement already made by Tony Fauci and other officials. In a shocking turn of events, his medical license is now under review by the state of Minnesota. Jensen has publicly stated he has “no regrets,” and talks to Del about how he’s even more inspired to speak out.

The Highwire


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Taking the panic out of pandemic

Senator Scott Jensen targeted by the Minnesota Medical Board for speaking the truth about COVID-19!

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Project Veritas, April 30, 2020

Project Veritas today released another video featuring conversations with funeral home directors and their staff throughout New York City questioning the number of deaths officially attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Project Veritas is an American activist group. The group uses disguises and hidden cameras to uncover corruption.

Michigan health center workers stage fake patients in COVID19 testing line for CBS News

Project Veritas




Boom! Italy knows it's a hoax. Leader screams stop lying, I have the true numbers!
New studies tell the truth about fatality rates
Truth about mortality rates

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Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated

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No extra bodies on top of the weekly average at the morgues = 💯 No Pandemic

Slowly but Surely the **Khovid-9teen** death certificate SCAM is being EXPOSED by MEDICAL DOCTORS

Death certificate SCAM is being EXPOSED by MEDICAL DOCTORS

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The Minnesota Dept. of Health is instructing MDs and other health care workers to list cause of death as COVID-19... with NO TESTING! From the CDC: COVID-19 Alert No. 3 April 2, 2020 - Final Guidance and Provisional Death Counts

April 6, 2020 - Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated

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