On Friday, March 24, 1933, the headline "Judea Declares War on Germany" was splashed across the front page of the British newspaper Daily Express. The subheads read: "Jews Of All The World Unite In Action"; "Boycott of German Goods"; "Mass Demonstrations in Many Districts"; and "Dramatic Action." The article described a forthcoming "holy war" and went on to implore Jews everywhere to boycott German goods and engage in mass demonstrations against German economic interests.


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Feb 4, 2021

The American Journal

WAR DECLARED US Government Moves Against Patriots on All Fronts

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Yet Its "White Supremacy" They Scream in Their Media, You Wont Hear Something Less Supremacist Than This Video. Rabbi Threatens the Goyim of the World With War and Talks of Atomic Threats and Declares That the World is Scared and Will 'Turn Their Cheeks' to Them.
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The Nazis and some outside Germany portrayed the boycott as an act of aggression, with the British newspaper the Daily Express using the headline: "Judea Declares War on Germany" on March 24, 1933.

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StopTheCrime.net NEW by Deborah Tavares

In the Middleages they controlled people from their Castles: Just have a little Mirror-Room all around and lead the Sun towards one house in case they do not wish to pay tribute or which crime else they got in mind. Par Example did they love to wipe out much of Europeans by giving our ancestors the Black Plaque. They did not change their manners but we should do that. So, do not forget: if you have to leave Earth take at least one of them with you.

Just talking about the Black Death and here it is

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