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The Epic Story of the Waffen SS

Leon Degrelle (born June 15th 1906, died March 31 1994) was a Walloon Belgian politician, who founded Rexism and later joined the Waffen SS which were front-line troops in the fight against the Soviet Union and Communism.
This is a self-spoken biography (with an introduction by his daughter). He was one of many, who wished and believed that they could make a better Europe and struggled mightily to that end. Whatever one's political outlook.., one cannot doubt the courage and conviction of Degrelle or the men that he led. That he survived so much carnage and the vengeance of his enemies at the end is remarkable. That he then went on to produce such a memorable account of his experiences we should be thankful for. It was an epic struggle by any standards...

When Degrelle joined the Wehrmacht he was offered the rank of lieutenant, but he refused and he went into Russian campaign as an ordinary private. He points out that Waffen SS was really a front-line unit and a respected fighting force. Also, that 98% were not professional soldiers, or just young men after adventure, or not the goose-stepping "half-mad" stereotypes of Hollywood. Most of the volunteer units had a tragic end as they would rather fight to the last man instead of being handed over to their vengeful countrymen. The Waffen SS had an estimate of 150-250 000 European (non-German) volunteers who fought with honour on the eastern front, and many of them winning the highest medal for bravery in the German armed forces, the Knights Cross.

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The great Belgian, Leon Degrelle, was invited to stay with Hitler and knew Hitler personally. What does he have to say about Hitler? Here we get a view of Hitler that is different to the nonsense that the Jews put out all the time. Here we discuss Hitler as a person, as a common, poor, White man.

This video contains a message from a real German, that I would like to share with Whites.

We also take a look at the excellent work Evalion from Canada did, a few years back, in educating large amounts of people about Hitler.

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Charla por el aniversario centenario del nacimiento de Adolf Hitler en CEDADE.

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Video de León Degrelle dando una charla en CEDADE. La fecha es desconocida pero se le presupone entre 1990-2005.

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The great Leon Degrelle, with a powerful message of hope for these troubled times.

I am unsure of the date of the interview but by the description made of the USSR it appear to be somewhere in the 90s. Interview made in Madrid, by the Spanish journalist Marco Dolcetta.

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Leon Degrelle praises Hitler's National Socialist Economic Miracle



The ongoing & constant vilification & demonization of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in the Jewish-controlled media is to prevent & discourage the disclosure of Hitler’s (German) Economic & Social miracle, which, during his reign, kicked out the parasitic influence of International Jewry.

The paradigm, which Hitler’s NSDAP ushered in, was so ahead of its time that it boggles the mind. The NSDAP, if not stopped, could of eventually brought in free-energy technologies and encouraged many nations of the world to eliminate the practice of usury, avoid the global central banking system and rid their country from the reins of Jewish Supremacy.

The potential of National Socialism was demonstrated on the ground, and not just in theory. No matter if mistakes were made, no matter if Germany’s National Socialist government experienced some internal & external issues, the economic & social power of National Socialism cannot be denied. It is based on Natural Law! Long live National Socialism!

Note: Hitler’s economic & social miracle was actually not a “miracle”, it was simply the logical result of what happens when National Socialists run their nation without the parasitic influence of International Jewry. National Socialism operates in accord with the Laws of Nature, the natural order of things. National Socialism is holistic & practical in its approach.


This channel is dedicated to National Socialism and serves to cross-promote the free 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy), presented by The Noble Protagonist.

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Léon Degrelle de la Waffen SS: Soñamos algo Grandioso.

Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle (1906-1994), fue un político belga católico y oficial de las Waffen SS, que terminó su vida en España. Tras fundar en los años 30 el movimiento político Christus Rex, aproximó su posición en los años siguientes hacia el nacionalsocialismo.


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O Movimento Rexista, ou Rex, era um partido político católico na Bélgica, inspirado nos camisas negras italianas e na falange espanhola, além do integralismo francês de Charles Maurras. Sua agenda nacional era fortemente contra o comunismo, o capitalismo e a democracia em geral, defendendo um sistema corporativista como a Itália.
Léon Degrelle, seu líder, considerou a Bélgica o sucessor do extinto Reino da Borgonha, usando frequentemente a Cruz da Borgonha ostensivamente em seus comícios. Degrelle mais tarde formou a Legião da Valônia com seus camaradas e compatriotas Rex. Ele lutou na Frente Oriental, sobrevivendo à guerra e se tornando um dos advogados mais ferozes dos agora perdidos Poderes do Eixo até sua morte em 1994.
Ele era notavelmente amigo do cartunista Hergé, que se inspirou nele para criar seu personagem Tintin, devido ao passado de Degrelle como jornalista.


Le siècle marche et pose ses jalons,
Nous marquont une étape nouvelle.
Nous le suivons et nous nous rappelons
Nos aïeux et leur gloire immortelle.
Si ton sol est petit, dans un monde nouveau
L'avenir qui t'appelle a planté ton drapeau.

Marche joyeux, peuple énergique,
Vers des destins dignes de toi.
Dieu protège la libre Belgique
Et son Roi !

Ô terre sainte, ô terre des aïeux,
Leurs sueurs et leur sang t'ont pétrie,
Et loin ou près sauront leurs fils pieux
Honorer, élargir la Patrie.
Si des frères s'en vont, il en est par milliers
Qui, fidèles gardiens, défendront tes foyers.

Va sans faiblir, peuple énergique,
Vers des destins dignes de toi.
Dieu saura protéger la Belgique
Et son Roi !

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Archive in higher quality available here: https://archive.org/details/entretienavecleondegrelleslhwlosro9g3

0:47 - Early life
2:48 - Political beginnings and birth of the Rexist party
12:18 - The beginning of WW2, and the occupation of Belgium
17:18 - The eastern front, and the birth of the European consciousness
23:54 - The plans for a new Europe, and the Degrelle's views on the Slavic peoples
28:54 - The Wallonie division, and the Waffen-SS
33:26 - Hitler and Islam, and the meaning of Racism
36:31 - The cost of creating a new order
37:19 - About Adolf Hitler, p.1
43:55 - The economical rebirth of Germany
48:43 - About Adolf Hitler, p.2
51:30 - About Winston Churchill and England
57:50 - On the other high ranking officials
1:02:22 - On the concentration camps and the gas chambers
1:09:35 - The kidnapping attempts made by the Israelis
1:12:42 - More on the gas chambers
1:23:38 - On the crimes committed by Israel against the Arabs people
1:27:28 - On the current state of Europe and the last days of the war
1:33:31 - Escaping to Spain after the German capitulation
1:41:31 - The necessity of the Jewish deportation, and the spreading of lies in the press
1:46:28 - Degrelle's decorations, and Degrelle's promotions
1:49:23 - Degrelle's message to today's youth
1:56:27 - Degrelle's book conclusion

I am unsure of the date of the interview but by the description made of the USSR it appear to be somewhere in the 90s.
Interview made in Madrid, by the Spanish journalist Marco Dolcetta.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slHWloSrO9g

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Leon Degrelle explain to his fellow Frenchmen the importance of an united front against Bolshevism.
From the French actualities of March 10, 1944.
Source: https://www.ina.fr/video/AFE86002546

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Reading of Degrelle's work Burning Souls translated by Zero Schizo (@Zero_Schizo on Twitter)

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Léon degrelle, wolkführer of Wallonie and spiritual son of Hitler says of women. I'm not feminist but the women are the half of our nation and race. They do children and educate them, they assure our FUTURE. The women must return at their natural place but this place is very important for our nation and future.
The feminism is a jewish trap to divise man and woman, create hate between us and destruct our family, nation, race, civilsation, all !
Think it...

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Léon Degrelle dit le beau Léon, wolkführer de Wallonie et fils spirituel d'Hitler vous parle des femmes.
Je ne suis pas féministe loin de là mais les femmes forment la moitié de notre peuple et de notre race.
Il y a une complémentarité organique entre nous pour former une famille, base de la nation. D'autant plus que ce sont elles qui ont les enfants et qui les éduquent donc qui s'occupent de l'avenir de notre peuple et de notre race. Les femmes doivent retourner à leur place naturelle d'épouse et de mère (sauf exception) mais il faut bien comprendre (nous comme elles) que ce sont de nobles activités car elles assurent l'AVENIR et le bien commun. Le féminisme je le rappelle, est d'origine juive, c'est un piège pour créer de la haine et de la division entre hommes et femmes afin de détruire la famille, la nation, la race, la civilisation, tout détruire...
Je vais le dire comme je le pense, les mgtow sont le pendant masculin des SJW, même problème affectif, même report de tous CES problèmes sur la société sans se remettre en question, même haine et ressentiment sans réel but, même égoïsme, égocentrisme, nombrilisme issu du libéralisme.
Evitons de tomber dans ce piège.

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Legendado por alerta judiada

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