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"The best way to CONTROL the opposition is to lead it ourselves." -Vladimir Lennin

“Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” - Robert LeFevre

Your Vote Does Not Count - Presidents Are Selected NOT Elected

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Bring a folding chair, a packed lunch and an entertaining tablet to the voting lines. And maybe some pepper spray for any righty militias harassing the polls: https://iwillvote.com/

He began with pamphlets of populist slogans,
Posters of Guevara and “Death or Country” on walls,
Defended the “Capital” of Marx like a showman,
That's the eighteen-year-old I recall.

Hated the radio and songs with a chorus,
Rough surroundings fattened his grievances up,
Always ready to own the libs like a boss,
The future would mix his allegiances up.

Ink your skin with tatoos of your pledges,
Before time makes you a mercenary for wages;
One more false prophet sells what he held precious.

Between the revolution and your greed,
Lie only a few steps and so take heed,
It's easier to slip than to succeed.

He graduates from law school an accomplice,
In the process, his ideals began to sicken,
Was elected as a Liberal to Congress,
Grew expert in deceptive rhetoric then.

I saw him graffiti “Death or Country”, wild and lawless,
I was the geek with the guitar, he might not recall it,
He looks strange today in suits and designer wallets,
How easy our ideals bend to our profits.

Today, you whistle songs from the radio,
Your mansion has no space for Che's photo,
You're a mercenary for hire by the status quo.

You forgot to ink your skin with all your pledges,
Where'd that boy go, who once fought in the trenches?
Who would break bread with the unfed without a question?

There's a protest outside the Presidential palace,
The guy on the president's balcony has that boy's face...

A few thoughts on strongmen: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/07/trumps-collaborators/612250/

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Top 10 Crazy Dictators

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How unelected billionaires and oligarchs like Bill Gates, George Soros, Larry Summers and their NGO's are able to manipulate societies and democracies towards their own vested interests and against the public interest.

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Covid19 Crisis Communists & Collapse of Consumerism | Centralized Democracy in Action | Chaos Coming

Miss #Communism -- TOO YOUNG?

No worries BOY!

Now you are living it -- Utopia is here! You get all the Soviet Sameness of the SSR life on a Soviet State Farm. Kol Koz say it!

You think that you see less in the stores but BOY your be lying to son. Your Mind will tell you that You have No #freedom of Moment; fight that off Winston -- Self is Death after all! You have the notion that the Media CDC and Chinese over Lords are working to Stifle Dissent! But Son that is Old Think -- Like it is Year Zero -- Seriously!

DDR ( East Germany!) here we come! You will get the Snitches (Think Billy Maisie Voice) the low food rations. the bad cigarettes victory gin, the mindless bureaucrats, the Great Leader Brother Governor and the secret police Checka. But wait there is MORE you also get the Famine, Gulag and the full MIND WASH FOR FREE -- well at the cost of your freedom at any rate.

All Hail the Vanguard of the Working
Progressive Forces! Back in the USSA ... United Soviet State of #America!
Up is Down!
In is OUT!
Right is LEFT!
Less Is MORE!
Slavery is Freedom!
Ignorance is Strength!
War is Peace!

Back in the #Socialists #Soviet #Republic of #Washington -- Commissar Lazar Inslee

Four Republican lawmakers have filed a lawsuit against Washington Gov. Jay
Inslee in an effort to overturn his extension of a stay-at-home order in the
The state legislators submitted their complaint against Gov. Inslee at federal
district court on Tuesday, The Seattle Times reported, and argued that an
extension of the statewide stay-at-home order through May 31 would be
State Reps. Drew MacEwen, Andrew Barkis, Chris Corry and Brandon Vick
were among those named on the lawsuit filed yesterday.

Cover is the Soviet Flag -- Welcome to #Equality #Diversity and #Tolerance! Enjoy the Utopia. I for one welcome My Commissar Over Lords! #covid19 #dictators #tyrany

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I do an off the cuff video on how the situation with these Lockdown are enabling governors to become dictator

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Laura Ingraham: Dictators In Training

Democrats call Trump a dictator, but they're the ones trying to control every aspect of your life. Laura Ingraham.
Fox News: The Ingraham Angle


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Marianne Williamson "This Is What Fascist Dictators Do! This Is What Fascist Dictators Say!"

July 21, 2019 MSM News


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