Dr. Samantha Bailey of New Zealand lays out the facts for why there are other explanations for the phenomenon of "chicken pox" and "chicken pox parties" that people used to have before Big Pharma started producing a vaccine for it and making billions by blaming it on a virus.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKrfxMWyGto (14:09)

“Today virology is in danger of losing its soul, since viruses now show a strong tendency to becoming sequences…” “Moreover, and it is the direct result of an abundance of discoveries, the very concept of “virus” waivers on its foundations. Our problem today and in the future is to keep abreast of its whereabouts.”
— Andre Michel Leoff, 1991 Nobel Laureate

MDI Comment: the phrase “…since viruses now show a strong tendency to becoming sequences…” means (IMO) that the original concept of viruses as independent, infectious antigens is, with time and advancement of genetic sequencing, becoming conceptualized as genetic sequences rather than actual infectious entities. This represents a further level of abstraction from actual biological processes — a descent into an abstract theory as opposed to actual observation. And when the pharmaceutical industry discovered what a gold mine the "virus causes disease" abstraction could be for them, they made sure that it was promoted as accepted medical "fact."

This is similar to what happened to physics when it became subsumed by “theoretical physics” (Einsteinian, math-based theory) as opposed to actual science, whose foundation is always “real world” observation.

“...the very concept of “virus” waivers on its foundations.” INDEED!

3 months ago