In this cast we explore Randomness as a concept and How it can be applied to video games

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Cliff Notes:

00:04 Introduction
00:13 What is Randomness
01:03 Suspension of Disbelief
01:57 Predictability and Disbelief
02:32 Deterministic Unpredictability is Hard
03:04 Randomness and Suspension of Disbelief
03:47 Randomness and Gameplay Variance
04:00 Card Games and Randomness
04:34 Predictability and AI
05:08 Randomness and Risky Play
05:24 Random results and Pokemon
06:09 How can Randomness can be implemented
06:29 Progressive and Insular Randomness
07:15 Humans and Pattern Seeking
08:22 Pattern Seeking and Player Perception
09:29 Result Relevance and Pattern Seeking
10:20 Pokemon and Result Relevance
11:40 Audio Cues and Impact Perception
12:34 "Owed" Luck or Unluck
13:21 Contextual Randomness and Disbelief
14:29 Implementing Insular Randomness
14:40 Implementing Progressive Randomness
14:48 Bag of Results or Deck of Cards
15:11 Results History
15:28 Adjusting Chance
16:20 Progressive RNG to Match Player Expectation
17:04 Sample Size and Standard Distribution
19:09 Pokemon and Binary Result Logic
19:45 Miss Chance and Binary Result Logic
20:50 Card Games and Gradated Result Logic
21:40 Result Gradation
22:11 Gradated Results and Fire Emblem
22:47 Randomness and Skill
24:13 Skill, Randomness and Exciting Play
25:54 Next Cast and Sign Off

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Jews Worried over Youth Disinterest and Disbelief in the Holocaust

In this short 3 minute video, the TV channel Russia Today (RT) talks about a poll taken of American youngsters and their knowledge about the “Holocaust” atrocity propaganda story. A lot of American youngsters don’t know about the “story” at all and don’t seem to care either. Eleven percent of American youngsters thought the Jews themselves were responsible. RT then talks to a “Holocaust” expert, who bewails the state of American “education”, and no doubt is aghast that American youth doesn’t think about the “Holocaust” atrocity propaganda, every waking moment of the day.

Youtube: RT
Sep 17, 2020
How much do Americans know about the Holocaust?

7 months, 3 weeks ago