Youtube did it again. They demonetized commentary channels and they said its a glitch. Funny enough is that they call it a glitch but it only targets these channels not anybody else.

1 week ago


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3 months ago

Demonetized!!! I Guess Youtube And Other Website Are Going On A Demonetized Purge. Now Why Are They
Are Doing This. I Have No Idea On Why, But It Doesn't Matter On What. Youtube Will Do What It Wants
To Do. Youtube Will Claim It Is Doing This For What Ever Reason It Wants To Do. Here's A Question!!!.
If Youtube Claims That Some Of These Channels Are Crossing The Line. Then What Lines Are Being Crossed.
Is It Youtube Just Changing The Rules Because Youtube Feels Like It. It's More Corporate Crap Claims.
To Me, I Think Corporations Like Youtube Are Going To Far On This Demonetized Fix That They Like To Do.
This Is Just Another Example Of A Corporation Going Nuts. That Is Crap!!!.

4 months, 2 weeks ago

PayPal will deplatform you if you are conservative... my PayPal nightmare. If you are a conservative, libertarian or even liberal you should not be using PayPal. #BoycottPayPal.
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My Three-Week PayPal Nightmare...

PayPal bans Infowars

PayPal Censoring Groups With Help from Leftist, Anti-Christian SPLC

PayPal De-Platforms Conservative Street Artist Sabo, Holds His Funds for Six Months

Paypal to Deplatform Molyneux

PayPal and Venmo Ban Joe Biggs.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

SS & Medicare needs $$$s, Youtube and Google.
Greedy politicians looking to placate a public with corporate justice may be keenly motivated to extract mega fines and also force the payment of social security and medicare from youtube/google since relationship with youtubers could be deemed an employer/employee relationship. This is due to the fact the rules of a 'partnership' were never clear and was a set of constantly moving parameters.
Since youtube is fully running advertisements on demonetized youtube channels, it's obvious that their 'problem' isn't with content, but rather control of who the desire to fund. This is a financial strong-arm tactic to push youtube content creators into a far more socialist-liberal slant.
An employer can't use 1099's to avoid paying SS and Medi and other government mandated legal requirements for employers. An employer can't hire a bunch of people and have them work steady for that employer for years and say they were 1099's the whole time and thus avoid all the requirements mandated of the employer by law. Those 1099's would actually be employees, despite what the hiring company claims. Since youtube breaches their partnership agreements, their is no partnership and it's a relationship of employer-employee. Despite these facts, it's going to take the legal horsepower of IGMETALL to force this into a remedy. I hope that remedy turns into forcing the multi-billion dollar entity into paying social security and medicare to the government for every $dollar that they paid to a '1099' content creator. I'd rather have them pay versus iron out the rules.

11 months, 1 week ago