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This is a message that Francis sent to the We Are Church body from Hong Kong to encourage them in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This message was delivered March 20, 2020.

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A video offering Christian Fellowship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and trying to encourage you to spend much more time with Jesus so He can really help you.

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A Video offering Christian Fellowship, inspiration, and encouragement

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A Video offering Christian Fellowship, inspiration, and encouragement

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A video offering Christian Fellowship, inspiration, and encouragement

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A video offering Christian Fellowship, inspiration, and encouragement

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In our present time of uncertainty, a hug can bring reassurance and comfort.
I may not be able to hug you in person, but Momo and Hilo are here to give you cyber hugs from all of us.
Know that you are not alone and that you are loved!

The young man featured on today's cup is known as Reviewbrah; he's a very huggable person. If you've never watched his channels, give him a view!


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A Video offering Christian Fellowship , inspiration, and encouragement

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If you want to see a great harvest for God's Kingdom, get ready to get dirty.

Episode 368 02/21/2020
Why Is Following God So Difficult? (Encouragement)

Today on #CrackYourBible’s apologetics / Bible study, we’re talking about how dealing with hardships, setbacks and other difficult situations that can cause spiritual burnout are just part of working for God's Kingdom. If one plants and other waters but it's God who brings the increase, you'll be elbows deep in the mud tilling the soil for a 100 fold return.

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DISCLAIMER **I am not the official Dr. Kent Hovind of Dinosaur Adventure Land** These uploads are NOT for monetary gain or notoriety. I do not represent Kent Hovind of DAL nor will I engage in any kind of dialogue or discourse with anyone over these videos. I'm only uploading these videos here because no one else has and I want to help spread the message that evolution is a lie & God's plan of salvation for you on the cross by Jesus Christ. If asked by Dr. Kent Hovind to remove this channel or these videos I will oblige.

We believe that the focus should be on spreading the Gospel and have decided to remove all monetization from our YouTube channel. Please enjoy Dr. Kent Hovind’s awesome and inspiring Bible studies now Ad Free.
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Hey there lads, I'm back but this time a different sort of video this time. I've been dabbling in the editing world and so slapped this fun video together. I actually almost dropped this all together as I was lacking motivation to finish because it was taking ages haha how ironic but just because something is long or hard doesn't mean it's bad or not worth it! Anyway I hope this helps some of you guys in reaching your max potential! Next vid... a redraw and I'll talk a bit more about my drawing aspirations :D

Thanks so much for watching!!!


Heiakim - Just made an alarm for you (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn6WA...)
Heiakim - I just made a ringtone for you (https://youtu.be/u3li8W9GXJs)
Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

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Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

I discuss 2 different occasions where people have come to me to say that I had encouraged them when I had no conscious intentions of doing so.

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Since fake masonic gnostic morality is continually promoted in this mystery babylon world. Let's see a glimpse of what real morality desires.

The Real Lord Jesus Christ (Not The Fake Masonic One). The People He Makes

Masonic Jewdolatry Sin Cannot Save, God's Expiation Is The Only Power Saving

Masonic Fake Left-Right Dominionism Self-Salvation Refuted, A Debt Before God They Cannot Pay

God Allows Heretics To Abound To Make Evident His Approved

How To Get Discernment

Sound Proof God's Word IS Right & Natural Humanist Man IS Wrong

God Purges Out Their Mind Control Tactics And Keeps You By His Blood

Staying Sober & Awake In Our Days

God Wants Your Time



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A point I forgot to mention is that Big Frog Mountain is the highest point in the area. There is nothing visible that is higher, and heading west, there is nothing as high until you get to Texas.


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