Bill Moyers - Big Oil reason for Iraq War 6-28-2008 (PBS) #BringTroopsHome #EndlessWars #MilitaryIndustrialComplex

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A local news report covering the assault of a female US soldier perpetrated by at least three male Afghan refugees. The incident occurred at Fort Bliss in the state of New Mexico where the soldier was working in support of operation "Allies Welcome" 😐

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YouTuber Alison Morrow interviews veteran war correspondent, Michael Yon. Yon explains the level of incompetence he witnessed during the time he spent in Afghanistan and why the USA and its allies left the country in defeat and disgrace after a massive 20 year+ effort 🔥💀🔥

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A video released by the Afghan Air Force featuring two of its Brazilian A29 Super Tucano attack planes (which were provided by the US Air Force) targeting and striking Tali positions.

In a change of strategy, the Talis have switched tactics and are now hunting down Afghan Air Force pilots and ground crew members as they move to enter or exit their air bases: https://tinyurl.com/ucyu55

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Local news report from India covering Pakistan's continuing efforts to aid the Talis by providing them weapons, money, healthcare and of course air support.

Pakistan has close ties with China and again it was Pakistan that provided a safe haven for UBL. Meanwhile the USG continues to provide Pakistan with 300 million dollars in foreign aid 😏

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In a video uploaded yesterday, a Tali commander provides a walking tour of the grounds of the compound that recently served as the residence of the provincial governor. Despite fierce resistance from the remaining defenders, the Tali advance into Kandahar (Afghanistan's 2nd largest city) continues 🇦🇫

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In a recently uploaded video, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani and his entourage, visit the area once known as Bagram Air Base which has been dubbed "Ghost Base" following the sudden departure of US and other allied forces.

By all accounts President Ghani was dazzled by the gently used medical equipment and fleets of vehicles left abandoned at Ghost, along with the large stock of American candy and other goodies stored at the post exchange ⛑🚙🍫🍭🍬

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As of early this morning (USA time) Tali affiliated forces have entered the city of Kandahar (Afghanistan's 2nd largest city), in response local residents are fleeing the area by any means available 🚙🐎🐪🏃‍♂🏃‍♀

Due to the continued collapse of the Afghan National Army, current estimates are that the Talis are in control of close to 85 percent of the country 🇦🇫

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In his most recent update regarding the deteriorating Afghan situation, Creepy Uncle Joe states that the "US has achieved its goals in Afghanistan" and that the mission has not "failed yet"! Creepy attempts to explain the reasons for the 20 year prescence of US and allied forces, was not to engage in "nation building" but to "deliver justice to Osama Bin Laden" (UBL) who long ago escaped from his mountain hideout in Tora Bora and fled to Pakistan where he was protected and shielded by members of the Pakistani intel. service (commonly known as "The ISI") until being put down in 2011 by members of a US Naval Special Warfare team (Zero Dark Thirty) and then buried at sea. There was No explanation from Creepy as to why the coalition continued to stay in country after the 2011 death of UBL or why American tax money was used to fund an "Afghan Reconstruction" effort, but again all had nothing to do with "Nation Building" 🤔

The Afghanistan Papers: https://tinyurl.com/2jyjy4tx

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As Tali affiliated forces advance mostly unopposed into the Badaghshan province, local officials and politicians abandon the area and swarm a flight bound for the capital which is fast becoming known as "Fortress Kabul" or the Afghan version of The Alamo.

As previously stated, individuals like these will not stay in Kabul for long, it's a foregone conclusion that they will obtain the necessary travel docs and creds and depart the country to seek asylum in The West 🏃‍♂🏃‍♀🏃‍♂🏃‍♀

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Some classic footage of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles or HMMWV's (AKA. Humvees) in action during the height of the war In Iraq 🇮🇶

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In a recently uploaded video, an excited group of local Talis find several up-armored Humvees left abandoned on the side of an Afghan road. Incidentally, if similar vehicles are up for grabs channel admin would love to have one in the garage, not only out of historical interest but also for practical reasons 😏

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After 20 yrs in country, the US military has abandoned Bagram Air Base. The majority of the remaining US forces should be on their way home on or around the end of August as some will remain behind to provide security to diplomatic posts. As seen at the end of this report, any Afghan with the ability is currently attempting to leave country bound for destinations in the West 🏃‍♂🏃‍♀🏃‍♂🏃‍♀

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A large element of the much lauded Afghan National Army "Special Forces" marches into the Balkh province and surrenders their weapons and equipment to the first Tali unit that they encounter 👳👳👳

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As the forces of the NATO coalition leave the country, members of the Afghan National Army or ANA, are surrendering en masse to their Tali "adversaries"

In a recently uploaded video, members of the ANA, put down their arms and surrender to a group of Tali fighters in the Farah province of western Afghanistan ☪

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As the forces of the NATO coalition leave the country, members of the Afghan National Army or ANA, are surrendering en masse to their Tali "adversaries".

In a video recently recorded in central Baghlan province, a large group of the Afghan military switches sides and hands over their small arms, ammunition and several armored vehicles to the Tali who happily take possession ☪

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Broadcast on PeoplesInternetRadio.com by Catherine April Watters Wed 9/7/16

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From Bollyn.com
My research and analysis of 9-11 is very different from what you will find anywhere in the controlled mainstream media or alternative press. My 9-11 material will not be discussed in any of the 9-11 conferences or media coverage in the coming week not because it is incorrect or biased in any way. The only reason my 9-11 writings are not discussed in the media is because they get much too close to the truth, which is something nobody in the media wants to go anywhere near.

The American people are woefully deceived about what really happened on 9-11 and have become enslaved to lies, which is why U.S. troops are killing and being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The population of the United States is burdened by deception primarily because most Americans blindly trust in the cherished notion that they have a "free press". Trusting what they hear on television, Americans are terribly misinformed by the deception of the controlled media and press.

The American troops in Afghanistan are not waging war to protect the United States or to defend any American ideal. They are killing and dying in an evil war of conquest in a place few Americans had ever been prior to October 2001. Very few Americans understand why U.S. men and women are fighting in Afghanistan. It has nothing to do with 9-11 and everything to do with constructing a gas pipeline to carry Israeli-owned gas to India and China.
The controlled media is lying through its teeth to the American people just like the C.I.A., the F.B.I., and the so-called "elected" members of Congress and the U.S. government. Any person or agency who is party to deceiving the American people is clearly not on their side. These liars are the domestic enemies of the American republic. To deceive the people into sending their sons, husbands, fathers, and daughters to fight wars of aggression is criminal and treasonous.

My mission is to simply expose the deception in order to give the American people the information they need to protect themselves and their families. I need your help to do that. Please, contribute to Bollyn.com. Thank you.

"The fact that you are giving your book [Solving 9-11] away for free, which I'm sure you worked very hard at, is even all the more impressive. May your work enlighten everyone."
- R.W., professional flight instructor, USA

I saw your article on 9-11 in the Tehran Times yesterday and I was very impressed with your research. I had read about the Israel connection some time ago but after reading your article it put everything into perspective... [Noam] Chomsky and others have been writing about Israel for many years, but they are unwilling to really get to the heart of their activities like you have.
- Dr. C.J., Grand Junction, Colorado

"You are providing a unique and needed perspective on current events."
- V.G. in Massachusetts
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