Credit: https://rumble.com/vdlomr-unveiled-the-2020-election.html

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4 weeks ago

"No One Has Lost The State Of Arizona More Than Donald Turmp, He Keeps Losing"

1 month ago

The [DS] is now preparing for the AZ forensic audit fall out. The patriots have prepared for this moment and the [DS] is now falling right into the trap. Those woke Generals that are being paraded around on TV have no idea what is happening. Trump lets everyone know that the movement is far from over, that the fight has just begun. Devolution is about to go down, the clock is ticking and everything is in place, Operation Castle Rock ready to go. The military caught it all, the trap is ready to be sprung.

2 months ago

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers says we should audit every state to determine what happened in 2022: "One day even the Democrats will turn on each other when the fraud is finally exposed." Watch the full interview: https://americasvoice.news/video/xlCWYcchB84lgN2/

WENDY ROGERS: ‘We Americans Who Love This Country Are Being Replaced’, ‘I Will Not Back Down From This Statement’ https://nationalfile.com/wendy-rogers-we-americans-who-love-this-country-are-being-replaced-i-will-not-back-down-from-this-statement/

"People keep asking me about enforcing the subpoenas. I will vote to enforce the subpoenas. I call for enforcing the subpoenas. I am a "YES" vote. However, I cannot control everyone else. If you want to enforce the subpoenas, please ask your state senator if they are a YES vote." ~ AZ Senator Wendy Rogers https://twitter.com/WendyRogersAZ/status July 21, 2021 8:04PM PT

"If you are trying to change the electorate by bringing people in who hate America or by teaching them to hate America you are a traitor. It’s like letting the castle doors open at night." ~ AZ Senator Wendy Rogers https://twitter.com/WendyRogersAZ/status/1417656621644267520 July 21, 2021 6:24PM PT


"11,326. A seemingly random number. A unique, specific number. So what’s in a number? 11,326. That’s the exact number of UNREGISTERED people who voted in Maricopa County, AZ in the 2020 election. That’s the exact number of people who illegally voted, had their votes counted, and added to the certified election results in AZ.

"11,326. That’s the exact number of UNREGISTERED people who voted in AZ in Maricopa County and DID NOT APPEAR on any AZ voter rolls on 11/6/2021, but *magically* appeared on AZ voting rolls a month later.

"Let me break down what that means: 11,326 people who weren’t registered voted in AZ illegally. Someone found this, and found they were not on the voting rolls. Someone then added them to the voting rolls a month later, to try to cover this up & hide it. The ONLY people who can change voting rolls is a state’s secretary of state. Katie Hobbs. Soros bought & paid for Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. The same Katie Hobbs trying to stop the #AZaudit
You know what this shows?
1. Knowledge of the votes & no action taken to remove them from results.
2. Knowledge that someone was looking into it.
3. A DELIBERATE attempt to cover it up by illegally altering state records." https://t.me/The_Library_II/45917

Don't forget, Soros also funded $2.9M to Sheriff Paul Penzone, who is blocking the audit in Maricopa County, AZ by refusing to comply with the GOP Senate subpoenas. https://t.me/AuditWatch/1818

"The fraud found in AZ and GA is larger than Soros' eye bags." ~ The Professor's Record https://t.me/theprofessorsrecord/1535


Follow AZ Senator Wendy Rogers:
Telegram https://t.me/wendyrogersaz
Twitter https://twitter.com/wendyrogersaz
Gab https://gab.com/wendyrogersaz

Arizona Audit Watch Live Feeds Channel: https://t.me/ArizonaAuditLiveFeeds
National Audit Watch Channel: https://t.me/AuditWatch/

Source, Real America's Voice with John Fredericks https://americasvoice.news/video/xlCWYcchB84lgN2/

*For educational purposes.

3 months ago

“This Cannot Be Allowed to Stand” – AZ State Representative Mark Finchem Calls for Action by State Legislature after Earth-Shattering Arizona Audit Hearing

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem is standing up and calling for action by the Arizona Legislature after the earth-shattering Arizona Senate audit hearing last week.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been leading the call to action, fighting to recall these fraudulent electors and trash the fraud voting machines. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/az-state-sen-wendy-rogers-calls-new-election-smacks-fake-news-bret-baier/

Representative Finchem appeared on Victory News with Greg Stephens where he ran over the audit’s findings, his Arizona Ballot Integrity Project, and agreed with State Senator Wendy Rogers, that “this cannot be allowed to stand”.

Mark Finchem: They did not have control of the election system and I’m really glad that State Senator Warren Petersen, who is the chairman of the Judiciary, really focused in on that point that the officials at Dominion had a greater level of access than the election officials. That can never happen again. Because what that means is, the election officials that we’ve elected, that are representatives of the people had the potential To be overwritten by somebody with a higher level of administrative authority within That election system. And I think that that’s, that is beyond the pale.

We did not control this election, a private concern did. And we’ve already seen evidence, not just in Arizona, but across the country where Dominion voting machines, the Dominion equipment, not only had NIC cards, which are network interface cards but also had chipsets that enable Bluetooth communications with these devices. Now, one of the things that I found interesting is okay, we’ve been told repeatedly that there was no access to the internet. Well, if that’s the case, then why would you need to update anti-virus software? I can understand that you know, you would do that just before an election, where you would plug probably a jump drive in to update for that particular election. But even that software has to be audited before it’s introduced into the system to see to it that there is no nefarious code in it. And it just this, the hearing yesterday, points to me, or leads me to believe that this election is so compromised is is so inaccurate, that I can’t in good conscience continue to support them. In fact, I’ve had serious questions not in support of this election for quite some time. But I think the legislature is probably going to have to take action of some kind. I agree with Senator Rogers this cannot be allowed to stand.

Greg Stephens: 74,243 mail-in ballots with no clear record that the ballot was ever said that all of these numbers add up to a large amount of votes.

Mark Finchem: That is probably one of the most stunning revelations. If there was no record of a ballot being mailed out, How can there be a ballot mailed in? And you know, I’ve been working With some of my colleagues on a project called the Arizona Ballot Integrity Project https://votefinchem.com/announcing-the-ballot-integrity-project/ that will Put a watermark on specific paper and have some fraud countermeasures built into the ballot paper itself, and next year we will likely mandate the use of this paper so that we can’t just have off the shelf paper because the ballot paper is supposed to have a coating on it that will not permit bleed-through. Well, clearly that procedural element was not followed.

Mark Finchem is running for Arizona Secretary of State with election integrity at the top of his agenda. VoteFinchem.com

His team is already working to secure our elections in Arizona, introducing a new watermarked ballot with other fraud countermeasures built-in. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/az-ballot-prototype-released-watermarked-ballots-future/

Finchem and Rogers are leading the way and have been since day one.

This election had proven errors. The State Legislature has plenary, or absolute power over their electors and State Elections.
If a crime is proven, the Arizona Senate must decertify immediately!

"People keep asking me about enforcing the subpoenas. I will vote to enforce the subpoenas. I call for enforcing the subpoenas. I am a "YES" vote. However, I cannot control everyone else. If you want to enforce the subpoenas, please ask your state senator if they are a YES vote." ~ AZ Senator Wendy Rogers https://twitter.com/WendyRogersAZ/status/1417681832414429190

"President Trump quoted me twice in his latest statements about the #AZAudit. That should show people that what I am saying is exactly what he is thinking. Election Integrity is the battle of the decade. Let's get it done." ~ Senator Wendy Rogers https://twitter.com/WendyRogersAZ/status/1417709

Source, Victory News https://rumble.com/vjyvkb-rep.-mark-finchem-discusses-arizona-audit-hearing-bombshells.html July 16, 2021

3 months ago

🇺🇸 American Voters watching Arizona! Please consider following your state, get involved where ever you feel called to show up! Arizona is the model, let's get busy taking back our God Blessed America!

Do You Believe in Coincidences? We don’t. We know that the AZ Audit is nearing the final stages. The corruption will soon be revealed. The first domino will fall…Don’t be distracted by OUTLANDISH happenings in our world. This is a spiritual war and both sides have great soldiers. Be the SOLDIER God called you to be and narrow your vision on the AZ Audit. Join one of our state chats to jump in on the beginning stages of your audit! You don’t want to miss this! https://t.me/VAAuditfeed/58

List of ALL Audit Watch Channels (to Date):
These groups are for gaining knowledge on state election processes and taking actions as WE THE PEOPLE to demand audits all over America. These are the Telegram home of COL. PHIL WALDRON and other great Patriots.

Alabama https://t.me/ABAuditChat
Arizona Audit Watch Channel https://t.me/ArizonaAuditLiveFeeds
California https://t.me/CalAuditChat
Colorado https://t.me/COAuditChat
Florida https://t.me/FLAuditChat
Georgia https://t.me/GAelectionauditchat
Illinois https://t.me/ILAuditChat
Louisiana https://t.me/LAAuditChat
Michigan https://t.me/MichiganAuditChat
Minnesota https://t.me/MNAuditChat
Missouri https://t.me/MOAuditChat
New Hampshire https://t.me/NHAuditChat
New Jersey https://t.me/NJAuditChat
New York https://t.me/NYAuditChat
North Carolina https://t.me/NCAuditChat
Oklahoma https://t.me/OKAuditChat
Oregon https://t.me/ORAuditChat
Pennsylvania https://t.me/PennAuditChat
South Carolina https://t.me/SCAuditChat
Texas https://t.me/TXAuditChat
Virginia https://t.me/VaAuditChat
Washington https://t.me/WAAuditChat
Wisconsin https://t.me/WIAuditChat

Please share & follow the main audit channel and chat for updates on America’s Audits. https://t.me/AmericaFirstAudits

ThanQ each and every one of you!!! May God Bless US!!!! 🇺🇸

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The audit will now examine ballot images, the hand count is complete. Final report could be complete by Summer/Fall. They are leaving no stone unturned, regarding transparent forensic analysis.

"US AG Garland's threatening letter, so threatening that the Arizona Attorney General responded back. I think it is absurd for Garland to issue guidance to Arizona when the Federal Government has been absolutely absent in the question of election integrity. So for them to push out guidance... well, you could have given us help, but you chose not to. So that's just more of the shenanigans from the Biden Administration. To add to the veracity, we have had 12-13 states come in, and in every case they have said this is the probably one of the tightest, most rigorous operations they have every seen. So this conflicts with the media narrative that is out there that this is some kind of wild west show. Not the case at all!!! I am very impressed with the rigor that has been put around this, the fact that every aspect has been reported [and transparent]. The audit is progressing!" Representative Mark Finchem

UPDATE June 17, 2021 9:10 AM PT
-About 560,000 ballots left to scan in with the microscopic cameras and the DSLR cameras (over 70% done!)
-Kiosks still spinning for hand count of what should be duplicated ballots. 40 boxes remain
-3 boxes of braille ballots need to be counted and in need of volunteers who can read braille
-Auditor stations are open and in need of volunteers. Please help if you are in Maricopa: Auditing spot. Braille readers and other volunteers still needed too! https://fundtheaudit.com/volunteer/ <—Volunteer Application

Sending our ❤️ to the audit floor & top legal auditor who never seems to leave the floor. Thankful to God and all praises to Him for progress and protection of this historic audit! Thank you Auditors!

UPDATE: AZ Senate Files Motion to Dismiss Clinton-Affiliated Records Lawsuit
AZ State Senate Will Release More About the Election "Audit", But Moves To Dismiss Public Records Lawsuit That Would Require Cyber Ninjas' (and Subvendors') Correspondence. The Motion to Dismiss (filed by attorneys Kory Langhofer and Tom Basile) lays out a strong argument as to why public records requests should not apply to the contractors hired by the state. They then try to turn the tables on American Oversight and its supporters, noting that if Cyber Ninjas' internal documents are subject to public records requests, so too would Dominion's and Runbeck's - the providers of the voting machines and systems used in November's election. - AZ Law Twitter https://twitter.com/arizonaslaw/status/1405321338542182400

Read 'Motion to Dismiss' https://arizonaslaw.blogspot.com/2021/06/new-az-state-senate-will-release-more.html
American Oversight case https://t.me/ArizonaConservatives/1899

CRT UPDATE: Kathy Hoffman, the person that runs all of Arizona's public education system K-12 wants you to know that she's cool with abolishing police and considers it racist and extremist to voice opposition to this viewpoint. https://t.me/ezazpie/149 Planned Parenthood Director Chris Love is the sister of Lindsay Love and often speaks at her School Board meetings in support of their unified agenda.

Source, Mark Finchem https://rumble.com/vimsjn-mark-finchem-doj-opposition-to-election-audits-shows-it-is-inept-and-corrup.html

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4 months, 1 week ago

America First Rally, Arizona Representative Paul Gosar

"People who were coming to me from SEC fraud departments and from military fraud estimate between 400,000 and 700,000 ballots were altered in the state of Arizona." Arizona Representative Paul Gosar

Source, To watch the America First Rally, May 21, 2021 in Mesa, Arizona: https://youtu.be/N6mbtRkjBxc?t=1587

*For educational purposes.

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For more amazing videos click the link below

5 months, 1 week ago

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives an Update on the Maricopa County Ballot Forensic Audit of Maricopa County, Arizona for Presidential Election 2020.

Chairwoman Ward shares what we are seeing on the live audit camera feeds, how it works, explains the colors, the technology... answering questions Patriots have sent in.

Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies - The Clint Curtis Story
7 minutes highlights: https://youtu.be/GhBtfiRKaVY
The full video 1 hour 7 min: https://vimeo.com/179250911 or http://www.votinglies.com/

Mr. Curtis wrote software to flip votes on the Diebold Machines.

Origin of Dominion, DIebold, ESS voting machines. Same, same, same: https://www.independentsentinel.com/2010-huffpo-venezuela-owned-intellectual-property-of-dominion-software/#:~:text=Diebold%2FPremier%E2%80%99s%20assets%20were%20purchased%20by%20a%20small%20Canadian,of%20an%20anti-trust%20suit%20settlement%20with%20the%20DoJ.

This video above is full of Democrats saying the 2004 Presidential election was stolen.
Where are these Democrats now? Will you stand with all Patriots to win back all our children's future?

Vote flipping schemes are used by the wealthy and influential to put their corrupt politicians into office to further their wealth and agenda to acquire more wealth and power. Corruption is predominantly in the Republican and Democrat party.

Patriots everywhere of all parities. It is time for you to rise and retake your parties and your government!

No More Machines to count our votes!

Arizona Forensic Audit Transparent Live Feed https://azaudit.org/

Source, Arizona Ballot Audit "America's Audit" channel https://youtu.be/CiD-ve1uzpI

*For educational purposes.

5 months, 3 weeks ago

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives an Update on the Maricopa County Ballot Forensic Audit of Maricopa County, Arizona for Presidential Election 2020.

Chairwoman Ward notes May 14th was the original target date for the completion of the ballot audit per venue agreement with Veterans Memorial Coliseum. If the auditors need more time, the audit may move to a small venue or pause for a few days to permit previously scheduled events to take place.

Bottom line: despite the efforts of the Democrats, leftist groups and leftist lawyers, to block, stall and impede the ballot audit process, the audit continues….

Arizona Forensic Audit Transparent Live Feed https://azaudit.org/

Court Releases Security Plan for Arizona Election Audit to the Public Despite Knowing It Was Meant to Be Shielded https://resistthemainstream.org/court-releases-security-plan-for-arizona-election-audit-to-the-public-despite-knowing-it-was-meant-to-be-shielded/

Source, Arizona Ballot Audit "America's Audit" channel https://youtu.be/8fhuEWdsVJ8

*For educational purposes.

5 months, 3 weeks ago

Verifying the legitimacy of every single ballot, full transparency!

How to watch LIVE: https://azaudit.org

Maricopa County, Arizona registered voters from all parties may apply to become a volunteer observer https://arizonaaudit.com/sign-up/

Live feed at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum https://azaudit.org/

Live feed that often goes down at MCTEC https://recorder.maricopa.gov/multimedia/btcgallery.aspx

Official Twitter for Maricopa AZ Audit https://twitter.com/ArizonaAudit/status/1385075770599510023?s=20

Telegram Group for Online Observers: https://t.me/ArizonaAuditLiveFeeds

Source, TikTok @gosnoozy

*For educational purposes.

6 months ago

Here's what the average news watcher is being blocked from seeing.
Little Girl Roughly Thrown Out of Salvation Army
Drone attack (assassination attempt) on Roger Stone
It is criminal and arrests must begin to happen.
Protests erupting all around the world.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ4NTdSK5ac&t=744s

6 months ago

Az Update Rep Finchem - Election Audit & History of How We Got Here after the hearing Nov. 30th 3/14/21

Az. Rep. Mark Finchem gives an update on the status of the audit. We are getting so tired of waiting. But Mark gives some perspective, and how we got here, after the Nov. 30th Hearing with Giuliani.

#ElectionIntegrity #ElectionAudit #BallotAudit #DominionVotingSystems

7 months, 2 weeks ago

I have combined the four videos into one from The Gateway Pundit's feature article. You can read the full article here : https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/mi-sec-state-official-caught-video-telling-volunteers-count-multiple-ballots-signature-audit-votes-antrim-county

The first video provided by Matthew DePerno shows a bin of ballots from Mancelona Township, Precinct #1. The bin was delivered to three of the 20 bi-partisan volunteers that included several Antrim Co. city clerks who agreed to assist with the “risk-limited audit.”

Inside the bin, tabulated ballots were mixed in with ballots that were never tabulated, and several blank ballots were mixed in as well. Mr. DePerno referred to the bin of ballots as “an absolute mess!” On December 16, we reported about photographs taken at Mancelona Township’s Precinct #1 on November 27, 2020, that showed both of the security seals on the Dominion Voting machine were missing.

The second video was taken at a table where ballots were being counted in Helena Twp. The volunteers can be seen questioning why there were fewer ballots in the bin than the original number that was recorded in the previous recount? Shortly after asking the question, a male SOS official approached the table with a bag marked “spoiled ballots” and told them to count them. ATtorney Matt DePerno witnessed the unidentified male SOS rep pulling the “spoiled ballot bag out of the bin and delivering it to the volunteers who were “auditing” the ballots. DePerno also witnessed the SOS official telling them to add the “spoiled ballots” to the count.

The third video was taken at a table where the ballots from Central Lake Twp. were being counted. In the video, a male counter can be seen questioning “multiple ballots with the same signature.” According to Matthew DePerno, 138 ballots had write-in-votes where the penmanship was exactly the same.

In the video below, the SOS official can be seen demanding that the counters ignore what they believe is voter fraud and count the ballots.

“We need to do the counts because if we don’t have the counts, then we can’t move forward. And we understand that there is a concern with this precinct—but this is not a time for you to be investigating right now.”

In the forth video, the SOS official can be seen telling the volunteers who are objecting to adding the ballots in question to the vote total, “This is not an investigation right now!”

10 months, 1 week ago