Tucker Carlson reports that Bank of America is allegedly turning over private information about its customers to federal law enforcement officials without the knowledge or consent of its customers.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

It’s a lost cause. I don’t know why i try. We’re living in brainwashed times. Red Flag Laws, No-Knock Raids, Bump Stock Bans, Free Speech Zones, Warrantless Spying, Eminent Domain, Asset Forfeiture Without Convictions, Militarization of Police, Stop, & Frisk, Taxes, Permits, & Licensing Fees for nearly everything we want to do, $23Trillion + in Debt, and record amounts of tax money going to Israel, & the Military Industrial Complex, Arming, & training of numerous Jihadist groups, Continued assistance to Saudis in Yemen, Even more bombing of the Middle East, & Africa,

These are the things that have become the norm in our country. Not just one administration’s fault, but numerous regimes, and their policies. Consider those with everything that is happening now, and the continued power grab by our representatives, technocrats, & global elite, & tell me how free we really are? And, what has the current administration done to reverse these freedom killing, & wasteful policies? The answer is very little! In fact, they’ve continued most, and implemented even more. This isn’t about Democrats Vs. Republicans. This is about Freedom Vs. Tyranny, & Tyranny is kicking Freedom’s ass.

1 year, 4 months ago