February 8, 2019 - It gets funnier the longer you watch. Where is he going? How did he get that far? Hilarious.

5 months, 3 weeks ago

Motorcycle gangs, hot rodders, tragic death, sex and redemption. A teenager promises his mom that he won't get into any more fights—especially like the one that put him in jail a few months back. But when a bunch of motorcycle punks begin harassing his drag-racing pals all hell breaks loose. During the brawl one of the cyclists is killed, the teen gets the blame and then tries to prove his innocence.

2 years ago

Lois Cavendish (Jody Fair) hangs out at a nearby soda shop with her drag racing club. But when she learns the shop might be closed, she calls her wealthy aunt, Anatasia (Dorothy Neumann), for help. Anatasia offers the club the chance to use her mansion as their headquarters -- but with one strange condition: They have to scare away the ghost that haunts her home. When the club decides to throw an all-night monster mash party at the mansion, it becomes clear that something is amiss.

2 years ago