This video clip perfectly illustrates the "American" equivalent of the Quebec "secession" fraud being used to dismantle Canada into city-states in the North American Union. The USA is being dismantled FROM WITHIN for the same purpose.

At the MISES INSTITUTE on 2 February 2015, to a dinner crowd in a hall full of tables, and to loud applause, baby doctor Ron Paul announces that a coup d'état is underway to break up the Government of the United States of America.

The audience just doesn't get it. They cheer wildly for the overthrow of their country, for the USURPATION of their own self-government by a ring of inside elites working on world government.

This moment is a snapshot of a very successful CONFIDENCE GAME, and shows how it's done.

More importantly, Ron Paul has spat out the truth: the break-up of America is being done "DE FACTO", which means illegally, UNCONSTITUTIONALLY. It's being done OUTSIDE THE LAW. It couldn't be done any other way, quite frankly. And it's happening IN PARALLEL with the "Bill 99" "case" in the Montreal Courthouse (https://habeascorpuscanada.com/), a fraud to seem to legalize the break-up of Canada, a fraud that RON PAUL'S MISES Institute approves of.



"So, uh, I would like to uh, start off by talking about the subject. And the subject, of course, is Secession. And, uh, Nullification. The breaking up of Government.



And it, it's not gonna be because there will be enough people in the U.S. Congress to legislate it. It won't happen.

It'll be DE FACTO."

- 30 -


What is DE FACTO?

DE FACTO means "In fact", "in deed", "actually".

This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs which exists actually and must be accepted for all practical purposes, but which is ILLEGAL or ILLEGITIMATE.

In this sense it is the contrary of DE JURE, which means rightful. legitimate, just, or constitutional.

Thus, an officer, king, or government de facto is one who is in actual possession of the office or supreme power, but by USURPATION, or without respect to lawful title; while an officer, king, or governor de jure is one who has just claim and rightful title to the office or power, but who has never had plenary possession of the same, or is not now in actual possession. 4 Bl. Comm. 77, 78. So a wife de facto is one whose marriage is voidable by decree, as distinguished from a wife de jure, or lawful wife. 4 Kent, Comm. 30.

One qualification: the American people will be forced to accept it if they don't put a stop to it before it's finished.

There is a network, better called a ring, that has been working for many years to dismantle the USA into city-states in the North American Union, parallel to the long-planned dismantling of Canada for the same reason.

The ring includes its leader, DR. RON PAUL, who announced the COUP on his own people with amusement. It includes Ron Paul's acolytes, STEWART RHODES, founder of the Oath Keepers and "former" aide to Ron Paul; "former" Marxist, Michael Boldin, a founder of the XTH AMENDMENT CENTER, and Tom Woods, of the NULLIFY NOW movement. All these movements are intertwined and are working together with other elements of the ring, including the U.S. Constitution Party, founded as the U.S. Taxpayers' Party by the late Howard Phillips.

This American ring overlaps the Canadian communist ring taking this country down by intersecting with the Vancouver end of the Canadian ring. Howard Phillips introduced communist Connie Fogal Rankin to his Conservative Caucus as a "mother" and "grandmother" and the "daughter of Canadian pioneers. He neglected to mention that Connie ran Vancouver's only communist municipal party with her late husband, Harry Rankin, who eventually bragged that he had come to the Vancouver Bar as a lawyer by lying about his communist affiliations. Harry Rankin was barred from entry to the United States of America.

In 1996, Connie and Harry both hosted some of the eastern end of the communist ring taking down Canada, Quebec City lawyer, Guy Bertrand and David Orchard, who spoke to crowds on the Lower Vancouver Mainland about: "Canada After the Quebec Referendum: What Now?" on February 2, 1996 at John Oliver High School.

Guy Bertrand is a communist and self-described co-founder of the communist PARTI QUEBECOIS organized by a "secret committee" of communists from Quebec who were ministers in the Liberal Party of Canada under Soviet Agent Lester Bowles Pearson. These ministers included PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU.

Stewart Rhodes, Michael Boldin, Tom Woods and others all have been working for years to con the American public into accepting the break-up of America, by pretending that "State Nullification" of federal laws is CONSTITUTIONAL

RON PAUL has here admitted it's NOT.

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