The policy of engagement has been the cornerstone of US foreign policy regarding China for decades. At this point, most people realize that this policy has been a failure. In this video I cover why I believe that engagement with China was always doomed to fail.

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In this one we explore various elements of crafting systems creation and how they can be used to produce positive engagement

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Cliff Notes:

00:04 Introduction
00:11 What is a Crafting System
00:15 Conversion Systems
00:48 Conversion System Parameters
01:24 Trade Systems
02:13 Grab Bags
02:58 The Crafting System in Detail
04:11 Customization and Modification Systems
05:05 What are Crafting Systems for
05:28 Increasing Player Immersion
06:07 Increasing Player Freedom
06:21 Crafting Materials to increase differentiation
07:06 Crafting Material examples
07:09 Guild Wars 1 (Weapons)
07:37 Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (cooking)\
08:09 Adding polish to the reward structure
08:19 Increasing Game Depth
08:34 Altelier Series and Crafting Depth
09:24 Cooking Mama
10:00 Meshing a Crafting system into your game
10:20 Mechanical Identity Reminder
11:21 Questions to define Crafting's Role
12:24 Ask why your player is Crafting in you game
13:57 Recap of purspose discovery questions
14:13 How to make it interesting to engage with
14:30 Player Skill Based Crafting
16:09 Character Skill Based Crafting
18:25 Points to Remember when creating crafting systems
19:00 Meaningful Choice in Crafting
20:18 Breath of the Wild and Meaningful Choice
21:51 Next Cast
22:04 Sign Off

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What's up my Peeps, Welcome to the @D00k13 Digest! Heading out in this video for a walking with Jerry at the water front, wanting a nice view when recording the video challenge for OneLoveDTube. Speaking a little off the top of my head about vote value and engagements on DTube.

It was a good little walk ... till I was attacked ... people and taking care of other peoples dogs need to remember to keep them ON LEASH!!! I talk about it at the end if your interested... I am fine ..

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In this cast, we go over the concepts of visceral and cerebral engagement when it comes to video games (dipping frequently into cinema) and the implications of managing the ratios of these engagement styles in games. Note that we use the terms Emotional and Visceral interchangeably in this cast.

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Cliff Notes

00:04 Intro to topic
00:22 Manners of Engagement
00:34 Visceral Engagement Definition
01:03 Cerebral Engagement Definition
01:45 Examples of visceral and cerebral engagement
02:34 Visceral and Cerebral Ratios and User Expectations
03:13 Examples of this in Film and Cinema
05:36 Presentation's Effect on User Expectations
07:17 Be careful when adjusting engagement ratios
09:45 Rival characters and Visceral Throughlines
12:41 Cerebral Engagement and Difficulty Throughlines
14:37 The Importance of Well Crafted Throughlines
17:38 Starfox Adventures and Breaking Throughlines
19:15 Using both Cerebrality and Viscerality together
20:50 Wrap-up
21:51 Sign-off

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One way to deepen your understanding of the Qur'an is to remain aware of who is being addressed in the text, as well as the use of imperatives and vocatives.


This is based on the work of Sam Gerrans' THE QUR'AN: A COMPLETE REVELATION where the Qur'an is exhaustively examined on the basis of the internal Qur'anic evidence rather than on the conflicting and usurping literature called Hadith which was developed some 200 years after the Qur'anic revelation.


The full text of THE QUR'AN: A COMPLETE REVELATION – which comprises 536,000 words, including 9,000 notes and 24 articles – may be downloaded free or bought in paper editions for 10% less than on Amazon at quranite.com










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PODCAST SERVER: http://www.quranitecast.com/


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Venerable Pannobhasa talks with Brian Ruhe about how elite liberals have injected their agenda into Western Buddhism with values such as environmentalism and identity politics which have no basis in the Buddha's teachings.

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You have my permission to please copy any of my videos to spread the word. Please post them on Facebook. I am Brian Ruhe, a truther who is interested in the biggest problems facing the whole world. I have made over 2000 videos since 2011. I have taught Buddhism for 20 years and am the author of two books.

Brian Ruhe's books are available at Amazon.

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