Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine Dec 2016 preparing for a proxy war with Russia all the way back then.
Divide Et Impera is a game where you interact with a connected group of diverse people initially in good relations between them; by using potentially divisive speech in various forms you try to bring about division and hostility, finally separating the group in fractions. Through manipulation of a simulated small community, the gamer can be confronted with and made aware of actual mechanisms used to manipulate people in social media. Adolescents can learn this way to be more critical about the sources and content of information they find in social media.

Online hate speech often enters discourse in an apparently banal and everyday way: by commenting on current events or by posting jokes, you can realise how many similar messages you may have encountered on social media and how these messages could hurt people’s sensitivity. It is preferable to propose this game to the students within a wider educational setting and propose to participate in the activity as “data analysts”, as “observers” who try to understand the relationships between people, to become more aware of how these can be manipulated or nurtured positively, depending on the objective.

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After defeating the two armies of Colchis, Armenia declared war on us and moved their armies onto my border. With my main army and second army needing a few turns to be ready, we take it a bit slow before we strike. With these two armies out of the way, conquest should hopefully be open to us.

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