This video shows all my G&L guitars as well as my Musicman Stingray bass on my Meris Enzo pedal directly into my DAW. This started out as a test to see how the pedal would react to my bass. Once I had a good sound for the bass I added some drums and three different bass parts. From there I fiddled around with four different guitar parts each with different settings on the Enzo pedal. The first track on my G&L ASAT kind of resembles a saw type of keyboard sound. The second track on my G&L Fallout has a heavy atmospheric delay sound to it. The third track on my G&L Comanche is my favorite as it bends each note drastically as it sustains. The final track on my G&L ASAT Deluxe has a filter that kicks in as you keep the note sustained where it starts going crazy in a square wave pattern then eventually evens out.

The overall mood of this song reminds me of neon lights of a city at night. Perhaps its the vintage sort of synth sounds that this pedal creates. The trick to the Meris Enzo is to let the pedal do most of the work as it will filter and pitch-bend each note over time. If you try and play too fast it won't sound too good. Thanks for listening :-)

3 months ago