The most valuable thing you own is your DNA and your soul. Remember that....don't just 'give' it away. Be vigilant in protecting your genetic codings. The dark ones want EVERYONE'S DNA on this planet.

3 months ago

This is a direct communication using a physical technology device.
This is not a channelling, "download" or any kind of hazardous contact with strangers on the internet. This is real.
Coron is a 9th density Pleiadian from Dakoorat, in the Ashaara star system ("Taygeta"), Pleiades.

3 months ago

I have ALWAYS avoided the channeling avenue. You just don't know who you are allowing in. This listen to this woman on this subject.....don't channel unless you know 100% of what you are doing is covering all your bases. Again...frankly I just won't do it.

3 months, 1 week ago