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2 months, 1 week ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed a Lot commentary news - Beat a Pregnant Woman and Run Over Some Cops 2016 Excuses For Black Violence - Video evidence document African American mob gang teen racial violence crime robbery sexual assault rape attack murder kidnap knockout game race riots community dysfunction terrorize neighborhoods destroy property ruin everything and the political leftist media reporter agenda of denial deceit delusion guilt lie. racial demographics studies science on the ground altercations dmtbka
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2 years, 6 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of (Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) commentary news - Elderly carjacked robbed of purse. Wishes the young people get steered in the right direction - Video evidence documented African american mob gang teen violence crime robbery sexual assault rape attack murder kidnap knockout game community dysfunction terrorize neighborhoods destroy property ruin everything and the political leftist media agenda of denial deceit delusion guilt. racial demographics studies science on the ground altercations

US Mail: Colin Flaherty 712 W. 26th Street Wilmington, De. 19802

3 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news - Knockout Game in Greenwich Village. The poor attacker victim and witnesses hope he get the help he needs - Video evidence documented African american mob gang teen violence crime robbery sexual rape assault attack murder kidnap community dysfunction terrorize neighborhoods destroy property ruin everything and the political leftist media agenda of denial deceit delusion guilt. racial demographics studies science on the ground altercations

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US Mail: Colin Flaherty 712 W. 26th Street Wilmington, De. 19802

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry White Girl Bleed A Lot Podcast commentary news video Wakanda Is Real, Says NPR and The fallacy of black child abuse. Leftist media Reporters Can't Remove Blinder For One Minute Denial Deceit Delusion Excuse Condone African american entitlement to commit crime mob gang violence assault IQ demographic studies science dysfunction destroy communities ruin everything racism race

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary on Melinda Gates Speech telling us we need to have courageous conversation about racism and admit we are white racist - headline news 'It's like him being killed all over again': Mother of slaying victim says son's killers given bail - Assault on Euclid High school teacher caught on video black crime violence dysfunction attack punched kick and leftist media denial deceit delusion bed bath Black jack-o-lanterns pulled after complaints black pumpkin or black face controversy criminal justice reform courageous conversations

Ursula McGee's son was killed two years ago. This week, she learned one of the three suspects charged in connection with her son's death was granted multiple bonds.

McGee's then 21-year-old son, Melton, was shot and killed Oct. 23, 2017, while sitting in his SUV at an Atascocita apartment complex. Since then, two of the three suspects charged with capital murder have been granted bail.

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video - Bizaro world of public service announcements PSA Shocking video of white toddler, 3, being 'racially bullied' by her black neighbors, aged five, sparks uproar after it is posted on Facebook - White kid assaulted on school bus by black teen on probation - black crime hostility hatred racism media denial deceit delusion. Mother wonder whiy nobody told her black community dysfunction

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty author of don't Make the Black kids Angry commentary news on young black teen male making a video bragging joking laughing about robbing shooting wound send to hospital pizza delivery driver but only got a 2 pizza. Laughs about the sounds and groan he made when he was shot. crime violence denial deceit delusion of leftist reporters to try to explain away black crime

4 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video about the question 'are you safe around white people" intersectionality with plenty of documented evidence of the the opposite that you are not safe around the fellas whatever race you are Asian Muslim Arab middle eastern Indian Pakistan Women Male. dmtbka racism black mob gang crime violence gunfire home break in

4 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video on Mayor de Blasio of NYC caught fudging crime numbers -- ON NPR The crime statistics area not going down the word went out the police need to not arrest their way out of this by charging the fellas to keep crime numbers down. Losing respect for police is not only dangerous for police but also for all citizens felonies charged as lessor offense keeping crime reports off the books in chocolate cities

4 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video on Apple store robberies theft burglary by black teen wildly out of proportion and how itunes kicked his podcast off denial deceit delusion down with the cause

4 years, 3 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video Anonymous note takes aim at 'Black Lives Matter' yard signs in Oak Park "Neighbor please watch Colin Flaherty on youtube then you might think twice about putting that evil awful sign in your yard. Please I beg you."

OAK PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) — A mystery is unfolding in Oak Park after neighbors say they received an anonymous letter about their yard signs.

The letter criticizes their message on the signs and appears to be from the same person. However, it's not clear. The letters appear to address part of the yard sign that reads, "We Believe: Black Lives Matter." It's not the only thing the sign promotes.

Jodi Sitkins said she stuck the sign in her yard about two years ago. She said she found a reaction to it on her car windshield on Tuesday.

The letter said: "Neighbor please watch Colin Flaherty on youtube then you might think twice about putting that evil awful sign in your yard. Please I beg you."

Colin Flaherty is an author who offers his controversial opinion on race in America.

Posted: 11:44 PM, Jul 03, 2019 Updated: 5:34 AM, Jul 04, 2019
By: Rudy Harper

4 years, 3 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video - Ilhan Omar and Pete Buttigieg and the director of the FBI agree: White people are roaming the country attacking black people in the name of white supremacy!

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, the reality is the opposite, as these recent videos from Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Richmond show

dmtbka black mob crime violence attack assault criminaliy

4 years, 4 months ago

Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make The Black Kids Angry commentary news video about tv leftist media reporters dnial deceit delusion about what race is consistantly commenting street crimes robbery violence shoplifter in cities all across america dmtbka

4 years, 4 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video on a flash mob of teens looting a Walgreens on CCTV. Juxtaposed with video of political leader and leftist media excusing condoning denial deceit delusion on the crime violence attacks stealing robbery destroy property chaos mayhem committed wildly out of proportion

4 years, 4 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video on cops determined not to arrest the fellas in Philadelphia even when the criminals attack with plastic shovel, rob with guns, punch and break jaws, stab at house parties, shootings on the street, dmtbka violence crime crisis

4 years, 5 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Slain baseball player's family heartbroken after suspect's court hearing" dmtbka denial deceit delusion killed letgo app mother grieves in Mecklenberg son murdered criminal justice reform failure teen crime violence down with the cause racial tension

Finch was killed when he tried to buy a cellphone using the "Let Go" app at an apartment complex in west Charlotte last June.

Police arrested 18-year-old Demonte McCain and 15-year-old Jah'zian Wilson and charged them both with murder.

The past 12 months have been extremely painful for Finch's family. Zach's mother, Tara, has been coming to court every 10 days to make sure a judge does not let the two teens accused of killing her son out of jail.

They were in court again Thursday to see if the case would finally come to a close. After the hearing, relatives gathered outside the courthouse, crying and hugging each other.

"I'm not a hateful person, but I hate these people,” Finch’s mother, Tara, said. “They had no right to take his life and destroy my family, and now we wait and suffer for another year."

Finch's family will be back in court in two weeks for McCain's hearing. It's possible he will also plead not guilty. If that happens, both suspects would be tried in 2019.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Two teenagers charged in the murder of a college baseball player appeared in court Thursday but no resolution was reached in the case, leaving the victim's family frustrated

The fatal shooting of Zachary Finch happened nearly a year ago and both suspects were expected to enter a plea during their court appearance.

4 years, 5 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "In Danish tourist's killing near New Orleans East motel, woman booked with murder" criminality murder dmtbka denial deceit delusion
A Gretna woman with a history of prostitution- and drug-related arrests has been jailed in the fatal shooting of a Danish tourist in New Orleans East last week, authorities said Thursday.

Brandy Myles, 36, faces a count of second-degree murder in the killing of Poul Hansen, 44, who was found dead early Saturday in the 4200 block of America Street. He had been shot in the head.

Hansen was in New Orleans as part of a motorcycle tour of the U.S. with fellow riders from Denmark. The group was staying at a Super 8 motel on Chef Menteur Highway, an off-the-beaten-path location for most tourists, but close to scenic routes along the coast as well as Interstate 10.

Hansen’s body was found a few blocks from the motel.

According to a law enforcement source, New Orleans police used footage from a surveillance camera to link a car spotted near Hansen’s body to Myles.

Authorities tracked Myles to her apartment in Gretna, where Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies took her into custody on counts that included illegally possessing heroin, drug paraphernalia and pharmaceuticals, Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jason Rivarde said.

New Orleans police questioned Myles at that point, and she told them she met Hansen on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter late Friday or early Saturday, the source said.

Myles claimed that she and Hansen agreed to go back to his hotel to have sex, but they ended up pulling into a nearby residential neighborhood at his request, according to the source.

Myles said that she and Hansen briefly got out of the car, but another man approached and frightened her, prompting her to speed away alone.

Myles said she heard gunfire as she drove off, suggesting that the man who startled her had killed Hansen, according to the source.

But police didn’t believe that key aspects of her account matched other evidence developed by investigators, and they secured a warrant to book her with murder once she is transferred to New Orleans’ jail.

PUBLISHED MAY 23, 2019 AT 11:33 AM | UPDATED MAY 23, 2019 AT 2:49 PM

4 years, 6 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "New SJPD recruits required to hit the history books before they hit the streets" dmtbka black violence criminality wildly out of proportion denial deceit delusion
SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - It's a new requirement for San Jose Police recruits: history class. The Chief wanted them to understand the current social and political climate. And so before they hit the streets, new officers are hitting the books.

This is a first-of-its kind class that Chief Eddie Garcia says was born out of necessity.

As part of a partnership with San Jose State University, the chief devised a history class.
They cover local topics like the 1933 lynching in St. James Park, the batons and brutality at 1969's Fiesta De La Rosas.

And they cover officer involved shootings from Ferguson, to Fruitvale Station.

"A lot of times, when you see these shootings take place, that's just the final straw in a situation that's been years in the making," Garcia said.

The idea is to give new recruits context before sending them out in the community.

By Ann Rubin Posted May 20 2019 08:07PM PDT
Video Posted May 20 2019 07:56PM PDT

4 years, 6 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) : TV Station Edits Police Body Cam Video To Make It Look Like Cops Over Reacted when in reality the lady pulled of during after fleeing the scene of a crime grabbed the cops ball and weapon the media cuts just the part where the lady resist denial deceit delusion

4 years, 7 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video: CAUTION You Might Be Stabbed Or Shot By a Fella black criminality dysfunction robbery torture home invasion of elderly consequences of denial deceit and delusion of black crime may be final for you or you loved one dmtbka

4 years, 7 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "White supremacy remains ‘persistent, pervasive’ threat to US, FBI director says" "‘Quintessential Urban Nightmare’: Killer Gets 20 Years To Life For Shoving Woman In Front Of Subway Train" "Jack Osbourne attacked outside coffee shop. Man arrested after random attack, police say" "Sucker-Punches Woman Getting Off Subway, Breaks Her Nose" "5 teens shot in North Las Vegas neighborhood Monday" "Suspect arrested in fatal shooting of Philadelphia police inspector's son Nicholas Flacco"
POSTED 12:29 PM, APRIL 4, 2019
WASHINGTON– FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday that white supremacy presents a “persistent” and “pervasive” threat to the United States, breaking from President Donald Trump, who has sidestepped questions of whether white nationalists present a growing problem.

“The danger. I think, of white supremacists, violent extremism or another kind of extremism is of course significant,” Wray said at a House hearing. “We assess that it is a persistent, pervasive threat. We tackle it both through our joint terrorism task forces on the domestic terrorism side as well as through our civil rights program on the civil side through hate crime enforcement.”

April 5, 2019 at 2:13 pm
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Queens woman who shoved another woman to her death at a Midtown subway station has been sentenced to 20 years to life.

Posted: Apr 05, 2019 02:39 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 05, 2019 04:57 AM EDT
Jack Osbourne, the son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, was randomly attacked outside a coffee shop in Studio City, California.

Published Apr 4, 2019 at 4:42 AM | Updated at 5:45 AM EDT on Apr 4, 2019
A woman has a broken nose after she was sucker-punched by a man who followed her off the subway, police say.

Posted: 6:36 PM, Mar 25, 2019 Updated: 10:52 AM, Mar 26, 2019
UPDATE MARCH 26: North Las Vegas police say that 5 teenagers were shot on Monday. It happened in the 2500 block of San Miguel Avenue just before 4 p.m. The shooting happened during an after-school fight in the neighborhood. No arrests have been made at this time and police are still trying to identify a suspect. None of the teens were seriously injured.

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 5:29AM
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The son of a Philadelphia police inspector will be laid to rest Thursday, a day after the suspect in his murder was taken into custody in Delaware County.

4 years, 8 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "17-year-old shot, killed in Overland Park; mother says 'they took my heart'" "2 Olathe men, teenager charged in 17-year-old's shooting death" "Police: Man Posing As NYCHA Employee Robs 73-Year-Old At Gunpoint" Tortured and Robbed "Video: 2 suspects rob elderly man in wheelchair at gunpoint" "VIDEO: 3 wanted for allegedly shooting, assaulting person during dispute in Northeast DC" "Suspect arrested after father shot in front of daughter at McDonald’s"
Posted: 8:59 AM, Jan 24, 2019 Updated: 10:29 PM, Jan 24, 2019
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 17-year-old was shot and killed Wednesday night at an Overland Park apartment complex, police said.

Police found the 17-year-old boy, identified as Ben Workman of Overland Park, dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

His mother, Amy Workman, said her son had only lived in the apartment complex for a few weeks. She brought him groceries on Wednesday and cooked for him at his apartment before he died.

Posted: 9:25 PM, Feb 20, 2019 Updated: 7:52 AM, Feb 22, 2019
Raymond T. Cherry, 24, Alan M. Hicks, 21, and a 17-year-old girl were charged with first-degree murder in Johnson County in connection with the fatal shooting of Ben Workman.

February 28, 2019 at 5:22 pm
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A 73-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint by someone claiming to be a New York City Housing Authority employee Wednesday in Manhattan, police say.

He stole $300 in cash and a phone, and burned the victim’s knees with a heated-up knife.

POSTED: FEB 06, 2018 06:58PM CST
Video: 2 suspects rob elderly man in wheelchair at gunpoint

Tuesday, February 26th 2019
WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Police are searching for three people accused of assaulting and shooting an individual during an argument on Jan. 27 in Northeast Washington.

POSTED 5:40 AM, JANUARY 28, 2019
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An 18-year-old was arrested on Sunday, after police say he shot a father in the neck while the man was sitting in his car with his daughter at a McDonald's.

4 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Multiple Suspects Arrested After Robbing, Shooting KPIX News Crew" dmtbka
OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A KPIX 5 news crew covering the Oakland Teachers Strike was robbed of a camera and tripod by two suspects, one of whom shot the crew’s security guard before fleeing on Sunday evening.

The KPIX 5 crew was outside their news van when a car pulled up. Two suspects got out of the car and one pulled a gun on the crew, demanding their camera. The crew surrendered the equipment and then began walking back to the van.

One suspect and the security guard exchanged fire. The guard was shot in the upper leg, transported to Highland Hospital and listed in stable condition.

At 6:56 p.m., Oakland police officers engaged in a pursuit of a champagne-colored Lexus sedan in connection with the shooting. The driver crashed the vehicle into several cars before stopping between Fairfax and Vicksburg Ave. Police detained the driver.

February 24, 2019 at 11:35 pm

4 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Random Attacks In Brooklyn The Latest In String Of Hate Crimes Against Local Jewish Community" dmtbka black criminality denial deceit delusion leftist media historian Director Marshall Curry
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Hate crimes against the Jewish community are on the rise in New York City.

Most recently, two men are under arrest in connection with a pair of Wednesday morning attacks on Jewish men in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

A filmmaker in Brooklyn says the latest round of intolerance is nothing new, and at one time was even celebrated at a “pro-American” rally at Madison Square Garden.

Director Marshall Curry says the scene that played out in 1939 felt like it should have been worlds away.

“I was shocked,” he said. ” When I first saw it, it seemed like a rally in Nuremberg or something.”

Curry directed the Oscar-nominated short film “A Night at the Garden,” and says the pro-Nazi rally happened just months before Germany invaded Poland.

Even though it was decades ago, sadly he says the sentiment resonates today.

“It seems like we’re having an uptick in anti-Semitic attacks and hate crimes in general, and it was important to remind people that this was part of our history,” Curry said.

In New York, hate crimes have doubled over the past year. Of those eight anti-Semitic hate crimes took place in the first three weeks of 2018 compared to 15 this year.

January 30, 2019 at 11:33 pm

4 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Carjack suspect sought in death of Georgia businessman, philanthropist, Air Force vet, Jack Hough" "Well-known businessman shot, killed during attempted robbery outside CVS" "Arrest made in shooting death of businessman during attempted robbery outside CVS" crime violence murder homicide carjack
By Louis Casiano | Fox News Feb 10, 2019
Jack Hough, 73, was sitting in his car while his wife shopped in a pharmacy when the suspect approached him around 8 p.m., according to reports. After a brief struggle, Hough was shot in the chest.

Hough, an Air Force veteran, was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. He largely built his success as the founder of MSE Branded Food Systems.

Hough was known to mentor young people who wanted to start business-related careers and was a board member of the Hall-Dawson Court Appointed Special Advocate program, which works to place abused and neglected children in safe homes.

Witnesses told police they saw a man wearing all black clothing, a hoodie and mask wandering around the parking lot outside the store, Atlanta's WSB-TV reported.

By: Tom Regan
Updated: Feb 8, 2019 - 6:23 PM
GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Police are investigating after a north Georgia businessman was shot and killed outside a CVS store in Hall County Thursday night.

The shooting happened at the CVS on Parkhill Drive in Gainesville around 7:45 p.m.

Investigators say a man wearing all black clothing, a hoodie and a mask was seen by several people wandering in the parking lot outside the store.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019 - 1:00 PM
Gainesville police announced they arrested 24-year-old Demarvin Bennett of East Point around 2 a.m. Sunday. Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish said Bennett is not connected with any other crimes recently in the area, but he does have a record.

Police believe Bennett approached Hough, who had his car window open, in an attempt to carjack or rob him and the two began to struggle. Hough was shot in the chest and rushed to a hospital, where he died.

Parrish said officers also found what they believe is the gun used to kill Hough.

4 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "2 teens testify in case for 16-year-old charged in South Nashville murder"
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - The 16-year-old girl charged in the shooting death of a South Nashville man made her first court appearance Thursday.

Police said that on Nov. 9, Myeisha Brown shot 74-year-old Ruxin Wang as he was retrieving his trash can from his Claiborne Street home.

At the bus stop they ran into Myeisha Brown and another teenager.

They said all four teenagers walked to an ally where they planned to smoke the marijuana near Claiborne Street.

The teens said at that time, Brown showed them she had gun. Two of the teens said once they saw the gun, they took off running. They said that is when they heard gunshots.

By: Najahe Sherman Posted: Jan 04, 2018 05:02 PM CST
Updated: Jan 04, 2018 05:02 PM CST

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids angry) Commentary News Video "Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner: St. Louis cannot arrest its way out of crime problem" hostility violence leftist bad ideas criminal justice reform parole causes solutions black community george soros black lives matter blm bail bond practices
ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney said the city can’t arrest its way out of the crime problem, so she’s trying to reduce crime by changing policy.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said her new approach focuses on the causes of crime.

She said the city’s high arrest rates, conviction rates, and lengthy prison sentences have not made the city any safer.

Gardner said the heavy-handed criminal justice response in the past has played a significant role in destabilizing families and neighborhoods out of access to job opportunities and housing.

“This is why we are taking a new approach. One where we work with service providers to help address the underlying drivers of crime, including substance abuse, disorders, mental illnesses, joblessness, and hopelessness while reserving our harshest response incarceration for those who truly are a danger to our community," she said.

The circuit attorney said she’ll begin discussions on changing her office policy, as well as plans for alternatives to incarceration, and bail and bond practices.

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry, White Girl Bleed A Lot and Knockout Game)) Commentary News Video juxtaposing Harvard, SPLC and Joe Biden speeches and comments saying white men are the problem and hate groups while video show headlines of horrific black violence crime attacks assaults robberies

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "71-Year-Old Man Doused With Bleach After He Was Robbed, Beaten Inside Home" "10 suspects linked to robbery spree on UH campus" black mob violence crime assault armed theft - Joe Biden Lectures But He Knows Better Than Going To The Ghetto Neighborhood With His Family Alone
January 25, 2019 at 9:27 pm
PARKVILLE, MD. (WJZ) — Two Baltimore County men are out of the hospital Friday night after being robbed at gunpoint inside their Wilker Avenue home Thursday night.

Police said a 71-year-old man was walking into the house around 9 p.m. when three suspects forced him into his home at gunpoint and beat him before pouring bleach on him and demanding money.

The second victim, a 60-year-old man was in the basement and heard the connection, he alerted his neighbor to call police.

“The victim in the basement of the home tried to defend himself with a golf club, but the suspects had firearms, so ultimately they took that golf club from the victim and then began to beat him with it,” said Officer Jennifer Peach, Baltimore County Police.

WJZ spoke with the daughter of the 71-year-old, who said she can’t believe what happened.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Ten people, including eight juveniles, have been charged for a string of robberies on the University of Houston campus.

David Augustine, 18, and Isiah Urdy, 18, and eight others under the age of 16 have been charged.

Moore said a gun was not used in the first robbery at Cullen Oaks parking garage on Jan. 7, but that BB guns and a plastic replica of a 9mm gun were believed to be used in the two other robberies at Parking Lot 4A on Wheeler and Bayou Oaks.

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry. White Girl Bleed A Lot and Knockout Game) Commentary News Video "Fort Worth police arrest man who randomly punched woman in the face in downtown Fort Worth" black crime violence assault attack in broad daylight sucker punch ran off laughing repeat offender criminal justice reform
The Collin County mom was walking to her car Sunday afternoon around 4:30 with her two daughters after spending a weekend in downtown Fort Worth when she noticed a man — a stranger — walking toward them.

"For a split second, split second we made eye contact," Leedy said. "I think I looked down, we were talking, and in a split second I just remember someone just in my face, just this rage in my face."

The man punched her in the face in the middle of the afternoon, breaking her nose. A witness told WFAA the man who did it ran away laughing with his tongue hanging out.

Dazed and in total shock, Leedy took a photo minutes after the attack to send to her husband Robert. She can hardly look at the photo now. It shows her bleeding profusely on the streets of downtown Fort Worth.

"I'm furious. Absolutely furious," Robert said. "I think the terminology to use would be cold-cocked or sucker-punched. I mean, basically just preying on a completely unsuspecting innocent victim with little or no warning at all."

Author: Lauren Zakalik, WFAA Staff
Published: 4:51 PM CST January 29, 2019
Updated: 10:21 PM CST January 30, 2019

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "3 arrested in shooting death of Air Force service member in Cedar Park. 22-year-old Air Force Airman First Class Robert Burroughs was shot in a Cedar Park apartment complex parking lot on Jan. 20." "Triple shooting victims identified, police search for gunman" fake leftist media elites denial deceit delusion black crime murder
Author: Tony Plohetski, KVUE/Austin American-Statesman
Published: 9:26 AM CST January 28, 2019
Updated: 5:27 PM CST January 28, 2019
CEDAR PARK, Texas — Three people have been arrested and charged with the Jan. 20 murder of an Air Force service member in Cedar Park.

The suspects are believed to have been involved in a robbing spree the night he was killed.

Just after 9 p.m. Jan. 20, Robert Burroughs and his wife had just parked at the Lakeline Villas Apartments when another man walked up and shot Burroughs as he got out of the car.

First responders found him with a gunshot wound to the neck. The 22-year-old died in the parking lot.

By Beacon Journal/Ohio.com
Posted Oct 29, 2018 at 2:02 PM
Updated Oct 29, 2018 at 4:13 PM
Shortly before 9 p.m., police arrived at the Brooklands Avenue, about a block south of Newton Street, to find a vehicle that had apparently rolled into a tree. The driver, Christian J. Gibson, 21, of Pioneer Street in Akron, was pronounced dead with a gunshot wound to the head. Police believe he tried to flee the parking lot of a nearby business.

Two passengers were found outside the vehicle, one struck in the arm and the other in the chest. Both were transported to an area hospital for treatment. The police report detailing the incident lists no crimes committed in the act by the driver or the passengers, who are not being named by the Beacon Journal/Ohio.com because they have not been charged in connection to the shooting or the two gallon-sized plastic bags of marijuana police found in the vehicle.

Police describe the suspected shooter as a black man in his early 20s who wore a red hooded sweatshirt at the time of the shooting. He was last seen in a dark blue or black Chevy Equinox.

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Hate groups are about to find lawmakers eager to scrutinize them" "Two wounded in shooting at Newport Centre mall in Jersey City"
Author: William Douglas, McClatchy Washington Bureau Jan 13, 2019
WASHINGTON — For years, Republicans have watched white supremacists claim the Republican Party is on their side. And on Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers did little to crack down on race-based hate groups.

But now Democrats are in charge of the House.

And that means Bennie Thompson, a black Democratic congressman from Mississippi, is in charge of the House Homeland Security Committee.

He plans to act.

Thompson intends to hold hearings on what experts say is a growth of right-wing extremism in America.

After a woman died in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 after a rally by white supremacists, Congress passed a resolution condemning the march. Though President Donald Trump signed the measure, and said he opposed hatred, bigotry and racism, he said earlier the same day "You got some very bad people on the other side also."

They say the government has largely ignored the growth of a violent far right that exploded into the public consciousness with the explosion of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, by Timothy McVeigh, an anti-government extremist.

And congressional Republicans were dogged by comments such as those recently by Steve King, who last week told The New York Times, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization _ how did that language become offensive?”

King later issued a statement saying "I reject those labels and the evil ideology that they define."

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Two people were wounded after a shooting erupted inside a Jersey City mall, prompting an immediate lockdown, according to police.

"We know some of the players here... we know some of the victims... and we certainly think that they were up to anything good at the mall," Jersey City Police Chief Mike Kelley said.

Police say the two men took themselves to the hospital—one suffered a gunshot wound to his stomach and the other to his arm.

4 years, 10 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry)Commentary News - Home invasion on video in Houston and Heather MacDonald breaks it down. Black crime wildly out of proportion crime rate among black males 10 times the rate of their white counterpart. Weak impulse control.

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Colin Flaherty Commentary News Video "Why Do We Silence Black Girls and Women Who are Survivors of Sexual Violence?" grapevine root "The Quiet Crisis Killing Black Women" leftist media denial deceit delusion excuse and condone black behavior while blame systemic white racism that does not exist
Felice León
Jan 11, 2019 Friday 5:41pm
Today, conversations about sexual violence and harassment towards women have infiltrated popular culture, the news and beyond. But despite the prevalence of sexual violence towards black girls and women, we remain almost invisible in these conversations.

You see, the legacy of sexual violence towards black women and our subsequent silencing runs deep. In her seminal text, Arn’t I a Woman: Female Slaves in the Plantation South, Deborah Gray White found that for a period of nearly 100 years after slaves were freed there wasn’t a single Southern white man convicted of raping or attempting to rape a black woman. It’s also pretty well known that black women aren’t just assailed by white men.

“It’s painful to watch black women not be included in the popular narrative,” Tarana Burke said. “It’s painful to see people preference the pain of other people over ours and not give any credence to the trauma, the layers of trauma that happen in our community, particularly around sexual violence.”

By Melissa Jeltsen
12/17/2018 05:45 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2018
Earlier this fall, police say, Rainey shot Delashon inside her bedroom when she was eight months pregnant. She was killed in front of her son.

In death, Delashon became one of the three women killed by their boyfriends, husbands and lovers every day in the United States. Domestic violence does not discriminate, and victims span all races, ages, ethnicities and religions.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Why the death of a 7-year-old black girl became a national story about race and violence - family believed their daughter’s death was racially motivated, but the arrest of a suspect on Sunday has changed things" "Capital murder charge filed in Jazmine Barnes deadly shooting case" Shaun King hoax of black victimization leftist media denial deceit delusion
By P.R. Lockhart Jan 5, 2019, 8:00am EST
Editor’s note: Since the publication of this article, the Harris County Sheriff’s office arrested a suspect late Saturday: a 20-year-old black man. Authorities say other shooters could be involved, but now believe the attack was case of mistaken identity.

It’s been nearly one week since Jazmine Barnes, a 7-year-old black girl, was killed when a white gunman fired into her mother’s car on December 30. As the hunt for the shooter continues, Barnes’s family and others have argued that the attack and her murder must be addressed as an act of racism.

On Thursday, the Harris County Sheriff’s office, which is leading the investigation into the Houston shooting, released a sketch of the gunman, who fled the scene of the crime. “We will not rest until an arrest is made. We are going to continue to search for this killer,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told reporters.

The Sheriff’s Department also released surveillance footage showing the red pickup truck the shooter was driving on Sunday when he pulled up next to LaPorsha Washington, Jazmine’s mother, and opened fire, striking her in the arm. Moments later, Washington’s older daughter noted that her sister wasn’t responding.

”She said, ‘Momma, Jazmine’s not moving. She’s not talking,’” Washington told local news outlet ABC13. “I turned around and my 7-year-old was shot in the head.”

The search for the suspect is ongoing, and community members have been asked to come forward if they have any information about his identity and whereabouts. Meanwhile, Barnes’s murder has captured national attention. Shaun King, a writer and activist, and Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney working with Barnes’s family, have offered up a $100,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. And a GoFundMe account set up to cover the costs of Barnes’s upcoming funeral has already exceeded its goal, pulling in close to $60,000 in four days.

Barnes’s death has resonated with so many not just because of her youth, but also because of what the nature of the attack — a white man shooting through a car window at a black family — may say about the state of racism in America.

Barnes’s family has argued that the shooting was racially motivated, and local activists say that it’s possible Barnes’s death is connected to a 2017 shooting that took place just six miles away. In that incident, a black man, A’Vonta Williams, and his then-girlfriend’s grandmother, were shot after a man driving a pickup truck fired into their car. The shooter was never found and the case remains unsolved.

In regards to Barnes’s case, Merritt, the civil rights attorney, has no doubt that the family was targeted because they were black. “We want to emphasize the racial nature of the attack and that hate-crime charges are appropriate,” he told the Washington Post this week.

POSTED: JAN 05 2019 08:45PM CST
UPDATED: JAN 06 2019 09:45AM CST
HOUSTON (FOX 26) — Multiple sources tell FOX 26 News that a suspect is in custody in the shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes, along with a possible second suspect. Sources say the alleged shooter is black, not white, and also that the shooting may have been gang-related.

Eric Black Jr., the man accused of killing 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes appeared in Probable Cause Court this morning. Prosecutors say he was driving the vehicle that pulled alongside the Barnes family car and that someone else shot into the car. Black is currently being held at the Harris County Jail without bond and is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow morning.

Black says he thought it was a car he had seen the night before, he didn't realize who was inside.

A composite sketch released by the Harris County Sheriff's Office on Thursday described the shooting suspect as a thin white man in his 30s or 40s. HCSO said that a man in a red pickup truck fired gunshots toward the car that Jazmine was in with her mother and three sisters. The shooting was reported on Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018, on the East Sam Houston Parkway frontage in northeast Harris County. Jazmine's mother, LaPorsha Washington, was driving with the children and was shot in the arm.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "EXCLUSIVE: Woman captures brutal assault on video in San Francisco, man wanted for attempted murder and robbery" "Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out" black mob attacks beatings media denial deceit delusion condone excuse
by Jobina Fortson Saturday, December 29, 2018 11:52PM
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco police are looking for 25-year-old Melton Earl Kelly, a man wanted for attempted murder and robbery.

Police say Kelly was involved in a gruesome incident Friday near Union Square shortly before 5:00 p.m. and was caught on camera.

Parts of the recording show him repeatedly punching and stomping the victim in the face. Someone can be seen in the video attempting to break it up. Shao said bystanders called police.

Anyone that recognizes the wanted man in the video should call SFPD's anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444.

By C.W. Nevius Published 4:00 am PDT, Sunday, May 2, 2010
San Francisco's hidden truth is out. That's what community organizer Carol Mo calls the realization that Asian residents are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and intimidation by young black men.

"It is San Francisco's dirty little secret," said Mo, a former Safety Network Community organizer in the Sunset District. "It's not news to us."

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids angry) Commentary News Video "Cambridge restaurant worker brutally attacked while walking home after work" leftist media denial deceit delusion crime violence attack assault steal cell phone bash pound beat in head surgery wired jaw pain
BOSTON - A local man is recovering after he was attacked in a South End park after simply walking home.

For almost two years, Tyson Pickette has walked to his restaurant in Cambridge and back home to his apartment in Boston.

On Friday night, things took a wild turn, when he was attacked by two men and taken to the hospital for an emergency surgery.

Around midnight, Pickette was making his usual stroll back home when he was confronted by two young men in Southwest Corridor Park.

When Pickette didn't give the men what they wanted -- his phone -- he said they held him down on the ground and kicked and punched him in the head and face. Pickette was eventually able to scream loud enough to scare them away before going to get help.

"They were banging on his head," she said. In addition to the blow to his head, Pickette's jaw was broken and will have to be wired shut for almost three more weeks.

Pickette already had one surgery, but the pain is too much to handle.

By: Jason Law Updated: Dec 26, 2018 - 8:11 P

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Man charged in baseball-bat beating of 16-year-old Teen remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries" "16-year old severely beaten with baseball bat in random attack" "Man arrested for baseball bat assault, family says they're in shock" black crime violence murder leftist media denial deceit delusion
By WTOL Newsroom | December 21, 2018 at 9:59 AM EST - Updated December 21 at 12:28 PM
TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Police have arrested a suspect in the baseball-bat beating of a teenage boy who remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

According to Toledo Municipal Court records, Terry Pearson, 18, of the 500 block of Mulberry Street, was arrested Thursday and charged with felonious assault.

Anonymous tips led to the defendant as being the suspect as well as the identities of three other suspects that were with him, court records show.

On Dec. 15, 16-year-old Marcus Bailey Jr. was attacked with a baseball bat by three men in east Toledo, Toledo Police said.

Crews responded to the 700 block of Main Street for an assault with injuries just before 8 p.m.

When police arrived on scene, the teen was on the ground and unresponsive.

Marcus remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, police said.

According to court documents, one of the other suspects, Demonte Smith, admitted to being there and stated that Pearson grabbed a bat from Marcus and hit him in the back of the head.

Pearson puts himself as driving the suspect vehicle and stated he got out of his vehicle along with two others to confront the victim, court records state.

By Micaela Marshall | Posted: Sun 6:43 PM, Dec 16, 2018 | Updated: Sun 11:50 PM, Dec 16, 2018
"When my son started to run they grabbed the baseball bat out of his hand and they smacked him in the back of his head with a metal baseball bat so hard that he fell on his face," said his mother.

"He had severe bleeding and swelling to the brain. They had to remove part of his skull. Without surgery he would have died," said Bailey.

Doctors tell his mother the prognosis isn't good. He will be in the hospital for weeks, likely go to rehab after that, and the extent of the damage done to his brain could take a long time to find out.

by Briana MalaskaFriday, December 21st 2018
Pearson's family said they were shocked by the arrest.

"It's a bad situation for both families, and prayers for the young man and Terry, but at the end of the day it's just a shock, it's very heartbreaking," said Terry Pearson's cousin, who did not want to be identified.

Court documents show Pearson has a criminal history, with prior charges including theft, stealing drugs and breaking and entering.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Data shows it is more difficult to be black than white in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County" hoax and myth of black victimization greatest lie of our generation Historic White Racism Kills Blacks + Lowers Quality Of Life
By Homa Bash
Posted 3:53 PM, Dec 10, 2018
Updated 6:10 PM, Dec 10, 2018
CLEVELAND - Eye-opening new data from a local think tank shows it is more difficult to be black than white in Cleveland and in Cuyahoga County.

The research from the Center for Community Solutions finds that there is no question that race matters when it comes to outcomes — health, economic, and more. It quantifies what has been anecdotally known for decades.

The infant mortality rate is higher for black babies, who are six times more likely to die.

In schools, the study found, black children are disciplined at higher rates, which leads to a higher number of African-Americans in the juvenile justice system — and that disproportionately higher number continues in the adult prison system.

When it comes to health —those living in the highly segregated black neighborhoods and cities on the East Side are at a much higher risk of having asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Warren said the racial disparity stems from historical racist policies like redlining but continues because of what is happening now.

4 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video: "Video shows Baskin-Robbins employee fight off robber armed with knife" Sticks Huge Knife To Employee's Stomach gets kung fu kicks black crime violence attack assault arned robbery
SEATTLE - Seattle Police are asking for help to identifying a serial armed robber targeting Baskin-Robbins stores and Subway shops, according to KCPQ.

Detectives say he has hit at least three since October. In the most recent robbery, the suspect described as a black male 40's to 50's years old with a possible shaved head, entered the Baskin-Robbins with a large knife at about 4:30 pm.

"As soon as I get to the counter, he grabs me by the apron and then holds his knife to my stomach and he says, 'Open the register, give me all the money in it' and I looked down and I'm like 'whoa' cause it's just like a huge knife at my stomach and I'm just like oh my god, we're being robbed," said Leslie who asked us not to share her last name for her safety.

That's when Leslie coworker grabbed the knife.

"The suspect backs up like he’s stunned, can’t believe that this just happened. Now, his weapons gone," said Ret. Det. Myrle Carner from Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound who is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for tips to identify the suspect.

Instead of leaving empty-handed, the thief jumped the counter.

POSTED 11:52 AM, DECEMBER 7, 2018

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Someone hung nooses at the Mississippi Capitol on eve of racially charged U.S. Senate runoff" "Seven nooses, signs found at Mississippi State Capitol" racial hoax political corruption voter fraud rally black vote
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
Cleve R. Wootson Jr. November 26
Authorities removed two nooses and six hate signs found on the grounds of the Mississippi State Capitol on the eve of a U.S. Senate runoff election featuring a black Democrat — and a white incumbent criticized for pro-Confederacy stances and remarks about a “public hanging.”

State Capitol police took down the nooses and the signs and said they are investigating, according to Jackson, Miss., NBC affiliate WLBT. Authorities have not released images of the signs or surveillance video, which they are reviewing to determine who is responsible. They also haven’t released details about any suspect.

The signs appeared on the same day that President Trump was scheduled to campaign in the Magnolia State for Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith. She was appointed to the Senate in March to fill the seat of an ailing Thad Cochran and was widely expected to win the race to fill the remaining two years of the term in the Republican-leaning state.

Voters will cast ballots on Tuesday for the last U.S. Senate seat still up for grabs in this election cycle. If Hyde-Smith wins, Republicans would hold 53 seats in the 100-member Senate.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl bleed A Lot) Commentary Video: Police: 2 Young Women Brandish Stun Gun During Robbery Outside Magee-Womens Hospital" Black mob violence robbery threat hostility with stun gun pink taser down front of her pants takes purse white victim
The robbery took a bizarre turn when the suspects pulled out a stun gun.

The victim told police she was walking on the street in front of the hospital when she noticed two young females playing with a stun gun.

She said they lunged at her with the stun gun. At that time, she panicked and handed over her purse. The victim ran toward Panera to call 911 and the girls reportedly ran the other way.

When officers confronted them, they said they had no recollection of the robbery, but the one did voluntarily say she had a pink stun gun down her pants.

Both women are now charged with a long list of offenses including, robbery, simple assault, possession of a weapon and giving a false ID to law enforcement.

November 7, 2018 at 7:29 am

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Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Woman, 69, Killed In Stockton Double Shooting; Suspect Arrested" "Thief with knife attacks 90-year-old and 75-year-old in Greenlawn. Black mob violence murder hostility assaults home invasions on elderly and the enabling troll's denial deceit delusion
October 15, 2018 at 6:54 am
STOCKTON (CBS13) – Authorities have arrested 30-year-old Forrest Gilliam in connection to the double shooting in Stockton that killed an elderly woman

Stockton police say they found a man and woman shot. The 69-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Her name has not been released at this point.

Investigators say all people involved in the incident lived together. The second person hurt in the shooting is expected to survive.

Posted: Oct 26, 2018 7:23 AM CDT
Updated: Oct 26, 2018 8:47 PM CDT
Police say a man armed with a knife slashed a 75-year-old woman before punching her 90-year-old husband in the chest and raiding their home.

The woman answered a knock at the door and the suspect forced his way inside, according to police.

“He was armed with what's described as a small knife,” says Suffolk Police Chief Stuart Cameron. “He slashed the wife in the hand and the arm.”

Police say the suspect went to the upstairs bedroom where he punched the woman's 90-year-old husband several times in the chest and threw him to the ground before taking off with cash and credit cards.

5 years, 1 month ago

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Robbers may be targeting victims from specific age group in St. Louis City" "Carjacking victim recalls moments before popular party bus driver was struck" Black mob violence hostility assaults murder
Ashli Lincoln Updated Oct 30, 2018 | Posted on Oct 29, 2018
72 hours before retired St. Louis police Sergeant Ralph Harper was shot and killed during an attempted armed robbery Monday morning, criminals committed at least 12 separate armed robberies across the city.

One woman was carjacked by the popular restaurant Crafted in Tower Grove East. Another man was held up by two suspects in Carondelet.

At least four of these robberies involved victims in their mid to late 60’s, just like Ralph Harper.

Robberies are down citywide by nearly 20 percent compared to this time in 2018.

Author: Chris Davis
Published: 10:45 PM CDT June 19, 2018
Updated: 9:58 AM CDT June 20, 2018
ST. LOUIS – A witness and victim in a downtown carjacking, that seriously injured a popular party bus driver, is sharing her story.

Faith Edwards said she and her girlfriend parked along Chestnut Street for the Taste of Downtown STL food festival on Saturday. She was feeding the meter when out of nowhere, she said she was attacked.

The guy was Mike Arnold, the popular driver of Gus Gus the Fun Bus. Faith says Mike was close by, attempting to record the crime on his cell phone, when Alford hit Mike and never slowed down.

Faith said it didn't stop there.

"He kind of did a U-turn in the road, he was on the opposite side of the sidewalk, that’s whenever he hit the other guy I believe," she said.

"I’m more jumpy now, and I’m like who’s coming up behind me. It was scary," said Edwards.

5 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Woman, 63, pummeled in random attack on New Dorp Lane" "Brutal and bizarre: New details emerge in random assault on New Dorp Lane" "Exclusive: Video shows woman violently shoved, dragged on Staten Island"
Updated Oct 10; Posted Oct 10
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A daily trip to the grocery store took a horrific turn Monday for a Great Kills woman, who reportedly was attacked from behind by a man she had never met.

The victim’s son received a call at about 9 a.m. on Monday, explaining what happened.

“I got a call saying they had revived her, and she was confused,” said John Owen. “She goes to church, and she buys her groceries. It’s not like she would provoke anyone.”

Owen said his mother, who weighs about 90 pounds, made the trip nearly every morning from Great Kills to New Dorp on the Staten Island Railway. She’d buy a few groceries at the ShopRite on Hylan Boulevard and head back.

“She doesn’t own a cell phone, but she had remembered a few phone numbers,” said Owen. “They called her sister, and she called me.”

wen said his mother suffered broken ribs, a broken shoulder and non-life-threatening bleeding in her brain. She is expected to make a full recovery, but there’s no telling how long that will take.

“She’s got osteoporosis, so broken bones will take a long time to heal.”

Updated Oct 11; Posted Oct 11
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.-- Family of a woman brutally assaulted by a stranger Monday on New Dorp Lane say her injuries were more horrific than initially reported, while the man accused of the attack has been hospitalized for psychological reasons.

A relative told the Advance on Thursday the victim suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which potentially could result in permanent brain damage, in addition to an eye hematoma “rendering her incapable of opening or using the eye for any sort of function."

In addition to being knocked unconscious and suffering broken bones, the attack ripped skin off the woman’s back, "causing deep, deep lacerations across 90 percent of her backside,” she said.

Friday, October 12, 2018 11:30PM
NEW DORP, Staten Island (WABC) -- A 63-year-old woman was brutally assaulted on Staten Island Monday, allegedly by a homeless man with a lengthy criminal record and history of mental illness, and the entire incident was caught on video obtained exclusively by Eyewitness News.

The suspect, Eric Coleman, was charged with assault to intently cause physical injury. Prior to that, police say he had approximately 20 arrests, 13 convictions and history of mental illness.

The latest incident, believed to be completely random, happened early Monday morning on New Dorp Lane and Clawson Street in the New Dorp section. The victim, Doreen Belloni, was innocently running errands when she was savagely thrown to the ground, kicked, then dragged down the street.

The video also shows the man dragging Belloni by her leg after the attac

5 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry, Knockout Game and White Girl Bleed a Lot) Podcast Commentary Video: National Association of Black Journalist - It's All Random. Black mob violence hostility crime murder mayhem and the fake news leftist media denial deceit delusion. Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/national-association-black-journalists-cover-black-mob-violence-dont-new-podcast/ Date June 15, 2014 SPEED Version uploaded to Minds https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/888131629773746176

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Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "A woman married a paroled murderer. Years later, he killed all her children." Black crime hostility murder assault after out of jail on parole
By Kristine Phillips March 8, 2017
In 1991, Michigan man Gregory Green stabbed his wife in the face and chest, killing her and their unborn child. Then, he called 911 and waited for police to come.

After serving about 16 years in prison for murder, Green was released on parole with the support of family and friends, including a pastor who lobbied on his behalf and whose daughter Green would marry.

“Gregory and I were friends before his mishap and he was incarcerated,” Fred Harris, a pastor in Detroit, wrote to the Michigan parole board in August 2005. “He was a member of our church … I feel he has paid for his unfortunate lack of self control and the damage he has caused as much as possible and is sorry.”

“If he was to be released he would be welcomed as a part of our church community and whatever we could do to help him adjust, we would,” Harris wrote again a year later.

Green was released in 2008 and later married Faith Harris. They had two daughters, Koi, 5, and Kaliegh, 4.

Early in the morning of Sept. 21, 2016, Faith Harris-Green found herself bound with duct tape and zip ties in the basement of their home in Dearborn Heights, Mich., just outside of Detroit. Her foot had been shot and her face slashed with a box cutter, prosecutors say.

Her two teenage children — Gregory Green’s stepchildren — were with her, dead of gunshot wounds. She had watched them die. Her two younger children were dead upstairs, poisoned with carbon monoxide.

The killer was Harris-Green’s husband, the same man whose freedom her father advocated for more than a decade ago.

As Green did when he killed his first wife, he called 911 and waited for police to come, authorities said. He had just shot his family and they were inside the house, he told officers.

During the sentencing hearing, Harris-Green, wearing a white turtleneck, spoke to her children’s killer, perhaps for the last time. “You are a con artist. You are a monster. You are a devil in disguise. You are now forever exposed,” she said as she stood behind a podium in a Wayne County courtroom. Her ex-husband, in a dark green jail uniform, sat stoically a few feet away, his back toward her.

No punishment will be enough for her children’s deaths, Harris-Green said. “Not even torture and death would be justice,” she said. “Your justice will come when you burn in Hell for all eternity for murdering four innocent children, all because you’re insecure.”

5 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "‘It totally broke my heart’: Co-worker talks of clerk who was robbed by teens after suffering heart attack" black crime hostility robbery. CCTV camera footage
AUBURN, Wash. – A gas station clerk who suffered a heart attack and then was robbed by two teenage suspects is clinging to life at a local hospital, his co-workers said Tuesday.

Video surveillance shows 34-year-old Zarif Kelada collapse after telling two teens that they needed to pay for pepperoni sticks they opened and were eating in the store. But instead of calling for help for the collapsed man, the teens nearly walk by while he’s unconscious on the floor, steal merchandise and the cash out of the register.

The video shows one of the teenagers grab a pepperoni stick and begin eating it soon after walking in, then grabbing another and giving it to the other teen. The man then comes to the counter to buy something, and it appears the clerk then charged him for the pepperoni sticks.

An argument breaks out, and one of the teenagers hands the clerk a dollar. The clerk gets upset, talks to the teenagers, then turns around and stumbles into a display before collapsing to the floor. Investigators say the adult man was not involved in the incident.

What happens next is mind-boggling for detectives.

“They (each teen) jump over the counter and they take all the money out of the drawer, steal more merchandise and they leave,” said Commander Steve Stocker with Auburn Police.

Investigators say they have identified who these suspects are, though they are not yet in custody.

Police say several minutes pass before a bystander enters the store and calls 911 when they find Kelada on the floor. It’s those precious minutes that the clerk’s co-workers believe could have been used calling paramedics and giving him the best chance to survive.

5 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary Video: Virginia Beach 2013 Recap Tsunami of Black Mob Violence Hostility Riots Mayhem Robbing Beating Assault Attacks Gunfire. What will Black Beach Week 2014 Ocean City Maryland be Like. Leftist media denial deceit delusion. Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/ocean-city-gets-ready-tsunami-black-mob-violence/

5 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary Video: Racial Disparities Myths and Truths - Congressional Committee met to talk about racial disparity in crime. It was said Black people and white people commit the same amount of crime, but black people are caught more often because of racism.UH, that is not true. crime violence drug use addiction census government household survey
Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/racial-disparity-crime-myth-truth-new-podcast-whitegirl/ Podcast Date June 2, 2014

5 years, 2 months ago

Colin Flaherty commentary video Wilwaukee Race Riots Revisited Black Mob violence mayhem crime murder assaults attacks leftist legacy media reporters denial deceit delusion

5 years, 3 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video on cctv camera footage of blacks luring Chinese restaurant food driver to rob and new "Man shot during home invasion near 59th Ave/Peoria in Glendale" and (Black)"Teenagers arrested in abduction, rape of Midtown woman" and "Heat and Crime: It’s Not Just You Feeling It"

Published: 10:12 AM, Aug 28, 2018
Updated: 4:57 PM, Aug 28, 2018
GLENDALE, AZ - Glendale police are investigating a home invasion where a man was shot. When officers arrived on the scene, a victim told police he was just robbed during a home invasion and had been shot.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police arrested three teenagers Friday evening in connection with the abduction and rape of a 70-year-old Memphis woman.
Police said two male suspects knocked an electrical meter off the woman's home in the Hein Park neighborhood of Midtown, cutting off electricity, then broke in through a window.

Police say she was sexually assaulted by one of the suspects. She was taken to a hospital, and has since been released.

A 17-year-old suspect was charged with two counts of especially aggravated robbery, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and elder abuse. Police did not say whether that suspect would be charged as an adult.

Montarius Culp, 18, was charged with especially aggravated burglary, especially aggravated robbery, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and elder abuse.

A third suspect, 18-year-old Skye Harris, was also charged as an accessory after the fact.

It’s accepted wisdom that crime gets worse in the spring and summer. But the relationship between crime and temperature is even closer than that, and the questions are many: does heat make you angry and stupid? Is there a point where it gets too hot to commit crime? And what happens after the heat wave?

It’s not your imagination; when the weather heats up, crime rises. It’s not a perfect bell curve year in and year out, but the pattern holds true. Here’s a subset of violent crimes (homicide and non-sexual aggravated assault and battery for 2010 and 2011 in Chicago:

5 years, 3 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video on Black on White Hoax while pointing out the Fake Leftist Government News Media Denial Deceit Delusion "Police: Man urinated on black girl, called her racial slur""Children made up story about white man urinating on black child" and "Three women plead guilty to fatal beating of homeless man in Philadelphia" and "Expelled UAlbany students get probation in bogus hate crime case"
Aug. 23, 2018
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — A man has been arrested after police say he urinated on a 5-year-old black girl in an alley in western Michigan and called her a racial slur.

The girl’s parents called Grand Rapids police on Wednesday evening and reported that a roughly 60-year-old white man had urinated on her about 20 minutes earlier. Police say they canvased the neighborhood and identified as suspect, who was taken into custody after he arrived at his home.

Police say another 5-year-old and two 7-year-old children witnessed what happened. No injuries were reported.

Chelsea Robinson Updated: 9:24 AM PDT Aug 27, 2018
Prosecutors said charges have been dropped against a man accused of urinating on a 5-year-old black girl in western Michigan because children made up the story.

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday the charges were dropped after authorities determined the children made up the story “to avoid trouble.” It says one child urinated on another child and they concocted the story.

It was more than two years after her brother Robert – a 51-year-old homeless man – died of complications from blunt-force impact suffered during a brutal attack outside a Philadelphia gas station seven months earlier.

The charges – voluntary manslaughter, conspiracy and possession of an instrument of crime – will land them behind bars for a maximum of 22.5 to 45 years in prison, though they won't likely face the max when they return to court for sentencing on April 20.

The attack came about after Gillard's 10-year-old son claimed that Barnes had hit him and used a racial slur. There was no evidence of this, or any interaction, seen on surveillance footage, Rebstock said.

Still, the group of six returned to the gas station to punch, kick and strike Barnes with the aforementioned objects before fleeing the scene quickly.

"Witnesses yelled at them to stop, but they were ignored," she said. "The video shows no physical or verbal altercation (between the 10-year-old or homeless man) that afternoon or evening."

By Bethany Bump Updated 3:48 pm EDT, Friday, June 16, 2017
The possibility of jail time for Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell loomed large. The former University at Albany students who were convicted of falsely reporting a hate crime on a CDTA bus last year avoided jail time Friday, and instead received a sentence of probation, community service and a fine.

Black Baby Doll Video https://www.bitchute.com/video/5Rwmj2zRj9T4/

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Colin Flaherty commentary video "Police: Northern Delaware Greenway Trail robbery, posted on Nextdoor, was not as bad as people feared" and "Man knocked unconscious, robbed at Wellington CTA station" and "North Philadelphia Drive-by Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 4 Hurt" and "Suspected shooter who fired on crowd in Far Rockaway charged" and "Teen charged with attempted murder in Queens police-involved shooting"

Josephine Peterson, Delaware News Journal Published 5:20 p.m. ET Aug. 10, 2018 | Updated 8:25 p.m. ET Aug. 10, 2018
A social media post detailing a "savage attack" on a cyclist by three men has sparked outrage from Bellevue-area residents who said they were not told about it by police

New Castle County police handled the incident and said they responded to the robbery, but said the robbery wasn't as bad as the post described.

Police said what actually happened was far less violent. One of the perpetrators struck the victim in the face with something, causing him to fall off the bike. Hitting the ground injured his hand, police said.

One of the perpetrators got on the bike and rode off, and the other two walked away. Police described the robbers as black teenagers in dark clothing.

The message posted on a Nextdoor neighborhood site said the cyclist was riding Sunday morning from Wilmington to Bellevue Park on the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail. He was near the Shipley Road crossing when he was "savagely attacked" by three African-American men, the post said.

The men beat his face and head with a rock and stole his bike, the post said.

Nancy Beury, a resident of the area, said she was upset police hadn't released information on the incident. People who use the trail should know whether it is safe, she said.

Saturday, August 11, 2018
Chicago: Police said a man who was found unresponsive on the Wellington Brown Line station platform early Saturday had been robbed by a group of people as he waited for a train. No one is in custody.

The victim later told officers that a group of people approached him on the platform and punched him, causing him to fall down and rendering him unconscious. The offenders took the victim’s valuables and left the area before police arrived, authorities said.

By David Chang and Dan Stamm
Published at 10:41 PM EDT on Aug 8, 2018 | Updated at 3:24 PM EDT on Aug 9, 2018
The six victims were standing on the southeast corner of 12th and Huntingdon streets around 9:50 p.m. when a gray or silver minivan drove by. At least one gunman inside the van then fired at least 11 shots before the vehicle fled the scene.

"From the evidence out here it appears to be a large caliber weapon, possibly a high-powered rifle," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

By Ben Feuerherd and Tina Moore August 11, 2018 | 5:06pm
The teenager who was shot by cops after he opened fire on a Far Rockaway crowd was hit with attempted murder charges Saturday, authorities said.

The 15-year-old, identified by sources as Rashid Zahid-Abeurra, allegedly sent bullets flying into a group of people after a fight at a house party spilled onto the street near the intersection of Redfern Avenue and Nameoke Avenue at about 11 p.m., cops said.

Saturday, August 11, 2018 06:40PM
FAR ROCKAWAY, Queens (WABC) -- A teenager has been charged with attempted murder and various other charges after a police-involved shooting in Queens on Friday night.

About 30 minutes later, a 15-year-old boy with a gun began firing into that crowd. Police said they asked the teen to drop the gun, and then police opened fire, striking the teenager several times.

5 years, 3 months ago