LOL,You can Spot him easily Don't Ya?!
Hahahaha! C👀L!

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Keep it up brother!
I love this guy.. he had such special vids and his Nikon camera showed the true wheels of Ezekiel! Them wheels are NOT symbolic!! it's real above the Dome!
God bless ğŸ˜ŽğŸ™â™¥ï¸

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This is,so true and my story in a nutshell. At 6 years old I talked to God He came to me, abusive home not always bad but often spiritual it was. God gave me a personal prophecy about my purpose here on earth and ,saying: these are NOT your family , these are Strangers. Be strong and You're Mine. Your life will be full of tribulations but you will end with Me. God said more but I keep that for myself. I told my grandma I talked to a man in the sky. My nana was a,true believer prayer warrior. But always,l ill.Hated my het own 2 children but loved by her birth family thank God. I'm longing for home ' heaven ' but also nana and others I've lost. I've lost many. Way too young since the early 90's. RollercoastersğŸŽ¢ on death. Where under. My own dad 1993 drug addiction. The short years I actually knew him. He was sorry to make a mess of his life. His mother was a crazy narcissist. And she held him addictive. Dad was 17 when had me mom near 16. I've no family left. No contact at all which is my own choice after years of mental abuse even in my adult life. Gladly I've a great bond with my 2 children. 21 and 13. I'm.no perfect mother I eve tell m that. But we love eachother and all in my lil circle ' themn' are,saved by the Grace of God.
Praise Jesus at all costs !
God bless you.
Sister Charlie-girl

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'I tried to fact check this in my local library here in California I went in to speak to the library and who had been employed for over 20 years. I asked to see the first edition of the encyclopedia Britannica and he confirmed they “threw those books out”. I said why would you ever throw away history like that and he replied the books were too big and too bulky and we did not have enough room. Absolutely astonishing'..Tisha Marie

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The shortest distance between two points will always be a straight line !
Keep it simple stupid...KISS
You are not living on a supersonic spinning blue ball...


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FLAT OUT TRUTH - Terry R Eicher
A "Satellite" dish always points towards the closest repeater tower not "space" !


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