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T.L.S. Weekly Live Music Show Episode 50!
Tulsa Live Stream puts on a show weekly with local talented musicians. This is that show. Tune in on https://tulsalivestream.com/ For more details on how to feature a video, Become a sponsor or advertiser or just watch the rest of the episodes. Thanks again. "Live on our main website every Thursday at 8:30pm."

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Hey! Welcome To the Cabletime Podcast (Everyone does these nowadays...) ;)
Today Me and the Lovely! The Talented! The Beautiful Jordan! Jordan discusses her journey on transitioning from an agreeable person to a more assertive non-agreeable person, how its affecting her life, and what tv shows our parents might have hated that we watched when we were kids!

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Song: Your Name, Please (Earthbound OST)

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Michelle Best for some crazy reason cracks me up. Her whole channel is nuts and most of the time very negative in my opinion but from time to time i can find a lulz nugget.

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(Originally aired around 14 Jun 2020)

TIMtv is entertainment (re)programming for those who know the truth, but still want to kick back once and a while.

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Today I take a dive into a very interesting top down shooter called heavy caster. A wonderfully created and voice acted video game with a story that has gotten me interested.

Support the developer and play the game at:

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Metal - Composed, played, arranged and recorded by M H Cassaro.

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mick and meelisa reacion!!!1!1!

Edited by Kaiser Pigeon:

Everyone featured in the video:

Kaiser Pigeon:

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A book-to-show analysis of corresponding scenes in HBO's Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

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ذكر اليوتيوبر مطوع المطوع قصه #حزينه عن احد مربي #طيور الزينة في القناة على منصة اليوتيوب وحتى في سنابات على السناب تشات، كانت من اكثر #قصص الحيوانات التي زادت حزن المتحدث وحتى صاحب الطير الذي حصل معه الموقف؛ كان الحيوان طائر الروز المعروف من طيور الحب الذي تغيرت معه الحياة بعد خطأ طبيب بيطري.

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My Blue Heaven - 1990


The Groot Search - New Yorkers at their best!

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About the new 'Cuties'

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A Quick Table Top Talk On Militia Supply.

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Protesters so peaceful they got arrested and their mugshots plastered over the internet.

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The more things change
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Classic Chappelle
Whats acceptable and whats not
teacherlinkup Dave Chappelle and the use of the N word on TV... Hit the nail right on the head... SMH. #blackteachers #bbc #racism #blackculture #davechappelle #culture #race #injustice
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cacwilliams 💯 accurate 🔥
chriswuzere Solid

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Ultramarines the movie.
Based on Warhammer 40,000

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Short teaser of what to expect...maybe.

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“From the minute I put on my headphones, I instantly felt a different INSIDE my head! It was like my brain felt alive and in tune...in a way I’d never experienced. It was crazy. The most amazing part was, within the first week, I could absolutely tell a difference in what I was manifesting. I had attracted and closed two HUGE contracts! Cha-ching!”

Belle Gonzalez, Ashland, OR click here now!!!! https://tinyurl.com/yy8ajprm

WATCH IT NOW: https://tinyurl.com/yy8ajprm

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Resident Evil Zero Walkthrough Part 3

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-Watch the full and open discussion HERE: https://youtu.be/Urutt0SX1ig

Clip from a discussion with actor Icarus Skelly.
What The Hell Do You Think!? is a guest oriented talk show focusing on Arts, Politics, and Social Issues.

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A sort of 'off the cuff' video where I relate anecdotes about Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Augustus and Claudius. I actually had a script for this one to try and keep my rambling to a minimum.
The stills used in the Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Augustus sections are from HBO's Rome. The still from the Claudius section is from the BBC miniseries I, Claudius. Both are well worth your time if you haven't seen them.
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