A recently uploaded video featuring a typical American woman in all her feminine glory. Blue pilled members of the gray haired crew will often foolishly chastise younger males for not dating, marrying and/or for failing to engage in procreation with such women. Channel admin's response; no matter how thirsty one is, would it ever make sense to drink from a polluted body of water❓💀

The MGTOW Wedding Video: https://tinyurl.com/m7ymbd3w

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During what quickly became a terse exchange, Univision anchor, Ilia Calderon, interviews America's vice president and asks for specifics regarding her plans for a future visit to the southern border. Watching this clip it should be apparent that Kamala has No plans to ever visit a rustic location like the US/Mexico border as she prefers to spend her time dwelling in air conditioned offices, dressed in pant suits and wearing heels 👠👑💄

5 days, 16 hours ago

During her visit to Central America the current vice president of the United States ordered illegal migrants not to come to the USA and claims that she believes that if illegals do show up at the border, that they will simply be turned back 🤨

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Spaniards clash with new arrivals from Africa in the streets Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸

1 week, 2 days ago

In a recently recorded video, Muslim residents of the city of Mississauga, Ontario, are shown blocking city traffic in observance of the Adhan or Adhaan ☪

It should go without saying that province wide CV restrictions remain in place but apparently Canadian authorities have grated Islamic practitioners a special exception 😉

2 weeks, 1 day ago


Londoner exercises his diminishing right to speak freely ✝

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African migrants armed with machetes and other weapons, engage in hand to hand combat as members of the British Police observe and report from the cover provided by bushes and trees 🇬🇧🌳👮‍♀👮👮‍♀🌳🇬🇧

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In the vid a large group of Catholics are assaulted by ANTIFA members while participating in a pilgrimage held in remembrance of the Catholic clergy that were murdered during the 1871 communist led Commune/coup.

As seen in other places in France, the security situation in the area once known as "The City of Light & Love" continues to deteriorate due to the French government's inability to maintain order 🔥🇫🇷💀

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Nigel Farage travels to Pinal County, Arizona, to view the US/Mexico border crisis for himself. During his visit, Farage made contact with Sheriff Mark Lamb and visited with Angel Mother, Mary Ann Mendoza ✝

3 weeks, 1 day ago

A short documentary that provides a summary of the manufacture of the synthetic opioid, Fentanyl, and the dangers that it presents to those that choose to use it 💀

At this point it should be No secret that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is continuing to provide aid to the drug cartels of Mexico and that that assistance includes the chemicals and other materials necessary for the production of the opioids that end up in the USA 👉 https://tinyurl.com/53es8npp

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In a recently posted video, an indoctrinated anti-Western white European female spox, affiliated with the NGO "Sea-Eye", makes an emotional appeal advocating for continued non-stop immigration into Europe and the rest of the West 🚢🛳🚤

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Upon the completion of the arrest of a wanted criminal, a group of police officers are chased out of a "No Go Zone" by a mob of migrant men in Lyon, France.

The officers attempt to hold the mob back with pepper spray and other tactics, but eventually end up running for their lives 🔥🇫🇷💀

3 weeks, 6 days ago

In a recently posted video, a large mob of Moroccans and other North Africans engage in a sustained siege of the border that separates the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from Morocco 🇲🇦⚔🇪🇸

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As shown in the video, mobs consisting of individuals affiliated with various ANTIFA cells and members of local migrants gangs, collaborate in a rash of rioting that took place in the area once known as "the City of Light" or La Ville Lumière en français.

In response, members of French law enforcement deployed water cannon equipped vehicles and employed other anti-riot measures and made over 50 arrests 👮

Vive La France ✝🇫🇷

1 month ago


Mobs of Middle Eastern men kneel and bow in observance of the adhan (AKA: adhaan) and shout their support for Hamas and other terrorists in Palestine 💀

1 month ago


In the video a Christian pastor is forcefully arrested by police after he publicly recited a basic message found in the Christian Bible (God only recognizes marriages between men and women etc) 📜

The incident took place in west London, UK, as John Sherwood, a 71 year old grandfather and Christian pastor, was standing on a step ladder in the Uxbridge section of the city. While in custody Mr. Sherwood was aggressively questioned by police about his views on homosexuality, with the officers going so far as to ask what he would do if his own children were gay.

Mr. Sherwood was held overnight at a local police station and though he wasn't prosecuted, a detailed file was passed on to the Crown Prosecution Service for review.

Sherwood's supporters posted a statement online noting: "Whilst he was preaching, he expounded the final verses of Genesis 1, declaring that God's purpose in creating mankind was to set human beings in families, headed by a father and a mother, not by two fathers, or by two mothers.

Statement From Peter Simpson, a pastor at Penn Free Methodist Church in Buckinghamshire preaching with Mr. Sherwood prior to his arrest:

"The distinction within mankind of just two genders, male and female, made in the image of God, constitutes the essence of God's created order.

Everything Sherwood said was Bible based. He was not saying anything abusive; he is a Christian minister. There did not seem to be any recognition from the police that Christian ministers and such views exist.

If there were Gay Pride Parade in Uxbridge, the police would support it even if Christians were offended. You don't have to be an evangelical Christian to be shocked by this. Anyone who cares about liberty should be concerned about what happened in Uxbridge.

This is about defending our Christian civilization, or what is left of it. The belief in Genesis 1:27 is fundamental to Christian belief.

This arrest of a faithful minister for doing nothing other than declaring what the Bible teaches about one of the important moral issues of our time reveals a dangerous assault upon freedom of speech and, not least, upon the freedom of Christian pastors to declare in public all that the Bible teaches. The state has no right to designate that some parts of God's word are no-go areas.

Whatever one's personal views on homosexuality might be, it is surely pertinent to ask what kind of nation have we become that the minister of a Christian church is arrested for upholding in the public square the very truths which Her Majesty the Queen promised to uphold in her Coronation Oath in 1953, with a Bible in her hand?" 📖

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America's intelligence community proudly goes "Woke" shocking Western allies and entertaining international adversaries 😬

1 month, 2 weeks ago


Members of rival African gangs clash near Bethoncourt and Montbéliard, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of eastern France 🐍🦂🕷

Vive La France ✝🇫🇷🙏

French Generals Pen 2nd Letter Warning Macron Of Military Intervention To Save France: https://tinyurl.com/t2bcbsw

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A fresh batch of over 900 illegal migrants have arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Thousands more continue to appear every week on various parts of the Italian coast and no doubt these individuals will soon migrant throughout mainland Europe 🐍🦂🕷

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Joshua Phillip of Epoch TV, interviews anti-communist author, speaker and filmmaker, Trevor Loudon, in regards to the current state of the communist insurgency present in the USA and calls out the Biden administration for its focus on racial issues which are being used to foster further conflict with the objective of weakening the US military and law enforcement, in a well organized effort to the destroy the country and the rest of the Western World 🔥🇺🇸💀

Subscribe and Follow Epoch TV: https://tinyurl.com/j5ckkjym

BLM Recruitment Pitch: https://tinyurl.com/5nar5667

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A short brawl between angry dark skinned passengers apparently fighting over available space onboard an American Airlines flight. The incident occurred outside Gate D12 at Miami International Airport (MIA) 🦧🥊🦍

1 month, 3 weeks ago

A recently uploaded video recorded on the streets of the place once known as "The City Of Light And Love" 💔

Due to the increased frequency of Islamic related terror incidents, members of the French military have warned the government that they fully intent to defend their nation and its people if racially motivated domestic warfare breakouts on French soil 🔥🇫🇷💀

French Generals Warn Pols of Military Intervention: https://tinyurl.com/3zrvyr9k

Generals Call On Macron To Defend France (En Français): https://tinyurl.com/2v6ms4ka

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In video recorded by members of the US Border Patrol and uploaded this morning, border agents are shown retrieving unaccompanied minors that have been left on the bank of a river by an unknown party

Agents are struggling to find places to warehouse children like these due to the unceasing deluge of illegal alien/migrant children which continues to overwhelm the system 🔥🇺🇸💀

1 month, 4 weeks ago


Be careful guys! It truly is a jungle out there 🌴🐵🙈🙉🙊🌴

2 months ago


This story covers the murders of three-year-old Joanna, two-year-old Terry and six-month-old Sierra, which were "allegedly" committed by their mother, Lilliana Carrillo, at the family's apartment in Los Angeles, California.

Any subs or viewers interested in assisting the family can click here 👉 https://tinyurl.com/bpx7vr9w

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In a recently posted video a group of illegal migrants brag about successfully making their way to Spain after traveling there via stolen jet skis ⚓

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A recent firefight between rival gangs of illegal migrants was recorded in Ciudad Lineal, a neighborhood located in the Spanish capital 🔥🇪🇸💀

2 months, 2 weeks ago


The latest footage filmed inside a US border detention facility reveals a system near the breaking point.

The facility is packed with unaccompanied illegal alien children who were encouraged to travel alone by statements from the China Joe/Camel Toe admin!

Biden himself has recently commented in response that he's "flattered" by the current surge in immigration both legal and otherwise.

Latest USG estimates state that no less than 87% of the individuals that have successfully crossed the border will be allowed to remain in the USA 🔥🇺🇸💀

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(11/23/2020 - Paris, France)

French police (Gendarmerie) move into République Square after group of over 400 "refugees" entered the area and pitched tents. After the group ignored multiple orders to leave, the Gengarmes dispersed them by force and confiscated their sleeping bags and tents 🇫🇷

French Police Station Attacked By Migrant Mob: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ks6GOoEEUsjF/

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"My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see I was right" - Adolf Hitler

1 year, 6 months ago

Simon Harris: Frame Games Preaches 5 Stages To Accepting The Death Of The West

Here's the article ...
Dear Frame Games, No, It’s Not Yet Time To Accept Our Defeat!


2 years, 11 months ago