"The European : "The big question I had prior to the news conference is: can he do it?
Is the American president capable of holding an unscripted news conference in which he answers questions from reporters who can ask anything they want?
The answer is: most likely not.
Because to some extent, the news conference was a farce."
Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWD0Jzjxrj4

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hour 3
_cultural revolution already happened '
full version at : https://www.brighteon.com/95fb67f9-88ff-491d-b267-c7e72bfbcf68
sudio ratn

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Clip credits goes to:
Newsy Science
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Chad Howse
Elon Musk
Text to speech:
Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Schizoid Jews article:
You can buy foreskin cream here for $280 an ounce
You can buy foreskin here cut from a helpless baby for $498

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With all these Evil Pharmaceutical companies and these Tyrannical Governments at the point where they want to poison the population, it's time people use what tools they have left to stop it; before the talking ends.


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What a load of shit

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a severance, no child seat in the shopping cart
no kids playin just a lot of dogs barking
so many old feks, get thee to a youth aggregator

audio rant

2nd attempt to upload

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As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline,a young man is taken on a
perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression.

Good film by Mel Gibson.

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Expert analysis provided by Quincy Trucker, hosted by Mr. M. We discuss the coming election season, the potential breakup of These United States (again), and the ways in which one might navigate through these crazy times.


Online school:

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Law and Culture - Slouching Towards Gomorrah - Modern Liberalism and American Decline

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Copied from https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ebolite_hemorrhagician/

I was watching the latest Brian Ruhe video https://www.bitchute.com/video/sVJhWQ38k6O5/

I echo this comment: "It amazes me how people cling to the lies they've been fed."

The masses of people are something sorry when you step back and make a reasonably objective observation.

I remember Nick Rockefeller asking Aaron Russo why he cared about them.

"Bow down before the one you serve. You're going to get what you deserve."

This is how I imagine the controllers viewing humanity. Their mission is to increase the distance between themselves and everyone else.

Another thing is that in an abusive relationship a common tactic of the abuser is to nurture your empathy for the sake of exploiting it. I see the same thing happening on the world stage.

It's not surprising a master chess player, Bobby Fischer, was able understand the world at a high level. The average person, even if they have the time to think, may be incapable of piecing together the puzzle. This is more true as average intelligence continues to decline (by design).

Another point is that beer, the drink of choice of the masses, dulls the mind and dulls the will. The Protocols say it makes our youth stupid.

Another observation I made from Ruhe's video is that everyday people somehow think they have everything all figured out. They're proud and have a need to feel dominant rather than possessing the humility necessary to learn. Life they perceive as a competition and they need to measure up and not show weakness. This insecure jungle atmosphere must satisfy the controllers.

And another point is that not one of my many female contacts is interested in any truth material. They just don't care. It's probably rare for a female to care about anything more than everyday life in the given paradigm. Therefore if you're a controller you want to elevate females and have the males working for female approval, and this keeps everyone inside a nicely controlled box.

Male genital mutilation makes boys inferior to girls and has them putting on a pedestal female genitalia -- because it has all the mucosal tissue properly intact while theirs was razor-raped at birth -- but I could make a long list of measures used to prop up female privilege. The Ashkenazi Esther Vilar does a good job in her book The Manipulated Man.

The European proclivity to elevate our women was correctly identified as a vulnerability and exploited. Scott Roberts likes to say they know us better than we know ourselves. We've been studied like zoo animals.

What do you think?

1 year, 7 months ago

Tonight I review a few subjects that reveal that society is increasing degeneracy and in full decline. It is becoming rampant to see pernicious volumes of sexuality being used to promote things that were once taboo or shunned. Dive in as I cover a multitude of issues going on that really show just how much of a decline we are in.


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If you read the news it might seem that violence around the world is escalating every day. Only when we look back at history (or at non-western cultures currently stuck in pre-enlightenment ideology) do we see that the human beings today are relatively peaceful.

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A discourse about pending epic change as one of the lessons of history. The Western world as we know it will soon end and not pleasantly for native Westerners. Topics covered are comparative history, societal belief systems, and the potential of a next Middle Ages. Douglas Morris is author of the ebook The Heritage of American Labor and creator of the HTML editing Web service at thoal.us.

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