We live in the age of arguments. The Illegal Christian explains the dangers of getting bogged down in useless arguments, which sap our vitality, make us unfruitful, and open us up to the sin of pride.

9 months ago

A few #Trump Supports showed up to this Anti-Trump #Impeachment rally, but most weren't there to debate. But this #Patriot stood strong as democrats and leftists surrounded him and questioned him. He was wearing a Trump 2020 hat and a "Hillary for Prison" t-shirt. There was no violence or excessive hostility at this point (the Trump 2020 flags weren't there yet). The group wasn't outright rude, but I did feel like they were talking down to him, and mildly disrespectful. I wanted to shake his hand before he left, because what he did takes balls, (courage), and patriotism. He went straight to his car after the discourse, so I didn't get a chance to show my respect.

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1 year, 11 months ago

Francis Bacon's “The Essays” 32-33

Essays: "Of Discourse”, and “Of Plantation”.

What I’m reading from:

Will Durant’s overview of Francis Bacon:

-BitChute (Chapter 3):

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