For this cast we begin the task of exploring competitive environments. Particularly Defining what the Environments are and the kinds of Engagement they engender

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Cliff Notes:

00:04 Introduction
00:20 Tweaking Competitive Environments
00:37 Desired Environment Shape vs Reality
00:55 Internal Play Testing
01:41 External Play Testing
02:01 Magic Un-sets and Unintended Play
03:07 Identifying What Can Change
03:46 Predicting Tweak Affects
05:12 Modulating Vision With Tact
06:06 Listening to your Audience
06:40 Do You Know Your Play Environment
07:15 Enabling Player Feedback
08:04 Player Complaints and Profiles
08:56 Completeness of Player Environment Lens
09:19 Player Skill and Complaints
10:02 Metrics and Context
10:20 Congruency of Vision
10:43 Outliers and Broad Complaints
11:14 Handling the Community
11:40 Encouraging Positive Community Interaction
12:27 Guilty Gear Xrd
12:42 Establish the Environment Style
13:13 Clayfighter and Aggressive Environments
13:43 Sportsmanship and Tournaments
14:25 Incentivise Sporstmanship and Exemplify it
14:42 Tournaments and Commentators
15:35 New Player Acquisition
16:19 Provide Ways to Prepare Before Engaging
16:43 Encourage Good Etiquette
17:02 Learn and Teach The Jargon
17:33 The Value of Older Players
18:06 Mixed Player Environments and Smash Bros
19:12 4 Player Interaction Motivations
20:30 Clashing Interaction Motivations
20:50 Questions For the Meshed Environment
21:07 Managing Player Archetype Interactions
22:16 Local Play and Communication
22:36 Gating and Player Interaction
22:49 Gating in Splatoon
23:30 Single Player Modes
23:56 How Much Playstyle Interaction Do You Want
24:28 Indirect Playstyle Changes
24:41 Dark Souls and Indirect Functional Effects
24:56 Guild Wars 1 and Unintended Player Conflict
25:35 Dark Souls and PVP Playstyles
25:56 Smash Brothers and PVP Playstyles
26:19 House Rule Viability
26:41 Dark Souls and Player Imposed House Rules
27:20 Smash Brothers and Crew Battles
27:56 Smash Brothers and Variable Rulesets
28:20 Maintain an Understanding of the Full Community
28:53 For Fun and For Glory In Smash 4
29:53 Clarity of Intention and Audience Awareness
30:44 Next Cast and Sign Off

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