An introduction to The Enlightened and Beneficial World Alliance (TEBWA) explaining its purpose and the foundation upon which it stands.

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Build and strengthen, The Enlightened and Beneficial World Alliance.
For the Good of Humankind! (TEBWA)
A democracy concept by Peter Fonteece.

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"Lies of the Enlightenment" is a series by Endeavour on Youtube, I take no credit for his work.
It is a great production and I simply want as many people to view this series as possible.

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Sadhguru answers a confused seeker's question on how one can recognize whether one is enlightened or not. Sadhguru explains that enlightenment is not something that you do, it is something that blossoms when one's mind, body, emotion and energy are cultivated to their peak potential.


Transcript: isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/how-do-i-know-if-i-am-enlightened/

So if enlightenment happens, how do we know it has happened? Suppose we are hallucinating to be enlightened? Yes, such a thing happens, it will be clearer than daylight. It’s not something that you can miss. It is not that kind of an event that you could miss it. You will not miss it. But when I say this, there is a problem attached to this because these days it is going on in many places. For a certain fee, within a weekend’s time you can get enlightened. You will be declared enlightened by somebody, really. (Laughs) It’s happening everywhere. If you just pay a certain amount of money, one weekend you can get enlightened. I remember in the 60s, in the 1960s in California people set up certain businesses – enlightenment services. The advertisement I remember very well. ‘If you go to India it will take 12 years of hardship.’ (Participant laughs) Okay? ‘Fifty dollars, 30 minutes you can get enlightened.’ They were just using psychedelic machines. You put up certain visuals and certain sounds it will just blow your mind apart because of the sounds and the visuals when you come out you come in a daze. (Participants Laugh) You feel like you have really gotten somewhere. This used to be the advertisement; 50 dollars, 30 minutes. If you go to India, 12 years of hardship, here California, quick, new technology. These 1960 machines, this old technology has now infiltrated into India. Some people have installed these machines and they are claiming within a weekend they can enlighten you.

You cannot hallucinate about it. If you are sincere you would know that it is not so but if it’s a part of the race that you want to get enlightened before somebody, of course you can declare ‘I am enlightened.’ It is just that these kind of deceptions are not new on the planet. They have been happening for a long time but now modern technology has come to aid them better, to give them an expanded sense of many things. Much experimentation was done during the 60s and 70s about these things. One is with these psychedelic machines; another is with psychedelic drugs. You take an LSD and people claim they are enlightened because they had an expanded sense just for a while and then they came back. If they overdid it then they lost everything, they cracked up in so many ways or even died. Many, many people mentally cracked up because of excessive use of psychedelic drugs but for those few moments they really felt enlightened or at least they thought so.

This is not something that you do; this is not something that you can do. It is just that if you cultivate the system – your body, mind, emotion and energy to its peak possibility then an absolutely wonderful flower blossoms within you. Not something that you did. You just waited with the right kind of conditions and it happened. There is a very beautiful story in the yogic lore. On a certain day, four men were walking in the forest. Are you okay for a story or after lunch is it dangerous to tell stories? (Participants Laugh) Lakshmi, will you stay awake through the story? Okay. Okay. That’s alright, let me bother you for now. Something (we’ll see – Unclear) anyway will come later. (Laughs) Now these four men were walking in the forest. One is a gnana yogi, another is a bhakti yogi, another is a karma yogi and the last one is a kriya yogi. These four people can never stay together; they cannot be together because a gnana yogi means yoga of intelligence. He is a man of intellect, great intellect. He has complete disdain for everybody. He thinks everybody is a fool. Especially these bhakti yogis who are doing ‘Ram Ram’ or whatever, in his mind they look like utter idiots. He can’t stand them, isn’t it? Gita? (Laughs)...

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/how-do-i-know-if-i-am-enlightened/


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When you know the fact,
rechecking the fact with reality and logics,
and then accept it fully

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#33 The Western Tradition / The Enlightened Despots
Monarchs considered reforms in order to create more efficient societies, but not at the expense of their own power.

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