Demi Lovato Triggered By Gender Reveal Parties. Labeling People For Believing In Two Genders!

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News broadcaster Dum Dum, “Hi, I'm your host Dum Dum and welcome to the Dum Dum News Channel. In today's news we'll be Demi Lovato Triggered By Gender Reveal Parties. Labeling People For Believing In Two Genders!"

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Even though I'm exposing the Demi Lovato staged overdose hoax, I side with the artists under all circumstances. I do not side with the record label or record industry. The industry are the ones who are planning and staging all aspects of an artist's career, including their biography, life events, and even their death. It's all contrived, for mass consumption, for the purposes of selling merchandise, albums, movies. Culture is made in Hollywood.

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