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Is the economic collapse planned and organized??

BlackRock Investment Institute:

7 months ago

Lynette Zang explains how to prepare for The Great Reset, as it is called by the World Economic Forum. She says we have entered into a complete reset economically, financially, and socially and talks about what you should do. Lynette also explains that the Fed has run out of tools and has to come up with a new system. The FedNow program would link individual accounts directly to the Federal Reserve, allowing the Fed to implement monetary stimulus more quickly.
0:00 Introducing Lynette Zang
2:16 Looking at one of Lynette’s favorite charts from the FRED, Federal Reserve Education Department.
3:30 Fiat literal translation: government decree.
6:01 Nominal confusion; ‘they’ knew that people do not understand inflation and that they marry the legal money of the state because inflation causes nominal confusion.
9:07 What is a total financial reset?
10:47 The FedNow is about you, the individual, having an account directly linked to the Federal Reserve.
13:40 The basis of wealth is capital formation. You’ve got to save in order to invest.
18:30 What is Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance?
27:39 Whenever you hear the term nominal, you must understand that the truth is being hidden.
28:45 What should we be doing to protect ourselves?
29:02 Dynastic wealth is real estate, rare metals, and gold money.
31:48 Gold acts as wealth storage, holding its value over time.
34:01 Inflation is an invisible way for the government to tax you more.
35:57 Real estate inside of a reset faces two issues.
38:04 There is almost no such thing as a free and clear property?
43:30 How do negative interest rates work/exist?
50:02 People don't buy real estate on price, they buy on the payment
56:46 Lynette's website https://www.itmtrading.com

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A look at the explosion in Lebanon through the Scriptures

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Real reason for halt of the economy is new system
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