In this episode of The Health Engineer, Host Clint Fuqua talks with Dr. Michael Harris to clarify what really happens when a person undergoes hypnotherapy.

When your stress levels overflow, your quality of life goes down. Dr. Harris uses hypnosis to help his clients deal with added stress caused by a number of different things. The pandemic is a perfect example of a source of stress for a lot of people right now.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that hypnosis is not a special state. They discuss how the brain goes into unconsciousness more often than you might realize. Do you ever go looking for your car keys when they are already in your hand? That is your unconscious mind working.

Dr. Michael Harris gives his clients the tools to help themselves. Instead of seeing a doctor regularly, he uses a four step process to help you become a problem solver.

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5 months ago

In this Episode of Biz Pointz TV, host Larry Kortkamp interviews Bret Kortkamp, Managing Partner with National1 Energy, an independent energy advisor based in North Texas. National1 Energy is a specialty independent advisory firm that helps businesses save money by reducing their per-kilowatt-hour cost with a wholesale price rather than a retail price.

Commercial electricity can be quite complex and National1 Energy builds a custom contract price around the energy usage profile of each business as each business uses energy in a different way. There are substantial savings depending on the usage. Bret says that they can help every business reduce their electricity cost. One of their customers in Sundance Square saved $16 million on their electricity bills. A nail salon saved $500. It’s found money that can go toward the business elsewhere. For the 3,000 customers they have served in 2020, they saved the customers an average of 27%.

National1 Energy provides a free analysis of the bill and contract, with no cost to the customer. They can also renegotiate a new contract with the current supplier providing substantial savings with the electric company you are already with. All they need to get started are your bills and usage for the past 12 months.

Per Bret, the biggest challenge for businesses to save on their electric bill is the complacency that creeps in for business owners to stay on top of expenses. National1 Energy works with business owners to help them understand how much more they are paying for electricity than they have to and then helps them do something about it. Bret says what he loves about his job is he is trying to put money back into people’s pockets, not asking them to spend more.

You can reach Bret by going to www.National1Energy.com or calling him directly at 972-755-3735. If you mention Biz Pointz TV promo code, Bret guarantees that you will receive a 10% discount.

To work with The Kortkamp Group, find guest, advertising, or sponsor information, contact 972-824-8001, or go to KortkampGroup.com.

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Opening in late 2020, The Victor will be the tallest and most majestic residential tower in Dallas! We're so excited to be here witnessing the construction of this magnificent property, and we will definitely be here touring when it is completed.

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A short intro video we made for our social media.

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