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Cerridwen is the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, a fantastic cook as a mortal, she became a God when her nutrient-rich food gave people the ability to both remember the past and see visions of the future. She warns to be very careful when deciding to eat from her cauldron of food, for what you learn you may not be able to forget, that wisdom is both a gift and a curse.
Independent tv series: https://www.celtic-films.com/

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A conversation with Hugh Newman of Megalithomania! We get into a variety of topics, stone circles, giants, druidic traditions and the origins of humanity, amongst others. Set to footage from Hugh as well as my own, I very much enjoyed the chance to meet and talk with Hugh, and we'll get together again on future swapcasts, I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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We listen to the God of Battle, Fionn, talk about how he plans to unify and train a Celtic army that can defeat the Roman Empire

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Welsh Celtic Druid Goddess of Fate and Battle - Aeronwen, talks to us, to her people, about how she went from being a mortal to a God. How her mortal empathy became God-like emapthy, and her subsequent deification.

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Dark ambient collaboration album from five artists:

"The chant of the ceremony swells beyond walls of wet stone. Your bare feet on red sand peak out of cloudy robes.
Figures sway among the pillars of the stone circle. Their song spirals up towards the night sky.
The stars move in pulsating patterns and combine to form the bird of light. It swoops down from it's celestial home to push it's claws into the red soil, it stares into your soul before it put it's head under it's wing and drowns in the sand. A tiny finger cymbal echo between the pillars as the voices die down. The figures are gone, only their empty robes left behind. You stand alone under a night sky drained of stars, pure black. "

00:00 ProtoU - Eyes of The Shaman
12:00 Aegri Somnia - Temple of Druids
19:52 Dead Melodies - Bryn Celli Ddu
27:56 Ager Sonus - Well Of Knowledge
36:13 Creation VI - Birds Turning Stones

Lanyon Quoit, Cornwall

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Celtics vs Empire.

Danu, the Goddess of Ireland, rocks.

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Celtic Druid Goddess Danu talks about the Roman Empire coming.
Mother Goddess of Ireland and all Celtic lands.

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"My father was the High King of Ireland..." - Druidess Queen Maeve

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Celtic Druid Goddess Brigid was the Goddess of Poetry, Inspiration, and Smithcraft. She is one of the main powerful Goddesses in the Series. She speaks out in defense of the Celtic Druid Bards, and Poetry, as well as against censorship in the Arts and Poetry.

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Julius Caesar’s Writings on the Druids, the Ancient Celtic Priesthood Who Practiced Human Sacrifice…

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In Julius Caesar’s book, The Conquest of Gaul, there is a relatively detailed description of the mysterious Druids, who are described by Caesar as a sort of Celtic priesthood. Caesar’s book focuses on the Roman campaign in Gaul (which loosely corresponds to modern-day France and other neighbouring countries) and then later into Britain. The Gallic wars lasted from around 58 BC to 50 BC.

Obviously, Caesar is a biased source, as the Druids had power amongst tribes that Caesar was trying to conquer; namely, the Celts in Gaul and Britain. We also know that Caesar’s book was written as a piece of propaganda for a Roman audience. Caesar was well aware that his book, which is strangely written in the third person, would be read back in Rome. This explains why Caesar constantly portrays Caesar as a figure who solves all problems that arise, whether that be in his own ranks, or amongst the barbarian hordes, as Rome saw them.

Despite these reservations, Caesar’s description of these enigmatic people is still fascinating. Caesar starts by describing the organization of the Gauls, writing that the Druids and the Knights are the two privileged classes. “The Druids officiate at the worship of the gods, regulate public and private sacrifices, and give rulings on all religious questions,” according to Caesar (Caesar 1982: 140).

The Druids also played a legal role, as they acted “as judges,” and this attracted young men to them for guidance (Caesar 1982: 140). Each year, the Druids held a large meeting in the country of Carnutes, the centre of Gaul, where disputes were settled. Interestingly, Caesar wrote that the Druid tradition was imported to Gaul from Britain, which, at the time of writing in the first century BC, was still the place to study Druidism.

The Druids enjoyed many advantages, including being “exempt from military service” and not paying takes like other citizens did (Caesar 1982: 140). Furthermore, in line with Celtic traditions, the Druids memorized a lot of information and verses, and did not write a lot down, but apparently, they used the Greek alphabet when they did have to write.
Caesar’s commentaries tell us that the Druids engaged in long discussions about the universe, the nature of the gods, and the physical makeup of the world. As Caesar wrote, they believed that the “soul does not perish, but after death passes from one body to another; they think that this is the best incentive for bravery, because it teaches men to disregard the terrors of death” (Caesar 1982: 141).

Caesar also argues that the Gauls were extremely superstitious and that the Druids practiced human sacrifice. According to Caesar:

“As a nation the Gauls are extremely superstitious; and so, persons suffering from serious diseases, as well as those who are exposed to the perils of battle, offer, or vow to offer, human sacrifices, for the performance of which they employ Druids. They believe that the only way of saving a man’s life is to propitiate the god’s wrath by rendering another life in its place, and they have regular state sacrifices of the same kind.

Some tribes have colossal images made of wickerwork, the limbs of which they fill with living men; they are then set on fire, and the victims burnt to death. They think that the gods prefer the execution of men taken in the act of theft or brigandage, or guilty of some offence; but when they run short of criminals, they don’t hesitate to make up with innocent men” (Caesar 1982: 141).

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Julius Caesar (1982) The Conquest of Gaul (London: Penguin Group).

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Hey, everyone! :D
This is part 2 of an interesting series i came across not long ago. Some things may not be Entirely true; this is mainly just for Educational / Inspirational purposes. :) No; Not trying to convert anyone... I just think its Super important to Remember Who we are, and Where we came from. <3 :)
Please use discernment while watching.
Enjoy! :)

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Human Rights vs Censorship. Celtic Druids versus the Roman Empire censorship. Video.

"I, Belenus" is a script about the Celtic Druid God of the thermonuclear Sun, Belenus.

Music Credit: Elena Anisimova

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Ben McBrady, known as Brady of the Name and Herenach of the Two Kilmores, was Aircinneac and Herenach of a pre-Druid Megalithic Order called “The Old Gaelic Order,” often referred to simply as “The Order.” Ben McBrady is believed to have been the last member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” Because of this he was called “The Last Druid.” He passed away in January of 1996. Ben McBrady was a descendant of Lugar MacLugair (Lughaid mac Loeguire), who was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and the Kings of Leinster. Lugar MacLugair was also believed to have been a member of “The Old Gaelic Order.”

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Ireland's long history is riddled with folklore, ancient mythology, and ancient societies, such as the Druids. Scota, in Irish legend, is the name given to the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

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Docu about Druids.

11 months ago

Who built Stonehenge and why? Discover how the last decade of groundbreaking archaeological digs has revealed major new clues to Britain's enigmatic 5,000-year-old site and the people who constructed it.

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Druid Celtic New Year of Oct. 31, Samhain (Halloween), space and time are distorted as the Ancestors and Gods come back to check up on us and what we have been up to. The spaces of this temporal world and the Other World of the spirits and ancestors, becomes thin and we communicate with them.

Samhain is similar to All Saints Eve in some various Christian religion sects..


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A 2008 National Geographic History Documentary hosted by John Hickey.

Although they left no writings of their own, the Druids have had a profound impact on modern culture.
The Druids of Celtic Britain are remembered as mystical holy men, holding the secrets of nature.
But ancient sources - including Julius Caesar himself - accused them of human sacrifice, even cannibalism.

Now, new discoveries are uncovering the secrets of these Celtic pagan priests. Archaeological evidence reveals the truth about Druid sacrifice and tells the story of the Druids' last stand against Rome's conquering legions. Learn how a recent discovery of a cloaked man buried almost 2,000 years ago with mysterious metal rods has been linked with the Druids for the first time.

With thanks to MVGroup: http://docuwiki.net/index.php?title=Secrets_Of_The_Druids

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The Real Story of Ireland: Part 2 - Michael Tsarion on Resolving Reality Radio - 20/2/19

Resolving Reality
Published on Mar 7, 2019

Welcome to Resolving Reality.

This 10th episode features my first returning guest to Resolving Reality Radio - Irish author and researcher Michael Tsarion.

Michael is a much-respected voice and veteran within the so-called “alternative” research community, and has published many fascinating works including several books about Ireland and ancient Irish history, including “The Irish Origins of Civilisation” volumes 1 and 2.

This is a follow-up interview to “The Real Story of Ireland” - my first talk with Michael on the subjects of Ireland's origins, history, culture and sovereignty..and how Ireland has been transformed progressively from a culturally-unique place, into the typical, westernised, global state we see today.

Visits Michael’s websites Michaeltsarion.com, Irishoriginsofcivlisation.com, and also be sure to check out Unslaved.com, to absorb his many works, collaborations and interviews alongside his partner at the Unslaved website - David Whitehead.

In this interview, we talk about the many factors that have transformed Ireland over the ages, and how consistent trauma and chaos have played a role in keeping the Irish people suppressed.

We also cover Ireland's transformation in a global context, the mechanisms of control and the use of “divide-and-conqueor” tactics, including the engineered Catholic/Protestant divide.

Also mentioned is the connection between Marxist ideology and Irish Nationalism, Christianity and morality in modern Ireland, the new threat of islamo-Communism, and much more.

For all our content and social media platforms, visit our website www.resolvingreality.com

Music: Resolving Reality.
Images: Resolving Reality, Pixabaydotcom, Pexelsdotcom, and wikiadotcom.

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