Ellen page is relevant all of a sudden again, but not for long. Weak liberals bend the knee to slightly less weak liberals who yell about pronouns.

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This is an Excerpt from the 12-06-20 Morning Service, Preached by Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona.


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Ellen Page is now Elliot page, a man. Elliot page is white, married to a women, and a man - that makes him a straight white male. He's going to have to catch up on a few things, like checking his privilege for starters.



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Soon ALL the demonic minions will be exposed!

Elliot, who played the real life acting role of "Ellen page", then "comes out" as 'trans'gender Elliot, knowingly being Elliot all along. "Ellen Page" was playing the role of Lesbian Wife to ANOTHER #MTF tranny, Emma Porter, who is also playing the real life role of Lesbian WIfe, when in actuality, they're both just homosexual men the whole time, sitting on their throne of lies beside the master of deceit, Lucifer.

20 Celebrities On How They're Raising Their Kids Without Gender https://www.moms.com/20-celebrities-o...

7 months, 3 weeks ago

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