Hey it´s Josh with Dream body clinic. This is the elbow treatment. It is an easy injection and a great way to avoid surgery. A lot of people out there have elbow issues. They are doing too many curls, maybe playing too much tennis or too much golf.
There's a lot of different ways to hurt your elbow. It's a very important joint and it tends to just get sore over time. I think everybody ends up with some elbow pain at some point and half of that elbow pain doesn't heal which is a really annoying injury. We're able to go in with 25 million mesenchymal stem cells right into the joint.
This is going to target the inflammation and then guide the cellular regeneration of any damaged tissue, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, whatever's going on there, even muscle and bone damage. Stem cells are really more like the manager on a construction site. They're not just becoming whatever tissue you need. They're guiding your body to actually regenerate the tissue, create new tissue, get rid of scar tissue and heal. This isn't like the sort of thing, like a cortisone shot where it just gets you pain-free for a few months and it comes back. No, we're actually fixing the underlying issue.
We want to heal your issue. We're able to culture the stem cells, meaning replicate them to get these huge numbers like 25 million, which is what you need. This is a great way to do it. We'd be happy to help you out and answer any questions that you might have.
Call us anytime toll free at 833 445 9089. Or check out our website, www.dreambody.clinic. Scroll down on the main page. You'll see the different treatments you can select elbow treatment prices. Everything's there. So get ahold of us. I'm Josh Dream body clinic.

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Hi it’s Josh with Dream Body clinic. The patient you're going to see here is a chiropractor. He's got an amazing practice out in Florida and he works with a lot of really awesome Pro athletes and such. He's been coming to us for years for a growth hormone and different things that have really helped him a lot there. Now he had some pain in his elbow and he's the kind of guy that likes to work out a lot. He is in peak physical condition. He's a great guy. But I don't know if you guys ever have experienced that. When you go to the gym and maybe you tweak something like me. I've been playing tennis a lot lately and my shoulders have gotten a little sore. For some people that just stays like that, it doesn't quite heal the way that it should.
That's part of the way our body heals. As we get older, scar tissue rushes to the area because the white blood cells got there first and they just do a patch up job. Fortunately, mesenchymal stem cells like we do here at dream body clinic can actually guide the removal of that scar tissue and then guide the cellular regeneration of things like ligaments, tendons and cartilage, all of these different things that tend to cause a lot of those issues as we get older.
In the case of Nick he is a guy that lifts really heavy. Most likely that's what got it. He's been a bit hesitant about going towards the stem cells. He decided this time to try them and start feeling better. We'll get you some follow-up on that in about three months when he's feeling better. We've helped so many people with elbow issues, shoulder issues, knee issues, and we're even seeing orthopedic surgeons. They're blown away by the results of follow up MRIs from patients all over the United States and Canada.
We'll follow up with Nick, show you some of that. He's going to be back in the gym and continue lifting heav. It's pretty awesome. The treatment is really affordable. It's really easy to do. We're down here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You just fly in for a four-day trip and boom, and get everything done. We do blood work, an MRI and then we do treatment. Then you can go back home and start feeling great. It usually takes about three months so people start feeling perfect. No real downtime. We just ask you to don't work out or have exercise for about two weeks after treatment and do another two weeks of rehab. After that you'll be good to go. So get ahold of us. I you would like a free consultation just give us a call. We have an amazing medical team to call (833) 445-9089. Or check out the website www.dreambody.clinic.

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