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🛑 May 20, 2017
Trump arrives in Babylon Saudi Arabia in first foreign trip – The Demonic Curse Begins

🛑 March 2018
SoS Rex Tillerson, was sent to Ethiopia to kick out Northern Ethiopians from the government and install 'their MUSLIM man' (Abiy Ahmed Ali) in power in Addis.

🛑 April 10, 2019
An Ethiopian Girl Prays For President Trump

😈 2019 – The cruel Oromo, Abiy Ahmed Ali was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by Norway for a Pact of of the genocidal War against Ethiopian Christians – the war started on November 4, 2020

🔥Trump Suggests 'Nuking Hurricanes'
(The ARK) to Stop Them Hitting America
🔥 NASA: The Highlands Of Ethiopia Are The Real Birthplace Of Hurricanes

🛑 December 2019
An Islamo-Protestant 'Prosperity' Party is Established

Trevor Noah at the White House Correspondent Dinner
Mars Attacks, The Nuclear Scene

🛑 February 18, 2020
Secretary Pompeo Arrives In Addis Ababa (Preparations for the coming genocidal war on The Ark of The Covenant (November 4, 2020)

🛑 October 23, 2020
Trump Suggests Egypt may 'Blow Up' Ethiopia Dam

🛑 November 4, 2020
The Hot War against The Ark of The Covenant
The war that started on November 4, 2020 was an opportunistic conflict started to coincide with the US elections. This war sealed the fate of President Trump: he lost the manipulated US Election. Obama + Biden stole the election!

The Tigray region represented a bastion of opposition to the plan by evils Abiy Ahmed Ali and his CIA handlers to refashion and reorient Ethiopia geo politically, socially and spiritually.

The fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia, with support from Ethiopia’s Amhara regional government, the Eritrean government, UAE, Turkey – and with the blessing of America begun its genocidal war on The Ark of The Covenant / Axum Zion.

The terrible irony is that the war and humanitarian crisis inflicted on six million people in Tigray was predictable because evil Abiy Ahmed Ali seems to have been following an American imperial plan to destabilize and ruin 'historical' Ethiopia.

For the first month, the Trump administration endorsed the war, backing up Abiy’s depiction of it as a domestic “law enforcement operation” and praising Eritrea for ‘restraint’ — at a time when divisions of the Eritrean army had poured over the border and reports of their atrocities were already filtering out.

✞ The Ark of The Covenant is Transmitting a signal on a path to the EAST and to the WEST. Japan, China, Europe, America, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Arabia. STOP supporting the fascist Oromo regime of evil Abiy Ahmed Ali in Ethiopia. This brutal regime has massacred and starved to death over a million Ethiopian Chrisians of Tigray in under two years.

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☕ Their Blood Type Is Coffee ☕

👉 Courtesy: Foreign Relations Committee

BOISE, IDAHO – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today released the following statement on the State Department’s atrocities determination for Ethiopia, citing that war crimes and crimes against humanity, including ethnic cleansing, were committed in the course of the war in northern Ethiopia:

“The rhetoric of this administration’s supposed ‘human rights first foreign policy’ continues to lack the action that would demonstrate its reality. Just days after returning from Ethiopia, Secretary Blinken has finally made public a long-overdue determination on the horrific atrocities committed during the war in Northern Ethiopia. The administration’s inaction undermined the U.S. response to the world’s deadliest conflict in recent memory, particularly related to atrocities committed in Tigray.

“Unfortunately, under this administration’s watch, the United States has yet to take action to hold accountable the Ethiopians who committed these heinous acts against thousands of innocent civilians. The administration should now match its determination with action through a range of available accountability tools.

“As Ethiopia's justice and peace processes play out, the United States is not absolved from pursuing accountability. Preventing further atrocities in Ethiopia requires strong U.S. action to signal that future perpetrators of atrocities will be held to account.”

1 week, 1 day ago

💭 The United States has determined that Ethiopian and Eritrean armed forces, as well as Tigrayan rebels, committed war crimes during the two-year bloody conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region, U.S. diplomatic chief Antony Blinken said Monday.

"We urge the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea, as well as the TPLF, to hold accountable those responsible for these atrocities," the U.S. secretary of state told reporters, days after his visit to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Blinken, who had sounded upbeat in Ethiopia about the prospects for peace after a breakthrough November 2 accord, made a forceful call for accountability.

"Many of these actions were not random or a mere byproduct of war. They were calculated and deliberate," America's top diplomat said as he presented an annual US human rights report.

He said the State Department carried out a "careful review of the law and the facts" and concluded that "war crimes" were committed by federal troops from Ethiopia as well as Eritrea -- a former adversary which allied with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the offensive -- and by the rebel Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and forces from the neighboring Amhara region.

Blinken added that the State Department also found "crimes against humanity" by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara forces, although he did not mention the TPLF.

"We urge the government of Ethiopia and the government of Eritrea as well as the TPLF to hold those responsible for these atrocities accountable," Blinken said.

"The conflict in northern Ethiopia was devastating. Men, women and children were killed. Women and girls were subject to horrific forms of sexual violence. Thousands were forcibly displaced from their homes. Entire communities were specifically targeted based on their ethnicity."

Blinken also spoke of accountability during his trip to Addis Ababa, where he held an unusually long meeting with Abiy and also met senior TPLF leader Getachew Reda.

But he did not directly mention war crimes or crimes against humanity while in Addis Ababa. Abiy voiced anger when Blinken during the war spoke more generally about crimes against humanity and the Ethiopian leader has rejected UN-led efforts for a probe.

Blinken, asked about the timing, said it was "appropriate to release the determination" at the time of the release of the human rights report.

The United States has previously estimated that some 500,000 people died in the two-year conflict, making it one of the deadliest wars of the 21st century and dwarfing the toll from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Debre Zeit (ደብረ ዘይት): the Ge’ez phrase for Mount of Olives is one of the nine minor feast days of the Lord observed halfway in the fifth week of the great lent. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast with special consideration based upon the second coming of Christ, which was announced by our Lord on the Mount of Olives. Biblical verses and the hymn of St.Yared pertinent to our Lord’s second coming are read and sung on this day.

The signs of the end times spoken by our Lord will culminate in final judgment and resurrection of the living and dead, believers and unbelievers, righteous and sinners. It is in the knowledge of this truth of the second coming of Christ that all people must repent, believe and baptize in preparation for the arrival of God’ Kingdom.

The church advises us to be spiritually prepared for judgment at any moment and to put our trust in God that He will make everything right in the end. The final phase of the process of redemption began with the first coming of Jesus and will culminate in the events surrounding His Second Coming. There will be a final judgment of all people, living and dead. There will be a final defeat and destruction of all evil — Satan, sin, suffering and death. The kingdom of God will come to its fulfillment at last.

Signs of the end
Jesus, Himself, said no one would be able to predict exactly the end of the time but He informs that many events will occur before the Second Coming and which will be signs that the end is near. There will be wars, famines, earthquakes, false prophets, persecutions and an increase in wickedness, rebellion against God, worship of demons, idolatry, murders, sorceries, sexual immorality, and thefts. (Matthew 24:3-14; Rev. 9: 20). The Gospel of the kingdom must be preached to all nations for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come. (Matthew 24:14-28).

Resurrection and Final Judgment
Everyone who has ever lived will be brought back to life in some form to face the final judgment along with those still living. When the end time comes, all who are in the graves will hear His voice and come forth and can be in front of two different Judgment Seats (righteous in the right hand of Jesus and sinners in the left) — those who have done good will be granted eternal life; and those who have done evil, will be condemned to eternal punishment. (Matthew 5:29-30, 25:31-46, Mark 9:43-48 ; John 5:25-29)

While we are still living, or until Jesus comes again, we have every opportunity to repent. We can change our ways from evil to good. But in the end we will all be judged. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. You do not know when that time will come. The event, when it happens, will be swift and unexpected. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him. (Mark 13:32-33; Matthew 24:43-44)

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😈 ICC = European Court of Injustice
👉 They chose a Polish SLAV Piotr Józef Hofmański to announce it, wow!

🔥 Three years into the 21st Century's most brutal genocidal war in Ethiopia, but the ICC remained silent on the tragic and devastating situation in Ethiopia.

😈 The evil monsters Abiy Ahmed Ali and Isaias Afewerki (Abdullah Hassan) have massacred over a million Orthodox Christians, and have allowed up to 200.000 Women to be raped.

The response to the situation in Ukraine has shown what the ICC is capable of.
It shows that the ICC’s budgetary excuses for inaction on Ethiopia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Nigeria and others can no longer be maintained.

We now call on the Office of the Prosecutor, and on states parties, to ensure that all investigations receive the same standard of treatment, so that all victims of international crimes have equal access to justice.

Criminal complaints against high-profile Western politicians: CIA agents involved in the rendition of terror suspects as well as former US Presidents, evils like Henry Alfred Kissinger, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński etc. should be filed by African and Asian countries.

💭 I Expect a Charge Posthumously For:

– Ronald Reagen over the raid on Grenada (1983)
– George Bush sen. for the raid on Liberia (1990)
– Bill Clinton for the invasion and bombing of Serbia (1999)
– George W. Bush for the raid on Afghanistan (2001)
– George W. Bush for the invasion of Iraq (2003)
– Tony Blair for Iraq war crimes (1 million dead) (2003)
Barack Obama, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy for committing war crimes in Libya (2011)
– Donald Trump for giving a green light to the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia, to the brutal regime of Eritrea, to the United Arab Emirates, to Turkey to open a genocidal war against Orthodox Christians of Northern Ethiopia. (US Presidential election day, 4 November 2020 till today)
– Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia & Isa Afewerki (Abdullah Hassan) of Eritrea and Debretsion of TPLF for massacring and starving to death over a million Orthodox Christians of Northern Ethiopia.

😈 Evil Debretsion of TPLF was replaced this week with another criminal called Getachew Reda by the CIA / Blinken, who were there in Addis Ababa this week to give the usual orderes. They have been doing it since they killed the great Christian Emperor Yohaness lV of Ethiopia in 1889 and replaced with an evil Anti-Christian Oromo Emperor Menelik II, who also massacred over a million Christians of Ethiopia. The next evil Oromo leaders like Emperor Haile Selasie and Mengistu Hailemariam did the evil. So, Menlik, Haile Selassie, Mengistu and Abiy Ahmed have massacred and starved to death altogether over 60 million Orthodox Christians of Northern Ethiopia. This is a fact now!

But now, no cheap replacement will deceive The Almighty Egziabher God. No, more! No One Escapes God's Judgment.

1 week, 3 days ago

👉 Courtesy: Deutsche Welle

💭 The genocidal war in northern Ethiopia ranks among the deadliest conflicts in recent times. UN investigators have said rape was also used as a weapon of war. With a cease-fire agreed, more and more accounts of atrocities are emerging.

Sexual attacks on women and girls have continued since last year's peace deal between Ethiopia’s government and Tigray leadership, witnesses told DW.

On the day that Ethiopian government forces reached a truce with rebel Tigrayan forces, 16-year-old Hadas was at home with her mother in a village near the Tigrayan town of Adwa. She heard someone banging on the door and then an Ethiopian soldier demanded to be let in.her name in this report.

Hadas, whose name has been changed to protect her from stigmatization and reprisals, described to DW how her ordeal unfolded on that day, November 2, 2022. It was a day which was supposed to bring peace after two years of conflict that killed approximately 600,000 people, displaced millions and left millions more hungry due to a de facto blockade of the Tigray region.

"He entered the house alone. He carried a stick with him," Hadas told DW. "There was another soldier with a gun waiting outside. He tried to take me to the bush, but I refused. He told me that he had a knife and a handgun. Then he beat me with the stick."

She started screaming. Neighbors came and tried to save her, but the soldiers threatened them, Hadas said. So they went back to their houses.

Hadas recalled how she started then to cry.


"He asked me for my age," she said. "I told him I was 14, but he said 'You are a liar. Don't you have breasts?' Then, my mother started crying."

He raped her multiple times over the course of several hours. The attack left Hadas bleeding heavily. After he left, she sought treatment at a nearby hospital but because of a lack of supplies, they could only provide basic care, Hadas said.

Hadas still has nightmares about what happened to her that day and needs psychological help. She also wants the man who did this to her brought to justice.

"He should be held accountable," she insisted. "They should be held accountable not only for me, but for all the other victims of rape."

Human rights organizations have documented sexual assaults, rape, gang rape and other forms of sexual violence committed by Ethiopian soldiers and their allies, like the Eritrean army and local militia throughout the war.

Doctors told DW that many cases went unreported. And health workers confirmed to DW that rapes and other forms of sexual violence have continued well after the peace deal was signed.

A request for comment sent to Ethiopian government spokesperson Legesse Tulu went unanswered.

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Ancient Nubia Egypt’s Rival in Africa 1992

An informative introduction to the history and culture of ancient Nubia from the Bronze Age through the Christian period. The author places Nubia in its historical and cultural context as an important African civilization.

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💭 Biden Administration Bows Before Ethiopian Genocide And Wastes Somaliland Opportunity

👉 Courtesy: The Washington Examiner

Speaking at the U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit, President Joe Biden declared, "The United States is all in on Africa and all in with Africa." Biden continued, "The choices that we make today and the remainder of this decade and how we tackle these challenges, in my view, will determine the direction the entire world takes in the decades to come."

Alas, the choices Biden’s team now makes do not bode well for the future.


On Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken departs for Ethiopia . His visit rehabilitates Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a man responsible for the Tigray genocide . In November 2020, Abiy suspended elections and ordered Ethiopia’s army to take over the Tigray state. Tigrayans preempted the attack and then fought back. Ultimately, Abiy besieged the region to cause a famine that killed hundreds of thousands of people. He meanwhile rounded up Tigrayans in Ethiopia’s capital. Ethiopian and their Eritrean allies looted, raped, and stole. Abiy’s war laid infrastructure to waste and cost the Ethiopian economy tens of billions of dollars.

To rehabilitate Abiy now is a choice by Biden to sweep Abiy’s actions under the rug. It is a choice to reward the Ethiopian despot for genocide. It is a choice to allow him to outsource murder to Eritrea without consequence. It is a choice to greenlight Abiy’s willingness to repeat the Tigray playbook against any other group that questions his messiah complex and leadership.

Freedom House ranks Ethiopia as among the world’s least free countries, not much better off than Russia and less free than the Persian Gulf’s absolute monarchies. Niger, the second and final stop on his swing through Africa, is more democratic — it sits alongside El Salvador and Tunisia in the rankings — but Blinken goes mostly because Niger is home to the chief U.S. drone base in Africa.

What is curious is Blinken’s top omission: While Biden’s team says it will compete against China, Blinken studiously avoids any visit to Somaliland, the most democratic country in the Horn of Africa and a country that, unlike Ethiopia and Niger, cast its lot with Taiwan and Western democracies.

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💭 Mixed Jewish-Arab city has been a flashpoint of nationalistic crime in the past.

Israel Police have arrested two Arabs on suspicion that they set fire to the "Beit HaGadzo," a cultural center for Ethiopian Jews located behind the pre-military training school in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod.

"We will not be silent," local residents responded, and announced that they would be holding a demonstration. "At 8:30 p.m. we will all gather at the site for the evening prayer and raise a cry of protest."

Investigators from the Lod Police Station used advanced technological means to investigate the crime leading to the swift apprehension of two Lod residents aged 18 and 25, who are suspected of the arson. At the conclusion of their interrogation, it will be decided whether to ask the court to extend their detention.

👉 Courtesy: Israelnationalnews

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💭 Coordinated Clandestine Training by The USA in Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea

(Isaias Afewerki (real father Abdullah Hassen) + TPLF's Debretsion (we suspect he too has Muslim ancestors) and Abiy Ahmed Ali are all CIA agents.

USA is training Somali Jihadists who participated in the Massacre of 1000 Christians at Holy Axum, Ethiopia. These Orthodox Christians were brutally murdered while defending The Biblical Ark of The Covenant from US, Russia, Ukraine, Arab, Turkey, Iran, Israel and Somali backed soldiers of the fascist Oromo regime of evil Abiy Ahmed Ali.

500 years ago Somalis & Oromos were trained by the Ottoman Turks to wage Jihad agains Christians of Ethiopia – and 80 years ago by Mussolini's fascist Italy – and now, again, by Turkey and USA.

Adding war criminals clan militias into Somali National Alliance (SNA) is the biggest mistake ever for both sides. In 2004 CIA armed and financed clan militias who killed innocent civilians which then led to creating Alshabab terrorist organization. The same mistake over and over again.

3 weeks, 1 day ago

💭 “Men of action must cease being men of action to write history, which demands a certain tranquility.”

❖ March 2023 marked 127 years of the historic victory of Ethiopian Christians over an aspiring imperial power, Italy, soon after the shameful Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 that cut up Africa and divided its territory and resources.

On March 2nd, 2023 Ethiopia was celebrating the 127th anniversary of Victory of Adwa in 1896 by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians over Italian invaders. It was THE VICTORY of The Almighty Egziabher God + St. George + Northern Ethiopian Christians over evil.

👉 Addis Ababa, 03. March 2023 – The Historical St. George's Church

To divert the World's attention from the ongoing genocide in the Tigray region, the fascist Oromo Army/Police of Black Mussolini a.k.a Abiy Ahmed Entered Illegally The Church Compound and fired tear gas and live bullets inside the historical Orthodox Christian Church at worshipers, just like its Fascist Italy predecessors. The Fascist police also blocked all way leading to the Church which is unprecedented. A Priest was shot dead. Many Parishioners attending church services were injured.

❖ Little girl inside the church compound:
“Your faith will save you,
Saint George will save you,
Don't run. Saint George the knight will come,
We will not remain crying like this!”

The cowardly world media is silent, the many international Organizations, The UN, The AU, Western and Eastern embassies all risk being complicit in conspiracy of silence. They see and know what's going on, but, a susual, they say and do nothing!

3 weeks, 1 day ago

☪ Muslims of Ethiopia Who Invited the Turkish Army to Massacre a Million Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia Now hold aid campaign for Turkey's quake victims

Ethiopians launched an aid campaign and have raised 10 million Ethiopian birr ($186,320) for the victims affected by the 6 February earthquakes in southern Turkey, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Despite being struck by civil war and drought, where tens of thousands of lives were lost, the people in Ethiopia gathered forces and mobilised to help the quake-hit victims in Turkey's 11 provinces.

Since the first day, Ethiopia's Muslims who went to Turkish representative offices in the country to convey condolences, performed funeral prayers in absentia in mosques and prayed for the quake victims and Turkey.

On Monday, a program was organised in the capital, Addis Ababa, for the aid campaign initiated by Turkey's Addis Ababa Embassy.

The program participants included Turkish Ambassador to Addis Ababa, Yaprak Alp, Ethiopian Federal Parliament Harar deputy and Ethiopia-Turkey Friendship Group Chairman, Fatih Wazir, TIKA Ethiopia Program Coordinator, Cengiz Polat, and Ethiopian-Turkish Alumni Association President, Fennan Mohammed, as well as philanthropists in the country.

During the program, Muslim donors presented symbolic donation checks to Ambassador Alp in Addis Ababa.

Alp said the Ethiopian government has been supporting Turkey since the first day of the quake, sending thousands of blankets and tents, along with soldiers and professional search and rescue workers.

"Turkey is facing an unprecedented disaster," Alp said, adding: "Turkey is going through really difficult times, but it is precisely this kind of solidarity, of which we have seen a very good example today, that makes these difficult days bearable, "she added.

Wazir said: "Turkey is reaping the fruits of the seeds of love, compassion and solidarity it has been sowing for years. I don't know which other country in the world could be the recipient of such an act of solidarity. I don't know if there is a country in the world that does not owe Turkey a debt of loyalty. God bless Turkey."

Mohammed, for his part, said that for the alumni, supporting Turkey is not an option but an obligation.

"You can see the traces of Turkey and Turkish NGOs in every inch of Ethiopia. It breaks our hearts when we see the super-human efforts of these organisations not to leave the work they started here unfinished, even in this earthquake disaster. No matter what we do, we cannot repay our debt to Turkey," he added.

Polat said the Ethiopian people have been going through very difficult times in recent years, and noted: "Our tears have been mixed together since the first day of the quakes. It is impossible to describe with words the appreciation of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters towards Turkey."

3 weeks, 6 days ago

👉 Courtesy: The Washington Post


Soldiers from neighboring Eritrea went house to house killing villagers in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, witnesses say.”

Just days before a deal to end the war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, soldiers from neighboring Eritrea last fall massacred more than 300 villagers over the course of a week, according to witnesses and victims’ relatives.

Eritrean forces, allied with Ethiopian government troops, had been angered by a recent battlefield defeat and took their revenge in at least 10 villages east of the town of Adwa during the week before the Nov. 2 peace deal, witnesses said, providing accounts horrifying even by the standards of a conflict defined by mass killings of civilians.

The massacres, which have not been previously reported outside the Tigray region, were described in interviews with 22 relatives of the dead, including 15 who witnessed the killings or their immediate aftermath. They spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

The survivors are only now willing to talk: As long as Eritrean troops remained close by, villagers were cowed into silence. Once the soldiers finally pulled back in late January from much of Tigray, witnesses and relatives began to give accounts like the following: A toddler killed with his 7-year-old brother and their mother. Elderly priests shot in their homes. A nursing mother shot dead in front of her young sons. Family members beaten back as they clung to fathers and sons being taken to their deaths.

Residents of the village of Mariam Shewitto who had fled the violence said they returned from the bush to find the doors of their homes swinging open, the floors inside black with blood and the air heavy with the stench of death. Others searched for brothers and husbands among half-eaten corpses on a mountain where scores were executed and left to wild animals.

Satellite images first provided by Planet Labs and reviewed by The Washington Post show that at least 67 structures in the area, mostly in household compounds, were severely damaged during the time that witnesses said the killings happened. Additional imagery provided to The Post by Maxar Technologies shows military vehicles matching witness descriptions of Eritrean vehicles, less than three miles from where the massacres took place.

The agreement between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan rebels brought about a cease fire in a two-year war that had made northern Ethiopia one of the deadliest places in the world. But the deal did not address the status of Eritrean troops. Neither the Ethiopian nor Eritrean government has made any public statement on how Eritrean soldiers who perpetrated mass killings like the most recent one near Adwa could be brought to justice.

3 weeks, 6 days ago

💭 Tense moment as Russia's UN ambassador interrupted a minute of silence for victims of Ukraine war at Security Council.

Russia's ambassador to the UN broke a minute of silence honoring victims of the Ukraine war.
Nebenzya said the council should honor "all victims of what happened in Ukraine, starting in 2014."
This comes a day after the UN voted for Russia to withdraw its troops immediately from the country.

No such action either at the United Nations or the African Union for over million victims of Ethiopia war. Nothing! Never!

💭 Moral Equivalence To Deny Genocide, Improvised Peace Treaties to Doge Accountability.

UN boss Antonio Gutterez was in Ethiopia last week for the African Union Summit. No minute of silent there for the victims of the #TigrayGenocide. He even didn't want to travel to the genocide hotspot in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. He went to Ukraine's war zones several times.

Antonio Gutterez and WHO boss Tedros Adhanom are all part of the genocide team. Tedros Adhanom who is originally from Tigray is a member of the Communist TPLF which, alongside The fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia, the fascist Junta of Eritrea and other local and international groups started the genocidal war to exterminate ancient Christians of Tigray and Northern Ethiopia. Now they all are trying to save themselves and all their evil partners by continuing the defacto siege – and by persuading the UN to stop the independent investigation. 'Ethiopia seeks to end U.N.-ordered probe into Tigray war abuses'

No peace without justice and accountability; and neither justice, nor accountability without truth first.

The fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia and TPLF have ignored Amnesty International’s half-heated requests to access Tigray – and to assess the extent of the damage, the scale of the devastation, the genocide, abuses and human rights violations. Why are AI quite on this matter? Why don't they keep insisting on the need to get permission to enter Tigray?

The fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia which alongside the TPLF is responsible for the death of more than a million Orthodox Christians has been hindering both International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE) and African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) from conducting independent investigations into crimes and atrocities in Northern Ethiopia.

The genocidal Oromo regime, TPLF and their partners are saying: “In the past two years we have killed enough Christians, now no investigation is needed, let's forget everything – and reconcile and move on....'

This is something unheard of in world history. This is beyond ridiculous! These are pure demons in human form.

4 weeks ago

💭 The Worst Mass Killing of The 21st Century by The Nobel Peace Laureate Abiy Ahmed Ali – who is The most evil 'leader' since Adolf Hitler -- is supported by the US adminstration.

☆ Since 2020 Genocide in Tigray: Over a million Orthodox Christians Massacred
☆ 200.000 Women, Nuns, Girls Raped in
☆ The Siege ofTigray is Causing mass Starvation for Millions

Think about it, Mr. Ned Price is telling us that America is working together with a brutal mass genocider who has slaughtered over a million Orthodox Christians. Think about it, Americans!

Atrocity comparisons tend to be odious, but the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has verified 7,199 civilian deaths in Ukraine. The number of combat deaths is in the tens of thousands.

By contrast, the number of casualties in Ethiopia might never be known. The best estimates have been put together by Jan Nyssen, a geographer at Ghent University in Belgium, who has calculated that up to 600,000 non-combatants died during the Tigrayan war between November 2020 and November 2022. Many of them starved to death. If one adds fighters who died in combat, the total number of deaths could approach 1 million.

At the Munich Security Conference a week ago, US Vice-President Kamala Harris accused Russia of committing crimes against humanity. But given the simultaneous near-planetary silence on Tigray, it is safe to conclude that not all crimes against humanity are equal.

To me, currently, there is no more concerning and life saving issue facing Americans and Europeans than what's happening in Christian Ethiopia. Ukraine, Israel or Islamic states are less relevant. The account of world history we know today was created with a European world viewpoint at its core. Ethiopia is where the Two World Wars Began – and where the Third is brewing

Today, this evil world doesn't want to talke about the fate of Ethiopian Christians, but The Almighty Egziabher God and His Holy Angels and Saints are in Northern Ethiopia.

The fact that the world today doesn't even want to show a minimum degree of empathy with the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia, tells us that this world is of Lucifer-Satan.

There is no other 'Super Power" than The Supreme Almighty God Egziabher. Americans need to raise their voices and tell what this administration is doing is is very very wrong!! The administration knows exactly what's happening to the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia. Mr. Ned Price is openly telling us that the administration is working with the genocidal regime. In 2021 Ned Price used to say that the Biden Administration is working with the 'People of Ethiopia'. Now, it is working 'with the government of Ethiopia'.

Well, the journalist was supposed to ask a simpler question like; Why is the US working with the fascist Oromo regime of evil Abby Ahmed Ali that – together with the Eritreans, Amharas, Somalis, Arabs, Iranians and Turks – has massacred and starved to death over a million Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia?

1 month ago

A top down rock-cut bedrock church in Ethiopia? Check it out and see if it is man-made. There are more mysteries than you think.

1 month ago

🏃‍ Letesenbet Gidey was the pre-race favorite and with the finishing line in sight it seemed as if the Ethiopian was to win gold with ease. But meters from the tape the 24-year-old fell, and in a blink of an eye, victory was dramatically gone.

In a spectacular conclusion to the women’s race at the World Athletics Cross Country Championships in Bathurst, Australia, Saturday, Kenya’s Beatrice Chebet overhauled Gidey with an impressive final kick to win the title.

With the finishing line looming, Gidey looked over her shoulder and would have sensed Chebet, the world 5000m silver medalist, sprinting towards her. It was as the Kenyan was on her shoulder that Gidey lost her footing on the uneven ground.

To make matters worse for Gidey, the reigning 10,000m world champion, she was disqualified for outside assistance after a supporter reportedly jumped the fence to assist her.

In an Instagram post, the athlete later said: “I’m doing well. Thank you for all the messages. I’ll be back. Today was a good race with a sad ending for me. Let’s take the good forward to the future.”

Olympic great Michael Johnson tweeted: “Wow! Heartbreaking for Letesenbet at World Cross Country Champs. Literally just meters from the tape!”

😈 The Kenyan 'Winner' made a disgusting and ignorant statement.....I, I, I kegna, kegna!


Letesenbet holds the current world records for the 5000 metres, 10,000 metres, and half marathon, which she set in October 2020, June 2021 and October 2021, respectively. She is only the second athlete after Ingrid Kristiansen from 1989–1991 to hold them simultaneously.[3] Her record in the half marathon, making Letesenbet the first debutante to set a world record in the event, broke previous mark by more than a minute.[4][5] She also holds the world best in the 15 km road race, which was also an over one-minute improvement. Letesenbet became the first woman to break the 64 and 63-minute barriers in the half marathon and the 45-minute barrier in the 15 km. She recorded the fastest women's marathon debut in history at the 2022 Valencia Marathon, placing her sixth on the respective world all-time list.

1 month, 1 week ago

Christians in Ethiopia are barred from social media in order to tamp down protests. A coup of bishops overthrew the leadership of the Christian Orthodox church, causing massive and violent uprisings. The international community has largely ignored this but we will not. We take a look at the religious conflict that has left thousands of people in the dark.


ACTS 5:29 
But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.



1 month, 1 week ago

🔥 World War III | For the past 500 years, Anti-Christ Turkey is Bombing The World's Most Ancient Christian Nations: Armenia & Ethiopia

How The Fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia used a Turkish drone in a strike that killed nearly 60 civilians

On 7 January 2022 (Orthodox Christmas), shortly after midnight,Turkish Drones carried out an airstrike on a camp for internally displaced people in the town of Dedebit, in the Tieggrai Region of Ethiopia. Hundreds of hungry people made homeless by the war in Ethiopia — mostly women, children and elderly men — slept on a cramped floor in an empty school with a tin roof.

With a flash in the dark, the building and the grounds around it were struck by drone-delivered bombs, killing at least 59 people and gravely injuring dozens more, according to an aid worker whose organization worked at the camp for internally displaced people in Dedebit and analyses of satellite images of the impact sites. He and other aid workers at the camp, located in the northern Ethiopian region of Tieggrai, were adamant: The people killed and wounded were civilians fleeing the war, not combatants in it.

The use of a precision-guided weapon in the strike in Dedebit raises questions about the Ethiopian government’s targets, which internal documents at aid organizations say have hit not just this camp, but also other locations far from the battlefield, including a flour mill, a public bus, farms, hotels and busy markets.

Those documents, which were shared with The Washington Post, say more than 300 civilians have been killed by drone and airstrikes since last September, including more than 100 since the start of this year. Those deaths represent a fraction of the thousands who are estimated to have died in the conflict and more than 4 million others, in Tieggrai and neighboring regions, who face a humanitarian crisis.

Expert witnesses

Wim Zwijnenburg, project leader of humanitarian disarmament at PAX, which identified the MAM-L weapon, said Turkey could not wash its hands of the matter.

“There is a very strong case to make that these drones should never have been exported at all,” he said, noting that Turkey is a signatory to the U.N.’s arms trade treaty, which stipulates a risk assessment should be done on the potential of human harm before a sale is carried out. (While Turkey signed the pact in 2013, it has not ratified it.)

Zwijnenburg also stressed the need for information on the potential involvement of Turkish personnel in the deployment of the weapons.

“Because this is technology that requires a lot of maintenance and piloting, Turkey could be made directly responsible if there is a consistent pattern of drone strikes used against civilians and Turkish crew is on the ground doing maintenance on the drones,” he said.

1 month, 1 week ago

💭 Fresh CCTV footages from Turkey show the collapse of buildings in Malatya during the earthquake on 6 February 2023. A major 7.8-magnitude earthquake had struck Turkey and Syria. The combined death toll in Turkey and Syria has climbed to over 41,000. Damages will probably exceed $20 billion, the risk modelling company Verisk estimated.

1 month, 1 week ago

😈 ኦሮሞ ሙስሊም ፖሊሶች ቄሱን በጥፊ አጮሏቸው ፣ ጻጻሱን ደግሞ ግብረ-ሰዶም ሊፈጽሙባቸው ሞከሩ

😠😠😠 ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ! 😢😢😢

😈 The Gala-Oromos have committed a crime against Ethiopians that has not yet been heard or talked about.

Even after all this heinous crime, you may still deceive this weak and lazy generation. But you can never deceive The Almighty Egziabher God. Because He videotaped the whole thing, all the time.

The bastardized Emperor Menlik the 2nd , who has the identity and essence of the flesh, reigned after overthrowing the great Christian emperor Emperor Yohannes lV in Ethiopia – with the help of the Europeans – the dark and evil witchcraft, blood-Sucking spirit of 'Waqeyo-Allah-Lucifer' thrived in Ethiopia.

In the last hundred and thirty years, the Gala-Oromos and their allies managed to kill up to sixty million Orthodox Christian Zionists of Ethiopia by the sword and gun, by starvation and disease. Let's remember this.

Even today, the Gala-Oromos and their descendants are making The Almighty Egziabher God very angry again. The times show us that even the modern-day Amalekites, who came to Ethiopia with the spirit of death and slavery, are beasts who should not even be present in East Africa, not to mention rule Ethiopia and reign over its people.

The "Ethiopian" who fails to realize this may as surely go down to the bottomless pit vía the gateway of Hell; Woe! Woe! Woe, to them!.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

❖ Female Italian Prime Minister Meets Black Mussolini Who Massacred Over a Million Orthodox Christians

❖ 200.000 Orthodox Christian Women, children and nuns were Raped and abused by the fascist Oromo army of Abiy Ahmed

❖ Tigray, Ethiopia Two Years On: An Anniversary of Medieval-like Siege, Massacres & Famine

On the 5th of February 2023, forty Orthodox Christians were massacred inside an Ethiopian church in the city of Shashemene. No mention of this atrocity from the evil Oromo PM of Ethiopia. No condolences, no remorse, no regrets, , nothing. To the contrary, as he does time and time agian he gives order to his people to massacre Christians and leaves Ethiopia. This time he was invited by his wicked mentors and babysitters to visit Europe. While in Italy this traitor expressed his deep sorrow and condolences not to the massacred Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia– but to Erdogan of Turkey, over the death of the powerful earthquake. What a wicked hypocrite!

❖Sun Feb 5th , 2023 Orthodox Solidarity❖
The Orthodox Christian world viewed the attack on The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church as abominable; and refused to believe that “Oromos, with the help of the Islamic and Protestant world truly wishe to seek and destroy a country and its Church that had for fourteen centuries defended Christianity against Islam.

✞ Mon Feb 6th , 2023 – Three day Fast of Nineveh
Ethiopian Orthodox Christians wear black – Genocider Abiy Ahmed visits Rome /The Vatican

Better late than never; Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia are observing these days of Fast of Nineveh from Monday 06 to Wednesday 08 February, by wearing black to protest against a government supported coup attempt to overthrow the Holy Synod by the illegal Oromo group of Abiy Ahmed Ali.

No coincidence that on this very day, the genocide enabler Romans invited black Mussolini, aka Abiy Ahmed to Italy to celebrate the genocide of millions of Orthodox Christians.

✞ Ethiopian Genocide 1935-1941 & Vatican/U.N Complicities

☆ Fascist Italy Army of Mussolini 1937
☆ Fascist Oromo Army of Abiy Ahmed 2020

During the Italian war on Ethiopia 1936-1941, Italy carried out a systematic mass extermination campaign in Ethiopia with poison gas sprayed from airplanes and other horrific atrocities that claimed the lives of no less than 1,000,000 innocent Orthodox Christians of Ethiopian perished, including 30,000 massacred in only three days in Addis Ababa as well as the reprisal killings of the entire monastic community at the historic Debre Libanos Monastery. 300 priests, monks and nuns were killed by the Fascists there. I addition, 2,000 churches and 525,000 homes were destroyed by the Italian fascists.

The mustard gas that was sprayed by droves of Fascist planes throughout Ethiopia devastated not only hundreds of thousands of people but also millions of animals as well as the environment.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

👹 Satan's Soldiers on the March - EVIL IN OUR MIDST 👹

The Genocide machine Abiy Ahmed Ali is Saddened by the loss of lives in Turkey & Syria due to natural disasters, while 'his own' country Ethiopia is plunged into a living hell by himself. This evil never showed any sympathies for the millions of innocent Orthodox Christians massacred by his Fascist Oromo Army.

😈 Turkey which is historical enemy of Christian Ethiopia is supporting and arming the genocidal fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia with drones. The involvement of the UAE in the genocidal war on Tigray is also one that is for the books.

Up to 1.5 million Armenians were wiped out by the Ottoman Empire beginning on April 24, 1915, a reality Turkey continues to deny, because Turkey would like to execute its diabolic Plan for the ethnic cleansing of Armenian Orthodox Christians via Azerbaijan.

Both Antichrist Turkey and Azerbaijan are targeting Armenia, Greece and Ethiopia because they are all Orthodox Christians nations.

In the 1880s, a small number of Armenians began arriving in Ethiopia where they aided in the defense of the country from Italian colonizers. One such Armenian was Sarkis Terzian, who provided state-of-the-art weaponry to the Ethiopian Imperial Army. Additionally, by the late 19th century Armenians had already established themselves in the jewelry industry. Dikran Ebeyan, an Armenian jeweler made the crowns for Johaness IV and Menelik II both of whom were emperors of Ethiopia. Armenians fleeing the Hamidian Massacres of 1896 found their way from the Ottoman Empire to Ethiopia, and Menelik II welcomed them as he was attempting to open his country to the world.

130 years later, Ishmaelites of The East + Edomities of The East are again targeting again Christian Armenia, Greece and Ethiopia.

Today, with the help of the Turks, Arabs, Iranians, the UN and the West, the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia was able to massacre up to two million Orthodox Christians of Northern Ethiopia just in the past two years alone. Ethiopian Christians never forget that Ottoman Turkey helped another Ahmed (Ahmed 'Gragn' Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi) 500 years ago to wage a similar satanic Jihad against Christian Ethiopia.

In the past 130 years Turkey (Ottomans) and their Oromo, Egyptian, Sudanese and Somali allies have massacred and starved to death around 60 million Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia. Everyone needs to Look at the Brutal Facts!

1 month, 2 weeks ago

💭 An unknown group of hominins crafted more than 500 obsidian hand axes more than 1.2 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia.

More than 1.2 million years ago, an unknown group of human relatives may have created sharp hand axes from volcanic glass in a "stone-tool workshop" in what is now Ethiopia, a new study finds.

This discovery suggests that ancient human relatives may have regularly manufactured stone artifacts in a methodical way more than a half-million years earlier than the previous record, which dates to about 500,000 years ago in France and England.

Because it requires skill and knowledge, stone tool use among early hominins, the group that includes humans and the extinct species more closely related to humans than any other animal, can offer a window into the evolution of the human mind. A key advance in stone tool creation was the emergence of so-called workshops. At these sites, archaeologists can see evidence of hominins methodically and repeatedly crafting stone artifacts.

The newly analyzed trove of obsidian tools may be the oldest stone-tool workshop run by hominins on record. "This is very new in human evolution," study first author Margherita Mussi, an archaeologist at the Sapienza University of Rome and director of the Italo-Spanish archeological mission at Melka Kunture and Balchit, a World Heritage site in Ethiopia, told Live Science.

Oldest known hominin workshop

In the new study, the researchers investigated a cluster of sites known as Melka Kunture, located along the upper Awash River valley of Ethiopia. The Awash valley has yielded some of the best known examples of early hominin fossils, such as the famous ancient relative of humanity dubbed "Lucy."

The scientists focused on 575 artifacts made of obsidian at a site known as Simbiro III in Melka Kunture. These ancient tools came from a layer of sand dubbed Level C, which fossil and geological data suggest is more than 1.2 million years old.

These obsidian artifacts included more than 30 hand axes, or teardrop-shaped stone tools, averaging about 4.5 inches (11.5 centimeters) long and 0.7 pounds (0.3 kilograms). Ancient humans and other hominins may have used them for chopping, scraping, butchering and digging.

Obsidian proved far more rare at Simbiro III before and after Level C, and scarce in other Melka Kunture sites. The new excavations also revealed that Level C experienced seasonal flooding, with a meandering river likely depositing obsidian rocks at the site during this time of Level C. Obsidian axes from this level were far more regular in shape and size, which suggests mastery of the manufacturing technique.

Ancient hominins "are very often depicted as barely surviving, struggling with a hostile and changing environment," Mussi said in an email from the field in Melka Kunture. "Here we prove instead that they were clever individuals, who did not miss the opportunity of testing any resource they discovered."

👉 Courtesy: Livescience

1 month, 2 weeks ago

🏃‍ Drama in France as Diribe Welteji of Ethiopia stops a lap too early and is told to keep running SHE STILL WINS with the fastest 3000m time in the world so far this short year, 8:33.44
There were many remarkable races at the Meeting de l’Eure indoor track meet in Val-de-Reuil, France, but one stood out amongst the others.

In the women’s 3,000 meters, Diribe Welteji of Ethiopia was well ahead of the pack, her victory almost assured. But with one lap to go in the race, Welteji pulled off to the side, thinking she had completed the race. With the other competitors closing in, a pacer and official grabbed hold of her and guided her back into lane one.

Welteji’s 30 meter lead shrunk as other runners looked to capitalize on her mistake, but she showed no signs of exhaustion. Welteji powered away to a personal best and world-leading time of 8:33.44. Her race shows that even when things go wrong, there’s always a chance for redemption.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

✞✞✞ R.I.P ✞✞✞

💭 The Orthodox Christians were killed in attacks on a church in southern Ethiopia on Saturday, according to reports by a religious media outlet.

The violence erupted against a backdrop of tensions in the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church after rebel bishops created their own synod in Oromia, the country's most populous region.

Abune Henok, Archbishop of Addis Ababa Diocese, described the incidents in the Oromia city of Shashamene as "shameful and heartwrenching", according to the Church-affiliated Tewahedo Media Center (TMC).

The TMC said two Orthodox Christian youths had been killed, and another four people injured, when Oromia special forces attacked the church in Shashamene, which lies about 250 kilometres (150 miles) south of Addis Ababa.

It later said there had been sniper fire on the church from nearby high-rise buildings that had killed a woman and injured others.

Abune Henok called on the authorities in Oromia, also the largest geographic region in Ethiopia, to stop the "persecution" of Orthodox Christians, according to the TMC.

A statement issued by the Holy Synod later urged clergy and the faithful to wear black in protest, and called for peaceful demonstrations at churches at home and abroad on February 12.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

☆ Jihadi Ilhan Omar
☆ Jihadi Rashida Tlaib
☆ Atheist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
☆ Voodoo Woman Cori Bush
☆ Speaker Kevin McCarthy

💭 Democrats attacked the “Islamophobic” removal of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, shouting “No!” to the decision they blamed on racism, xenophobia, and “white supremacy,” as they accused Republicans of merely targeting a Muslim woman of color.

On Thursday, the House voted along party lines to remove the Somali-born Democrat from her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee through a resolution citing her past remarks on Jews and Israel.

Omar closed the debate by noting her Muslim immigrant background, asking, “Is anyone surprised that I am being targeted?”

The vote passed 218 to 211, with all Democrats voting against the resolution and only one Republican, Rep. David Joyce (R-OH), voting “present.”

Democrats could be heard screaming “Nooo!” during the vote.

The move follows Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s vow to do so last year, citing Omar’s “antisemitic” and “anti-American” comments.

n response to the decision, Democrats lost themselves in defending the Minnesota “Squad” member and condemning her removal.

“St. Louis & I rise in support of Rep. Ilhan whose work on the Foreign Affairs Committee has made this institution a better place,” said fellow “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO).

“Rep. Omar has been repeatedly harassed by GOP Members for existing as a Muslim woman, & this resolution is yet another racist, xenophobic attack,” she added.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

💭 Two Turkish-owned cargo ships have reportedly come under attack at the port of Kherson, marking the first time in many months that commercial ships have been damaged during the fighting in Ukraine. Turkish TV is airing an undated video showing the bridge and accommodation block of one of the vessels on fire while the second ship was reported to have been hit possibly by shrapnel.

Both of the vessels registered in Vanuatu and operated by Turkish shipping companies have been trapped in Kherson for nearly a year since the fighting began in Ukraine. They are part of as many as a dozen Turkish ships that were not covered by the UN agreement and have remained caught in Ukrainian ports including Kherson and Mykolaiv while the crews were mostly evacuated.

The vessel shown on fire is the Tuzla, a 43-year-old general cargo ship managed by Cayeli Shipping of Istanbul. AIS data shows the vessel departed Turkey on February 18, 2022, and arrived in Kherson on February 23, the day before the invasion of Ukraine. The vessel is 282 feet long and 3,943 dwt.

👉 Could it be these ships?

UN-chartered ship with 30,000 tones of wheat for Ethiopia leaves Ukrainian port

The Joint Coordination Center (JCC) reported that three ships loaded with wheat and corn left Ukrainian ports on Sunday, including a ship chartered by the UN World Food Program carrying 30,000 tones of wheat as humanitarian aid to Ethiopia. Two other ships were headed to Spain and Turkey with a total of 105,500 tones of grain and other food products. As of 22 January, the total tonnage of grain and other foodstuffs exported from the three Ukrainian ports was 18,330.360 tones and 1,336 voyages were enabled.

2 months ago

🐊 Crocodile Tears
"በፈረዖን ቤት ያደገው ሙሴ" ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!

😈 ከአረመኔዎቹ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ፣ ሽመልስ እብዱሳ፣ እዳነች እባቤ፣ ጃዋር መሀመድ፣ አገኘሁ ተሻገር፣ ሬድዋን ሁሴን፣ ብርሃኑ ነጋ፣ ደብረ ጺዮን፣ ኦቦ ስብሃት ነጋ፣ ጌታቸው ረዳ፣ ኢሳያስ አፈቆርኪ፣ ጋንኤል ክስረት ወዘተ ጎን በጣም ከሚቀፉኝ ዘንዶዎች መካከል አንዱ ሸህ አቡ ፋና a.k.a 'አቡነ' ፋኑኤል ነው። ምንም የአባትነት ወይንም የመንፈሳዊነት ገጽታ የሌለውና እግሩን መሰበር ያለበት አጭበርባሪ ፈሪሳዊ ነገር ነው።

👉 ከዚህ ቀደም ይህን አቅርቤ ነበር፦

💭 “አማራውን ለዋቄዮ-አላህ መንፈስ ልሂቃን መካከል ሸህ አቡ ፋና a.k.a አቡነ ፋኑኤል ይገኙበታል”

🔥 ለሲ.አይ.ኤ የህሊና ቁጥጥር ሙከራ (Mind Control Experiment) ከተጋለጡት “አባቶች” (አባትነት አይገባቸውም!) መካከል ካሁን በኋላ ሸህ አቡ ፋና a.k.a አቡነ ፋኑኤል/ አባ መላኩ የሚባሉት ወገን ይገኙበታል።

2 months ago

💭 Germany and France are providing armor to the Neo-Nazi regime of Ukraine and advocate for war 24/7 – whereas in Ethiopia, they suddenly style themselves as angels of peace. The attempt of America's and Europe's governments to rehabilitate the fascist Oromo regime that massacred more than one million Orthodox Christians, whose evil army brutally raped up to 200.000 Christian women and girls, even monks, is highly irresponsible, heartless and cruel. Where is the humanity left nowadays? Where is the empathy?! This moment in history will never be forgotten!!!

💭 Russian Missile Storm Thunders Kharkiv; Blitz Hours After German Minister Analena Baerbock's Visit

2 months, 2 weeks ago



“Bold Journey: Return to Ethiopia” is a black and white travelogue TV show from the late 1950s that tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Butler, adventurers from Evanston, Illinois, who travel to Ethiopia to visit Mrs. Butler’s childhood home in Ethiopia. Sponsored by Ralston Purina Company, the film features an interview between Jack Douglas and the Butlers, who then narrate the first hand footage from their travels.

Jack Douglas and the Butlers on set (0:10). Afar nomad with spear (0:36). Intricately carved box of Ethiopian royalty (0:39). Aerial shot of wild game running (0:41). Ad: Ralston Purina Company, Lee Goodman (1:34). Interview begins (3:00). Mrs. Butler speaks Gullah (4:57). Passengers board perhaps TWA 1950s “Connie” Jet at New York Idlewild Airport (John F. Kennedy) (5:17). Illustrated map of Africa: Cairo, Addis Ababa (5:26). View mountainous terrain, Northern Ethiopia (5:31). View fertile plateau (5:40). Sign in Aramaic and English (5:39). Street view from hotel room (5:52). Downtown business district; busy, metropolitan (5:58). Newspapers in different languages: Aramaic, English, Arabic (6:03). Transportation: Horse-drawn cart next to 1950s VW Beetle (6:11). Motorized tuktuk (6:17). Men on horseback (6:23). Donkeys carrying produce (6:28). Men carrying goods on shoulders, back, and heads (6:44). Antelope returning from watering hole (7:11). Danakil/ Afar village seen from sky (7:27). Rock-Hewn Church of Lalibela (7:44). Mizan Teferi: home of Charlie Haspel on tree lined mountain side (8:13). Charlie delivers Christmas mail to his family (8:26). Tin hut clinic (8:47). Scottish doctor Campbell Miller examines a young patient (8:56). Charlie’s DIY hydroelectric plant in shack for electricity and tap water (9:41). DIY turbine (9:58). Jagged rocks and mountain tops (10:13). People walking along road in desolate area (10:22). Tunnel with name of Mussolini scratched out (10:29). Pedestrian traffic, camels, vendors at Bati Market, Danakil Desert (10:35). Topless Danakil woman in black robe covers her face (11:03). Danakil weapons: spear and machete (11:20). Camera pans mountainous and fertile terrain (11:44). Obelisk of Axum Siyum (11:49). People gather on banks of Mai Shum - Queen of Sheba’s swimming pool (12:18). Throne stone coronation area (12:28). Man stands besides old crowns of Ethiopian Royalty (12:34). View of rock formation - Debre Damo Monastery (13:15). Hiking the mountain to reach the monastery (13:32). Another commercial with Lee Goodman (14:42). Monks greet Mr. Butler outside Coptic church structure at top Debre Damo (16:11). Stone house home of monks (16:46). Stone reservoirs with water supply (17:00). Interior of Douglas C-47 Skytrain transporting people and cargo to Gore (17:12). Various huts and shacks make up the airport (17:36). View of rocky, dirt road as the Butlers head into Gore town (17:49). Italian electrician fixing generator (17:59). Electric lines for street lamps (18:04). Rain beats down on galvanized-iron roofs (18:14). Plane takes off from Gore airport: view of jungle in valley below (18:29). Fog on mountainside, hut structures (18:55). Life mountainside village: morning prayer, going to school (19:21). Young boys receive haircuts (20:09). Making injera: mortar and pestle to prepare flour (20:23). Heating dough on hot plate (20:45). Dipping bread in stew (20:56). Drive to Dembi Dolo on rough terrain (21:15). Men of village nap under tree on straw mat with wooden neck rest (21:56). Women get water from Baro River (22:15). Close-up of woman’s decorative scar tissue (22:26). Crocodiles in Baro River (22:39). Drumming ceremony and dance (23:05). Man arrives to village on foot to deliver telegrams and messages (23:51). Haile Selassie I exits perhaps Ethiopian Airlines Convair 240 (24:15). Ethiopian Orthodox Mass (24:35). Groups of people dancing freely (25:14). Close-up of Haile Selassie I in office in royal palace (25:41). Ethiopian flag in wind (25:46). Mr. Butler shows Jack Douglas Ethiopian fly swatter (26:12). Final commercial with Lee Goodman (27:57). Next episode preview: Jungles of Amapá National Forest in Brazil (28:20).

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💭 After they've accomplished their evil plan to exterminate over a million Axumite Christians, the genociders congratulate each other with a celebratory hug.

☪ Islamic Jihadists in ✞ Christian Axum
🛑 Population Engineering, Ethnic Cleansing, & Mass Deportations
Where are all the hundreds of thousands of Muslim-Oromo „Prisoners of war„ who were kept in Mekelle? Did they send them to the countryside of Tigray to replace the massacred Christians?

🔥 787 Days of #TigrayGenocide

⚠️800,000+ Killed
⚠️120,000+ Raped
⚠️5.6+ Mil. Starved
⚠️2.2+ Mil. Uprooted

After the so-called "Pretoria Peace agreement" between the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia and TPLF had been signed two months ago, evils Abiy Ahmed Ali and Debretsion Gebremikael had allowed the barbaric soldiers of Isaias Afewerki's Eritrea to massacre more than 3000 Tigrayan civilians in a single week in the neighborhoods of Enda Mariam Shewito and Endabagerima, Adwa.

2 months, 4 weeks ago

As many other repressive regimes, the Ethiopian federal police have been using Cellebrite’s technology at the height of a civil war that caused tens of thousands of casualties and the prosecution of ‘unauthorized’ news outlets

The Ethiopian police, who according to reports, are responsible for mass detention of minorities and persecution of opposition forces and journalists, have purchased technology from the Israeli digital intelligence company Cellebrite to hack into the cellphones of detainees.

The Ethiopian federal police have been using Cellebrite’s systems since 2021, at the height of the civil war between the country’s prime minister’s forces and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Force.

As many other repressive regimes, the Ethiopian federal police have been using Cellebrite’s technology at the height of a civil war that caused tens of thousands of casualties and the prosecution of ‘unauthorized’ news outlets

The Ethiopian police, who according to reports, are responsible for mass detention of minorities and persecution of opposition forces and journalists, have purchased technology from the Israeli digital intelligence company Cellebrite to hack into the cellphones of detainees.

The Ethiopian federal police have been using Cellebrite’s systems since 2021, at the height of the civil war between the country’s prime minister’s forces and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Force.

The flagship product of Cellebrite – a public company traded on NASDAQ – is a technology called UFED, which is used by authorities to hack into seized phones which are password-protected. This in turn allows Cellebrite’s clients to download all the information stored on those devices, including media files and text messages, call histories, contacts and more.

In a letter sent by Israeli human rights lawyer Eitay Mack to Israel’s Defense Ministry and Cellebrite, a number of human rights activists call for cessation of sales of the technology and support services to Ethiopia’s repressive regime.
The letter follows a harsh report by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, that details how Ethiopia has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes during the last round of fighting.

The report states that since November 2020, security and civilian forces have been responsible for “extrajudicial executions, rape and other acts of sexual violence. The widespread pillage of crops and livestock, and the looting and occupation of Tigrayan homes, destroyed sources of livelihood. Tigrayans have faced mass arrests and prolonged arbitrary detentions in formal and informal detention sites where detainees were killed, tortured, and ill-treated.”

The fascist Oromo Regime of Abiy Ahmed – whom last week President Joe Biden welcomed to the White House – has committed crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. Some 2.6 million people have been uprooted from their homes.

3 months, 1 week ago

💭 “US President Joe Biden has been criticized for being cozy with Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has been accused of war crimes.”

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says he spent the entire year "very frustrated" by Ethiopia's civil war.
He has blamed the EU for paying more attention to Russia's war in Ukraine than the Tigray crisis in Ethiopia.
Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has been criticised for being cosy with Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has been accused of war crimes.
European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says the conflict in Ethiopia kept him "very busy, very sorry and very frustrated" for the greater part of 2022.

Speaking at the 24th EU-Non-Governmental Organization Forum on Human Rights in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday, Borrell said it infuriated him that "not enough people talk about it".

"We do not talk a lot about Ethiopia," he added.

He said the war in Ukraine was getting more attention from the EU, although it was "relatively smaller" than the civil war in Ethiopia's Tigray, where between 700 000 and 800 000 lives were lost.

"We complain rightly about what is happening in Ukraine, but what is happening in Ethiopia is really awful. There is not such a mortality in any other place in the world caused by a war," he added.

He said it was painful that most of the Ethiopians died of famine. "Most of them (were killed) by famine – not fighting, but by famine, cutting humanitarian support, cutting electricity, cutting any kind of public services."

Borrell added that the situation in Ethiopia occurred under the watch of what he termed an internationally celebrated leader.

"I remind you that this is being done by a government whose prime minister (Abiy Ahmed) is a Nobel Prize laureate," he said.

At the recent US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, pictures went viral of US President Joe Biden watching the FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and France on television and being jovial with Ahmed. Biden was then criticised for somewhat endorsing an alleged war criminal.

This also didn't go down well with civil society activists, who accuse Abiy of genocide and war crimes.

Borrell said it was a tragedy that innocent lives were lost because of the political machinations of the ruling elite.

"You can discuss politically who is to be blamed for the reasons for the war to start, but the result is that for months and months there has been a continuous violation of human rights at a massive scale," he said.

An agreement for the cessation of hostilities in Ethiopia was reached in November after the facilitation of statesmen from South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria at the behest of the US, who had worked with the African Union.

The EU was not involved in the process despite the British Council, Alliance Francaise, the Goethe Institute and the Italian Cultural Institute making up the four-member European Union National Cultural Institutes cluster in Ethiopia.

3 months, 1 week ago

💭 Secretary Blinken And Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Before Their Meeting in Washington DC, 13 December 2022




DECEMBER 13, 2022

👹 SECRETARY BLINKEN: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m very pleased to have Prime Minister Abiy here with us at the summit and in Washington. We have, I think, a historic moment for the country, for Ethiopia, this agreement that is good news for the entire nation, as well as many other things that we’re working on together. I’ve been very pleased, Mr. Prime Minister, to have (inaudible) conversations with you over the months, but it’s particularly good to see you in person here today. Welcome. Thank you.

😈 PRIME MINISTER ABIY: Thank you very much, Secretary Blinken. (Inaudible.)

💭 Godless G7 in Münster: Germany Removes 482-year-old Christian Cross for G7 'Halloween Party'

💭 The World's Worst War You Aren't Watching is in Ethiopia

💭 At least a million people have died so far from direct violence, starvation and lack of access to health care and sanitation.

💭 Will Blinken, The Son of a Holocaust Survivor Allow a Concentration Camp For Ethiopian Christians?

💭 The Threat of Humanitarian Crisis Grows as Ethiopia Ramps Up Tigray War
Western Diplomatic Failure Looms Large In The World’s Forgotten Catastrophe.

💭 FACEBOOK Sued to Pay $2 Billion For Hate Messages Concerning The Genocide of Christians in Ethiopia

😈 Soon it's Anthony John Blinken – the Son of a Holocaust survivor – who will be sued for shaking hands with the Devil, aka black Hitler Abiy Ahmed Ali.

3 months, 1 week ago

💭 New Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Contributing to Deaths From Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia

👉 Courtesy: TIME

For years, Facebook has faced allegations that it has failed to prevent the spread of harmful content in Ethiopia, a country wracked by ethnic violence in a divisive civil war. Now, Facebook’s parent company Meta has been hit by a lawsuit containing alleged evidence of deaths “contributed to” by the platform’s amplification of, and failure to remove, hateful posts there.

One of the lawsuit’s two plaintiffs is Abrham Meareg, a Tigrayan man whose father was killed in an attack, that he says was a direct result of ethnically-motivated misinformation shared on the platform.

Meareg’s father, Meareg Amare, was a respected chemistry professor at Bahir Dar University in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, according to his son’s witness statement accompanying the lawsuit, filed in Nairobi, Kenya. As a Tigrayan, Amare was an ethnic minority in the region. In the fall of 2021, as conflict escalated between Amharas and Tigrayans in the Ethiopian civil war, several accounts on Facebook shared Amare’s name and photograph, and posted comments accusing him of being a “snake” and posing a threat to ethnic Amharas. Although his son saw and reported many of the posts to the platform, Facebook declined to remove them, the witness statement alleges.

On Nov. 3, 2021, a group of men followed Amare home from the university and shot him dead outside his home, the lawsuit says. He lay dying in the street for seven hours, the lawsuit adds, with the men warning onlookers that they too would be shot if they gave him medical assistance.

“I hold Facebook responsible for my father’s killing,” Abrham Meareg told TIME. “Facebook causes hate and violence to spread in Ethiopia with zero consequences.”

The other plaintiff in the case is former Amnesty International researcher, Fisseha Tekle, who gathered evidence of Facebook posts that the lawsuit says contributed to real-world killings. His work led to him and his family becoming targets of abuse, the lawsuit says.

Ethiopia has long been a key example cited by critics of Facebook’s role in ethnic violence internationally, along with Myanmar, where Facebook has admitted it did not do enough to prevent what some observers have labeled a genocide. In 2021, documents leaked by former Facebook employee Frances Haugen revealed that staff at the platform knew it was not doing enough to prevent armed groups in Ethiopia using the platform to spread ethnic hatred. “Current mitigation strategies are not enough,” one of the internal documents said. But the new lawsuit is the first to directly present allegations of Facebook posts leading to deaths there.

The lawsuit demands Meta impose measures to further reduce the spread of hatred and incitement to violence in Ethiopia.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 The Genocidal fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia Hosts UN Internet Forum, Amid Tigray Blackout, and exactly on The Second-Year Commemoration of The Massacre of Axum. During the past two years, this evil, monstrous regime and its Arab, Turkish and Iranian allies massacred and starved to death two million Christians of Northern Ethiopia.

On the 28th of November Christians of Tigray, Ethiopia commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the gruesome Axum Massacre.

On this very day, the genocidal fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia is REWARDED, by the genocide-enabler United Nation Organization, with hosting the 'UN Internet Forum' amid the government-imposed blackout in the Tigray region that has left six million people without phone or internet access for nearly two years.

The November 28 forum is expected to draw over 2,500 delegates to Addis Ababa, one of the largest international gathering in Ethiopia's capital in years. With this gathering the UN intends to show a profound disrespect to the memories of the Axum massacre victims, a horribly grotesque mockery.

Ethiopia is hosting the U.N.'s annual Internet Governance Forum, despite an ongoing communications blackout in its war-damaged Tigray region.

Those not able to attend in person will be able to log in virtually to hear sessions dealing with topics such as "connecting all people" and "meaningful access" to the internet.

People living in Tigray will not be tuning in, however. The northern region was subjected to one of the world's tightest communications blackouts, when war broke out between the federal military and forces led by the Tigray People's Liberation Front, or the TPLF, in November 2020.

A peace deal struck earlier this month commits the federal government to restoring the services, but the blackout is still firmly in place.

As a result, the U.N.'s decision to hold the event in Ethiopia has raised eyebrows. On November 15, Senator Jim Risch, who chairs the U.S. Senate's Committee on Foreign Relations, described the decision as "wrong," saying the forum should be held in a country that "doesn't regularly block its citizens' internet access."

Felicia Anthonio, a manager at internet rights group Access Now, said the internet forum is an "opportunity" to highlight the blackout affecting Tigray.

"Ethiopia's government has been responsible for a two-year-long internet blackout and must take urgent steps to restore full intent access in Tigray and all parts of the country," she said. "The African Union and member states have a clear mandate to promote and protect human rights in Africa, and this is the moment for them to step up and help facilitate an end to this internet blockade."

November 4, 2022 marks two years of deliberate and sustained internet shutdowns that continue to fracture the lives of approximately six million people in Tigray and millions more. We, the undersigned organizations and individuals from across the globe, are alarmed by the human rights violations carried out

3 months, 4 weeks ago

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Tägliche politische und Geoengineering-Nachrichten
Meine Kanäle:

My personal greetings from Germany go to all patriots in the world:

4 months ago

💭 A N.H. Activist is Speaking Out About The War in Tigray, Ethiopia: ‘This is Your Responsibility, Too’

This month marks two years since the civil war broke out in Ethiopia, with troops from the Ethiopian government and surrounding countries deployed to attack the northern Tigray region. Since then, a UN led investigation has found evidence of ethnic cleansing, massacres and sexual violence. Famine-like conditions are widespread.

All Things Considered host Julia Furukawa spoke with Samrawit Silva, an activist who was born in Tigray and lives in Concord, who has been speaking out about the conditions in her home country. Below is a transcript of their conversation.

Julia Furukawa: Samrawit, you're from Tigray and you still have family there. Can you give us an idea of what the conditions are in the region right now?

Samrawit Silva: I can try. Obviously, or for those who don't know, Tigray has been in a complete blackout, so there's a lot of unknowns, but things that are for certain: I have my mother, I have my siblings there that I'm not able to talk to. So, Tigray is currently facing one of the world's longest Internet shutdown. Hunger is being used as a weapon of war. Sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war. Medicine is not able to get to the people and so already there's 600,000 Tigrayan civilians that have been killed, including my family members. It's been called the world's deadliest war, basically "Hell on Earth," as the director of the [World Health Organization] called it.

4 months, 1 week ago

Commemoration of the Archangel Saint Michael- የሕዳር ሚካኤል

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church honors Saint Michael (Kidus Mikael); the Angel of mercy; on the 12th of each month of which two of them are great annual feasts of the saint – on Hidar 12 (November 21) and Senie 12 (June 19). His name Michael means “who is like God”.

Saint Michael is one of the seven Archangels, who is always standing besides God’s throne and is honored for defeating Devil at God’s command (Rev.12:7-9).

In addition to the Holy Bible, "Dersane Michael" contains the miracles of St. Michael. Archangel Saint Michael is powerful and the guardian of the souls and fighter against evil. He is often painted in the walls of every Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church followers with a flaming sword and spear, which pierces the devil.

On Hidar / ሕዳር ፲፪/ 12 (November 21):

1. Crowned and became the Arch of the Archangel’s

Saint Michael is one of the seven Archangels, who is always standing besides God’s throne and is honored for leading the army of Holy Angels and defeated Satan and the rebellious angels into Hell. Revelation 12:7 On this day God crowned him with his glory and mercy and become the Arch of the the Archangel’s

2. The Commander of the Lord’s Army

Joshua, the son of Nun, saw him in great glory and was frightened by him and fell on his face to the earth and said to him, "Are you for us, or for our adversaries?" So he said, "No; but as Commander of the army of the Lord... I have given Jericho into your hand, ... and its king." (Joshua 5:13-15, 6:2)

3. The Exodus of Israel from Egypt through the help of the Arch Angle Michael -- [Exodus 14:19-22]

Michael, is the commander of the angels, came down from heaven, and rolled back the stone from the mouth of the tomb, and announced the women “Christ is risen from the dead”.

St. Paul observes that the Hebrews “ all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea” (1 Cor. 10:1-4; Rom. 6:3-4; Gal. 3:27).

There is a common ritual practiced by the devotees in order to commemorate, worship and give thanks. Ethiopian traditional bread – Difo Dabo, roasted barley – Kolo in the name of St. Michael are being prepared and shared in the church.

May the prayer of Archangel Saint Michael be up on us!

4 months, 1 week ago

💭 Professor Jan Nyssen’s Speech at the “Save Tigray” demonstration in Brussels, 14 November 2022

👉 Prof. Jan Nyssen, Ghent University, Belgium

Good day to all!

All of us are very sad. We haven’t heard from our friends and relatives in Tigray for one or two years. We all know people who have died before their age. And we are alone: besides some smaller countries, NGOs and individuals, the international community has let Tigray down. Among the smaller countries that have understood the suffering of Tigray, there is Ireland. Ethiopia has direly punished them for that. But why is Ireland taking such a principled attitude? In my understanding, that is because, just like Tigray, Ireland knows what famine is. Just like Tigray, Ireland knows what it is to have an imperial neighbor. Ireland was living on the side of imperial Britain, Tigray is living on the side of imperial Ethiopia.

We are two weeks after the Pretoria agreements, and the humanitarian aid has not arrived – humanitarian aid should be there in any case, it should not even have been part of the peace negotiations.

We have calculated that 5 to 10% of the Tigray civilians have died due to massacres and starvation; to that you may add the numerous young fighters who took up weapons not to defend a party but to defend their families, their mothers and sisters from the killer armies.

Yesterday (13 November 2022), the Ethiopian chief of staff, Berhanu Jula said that “Tigray has been sufficiently punished”. What does that mean “Tigray has been sufficiently punished”? Let it sink in: “Tigray has been sufficiently punished”! So this was indeed a war against Tigray and not a war against TPLF! We have proven since the beginning that this is a war against Tigray, and not just a war to capture 128 individuals, or so, as Abiy claimed.

Abiy Ahmed is the main responsible, he has invited the Amhara fanos and Isayas. I listed their programme on my poster boards. But then, so many people have been killed, so many war crimes. The whole diplomatic world knows it, they express concerns after concerns but they do not take action. Are our governments really that naïve?

I think that they are more concerned with big business than with nitty gritty things like humanity and war crimes. At global scale we have the IMF which was just waiting for the Pretoria paperwork to give new loans to the Ethiopian government. But even here at the scale of Belgium: one of our Belgian MPs, Samuel Cogolati, has proposed to sanction the Ethiopian regime by curtailing the landing rights for Ethiopian Airlines. It would be a sanction that does not hurt the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia, because they cannot afford international air travel anyway. But what do we hear then as feedback from our government circles? “Oh, but we should not be tough on Ethiopia, otherwise they will shift their cargo flights from Liège in Belgium to Maastricht in The Netherlands; and we’ll lose income”… That’s how far the complicity is going...

4 months, 1 week ago

🛑 The use of starvation of civilian populations as a method of warfare is prohibited by international law. But,Indeed shame on the international community There is no other situation in which 6+ million people have been kept under siege for over two years like in Tigray, where STARVATION and RAPE are used .

💭 Tigray Debate, Lord Alton, House of Lords 15. November 2022

Eritrean government response to the Minister of State for Development’s call for Eritrean soldiers to leave Tigray Province in Ethiopia, and the reinstatement of a truce and the beginning of peace talks.

💭 Congressman Brad Sherman's (D-CA) remarks during a House Foreign Affairs Hearing Assessing the Biden Administration’s U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa.

💭 'Nobel Jihad' on Orthodox Christian Nations? | 'ኖቤል ጂሃድ' በኦርቶዶክስ ክርስቲያኖች ላይ?

💭 Let's Connect the dots...the following individuals and bodies had been 'randomly and coincidentally' awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee – four years in a row:

☆ 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to evil Abiy Ahmed Ali for a Pact of War vs Orthodox Ethiopia
☆ 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to WFP in anticipation of the following genocidal war (Nov. 2020) against Orthodox Tigray, Ethiopia
☆ 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Dmitry Muratov of Orthodox Russia in anticipation of the coming war (Feb. 2022) between the two orthodox brothers; Russia-Ukraine
☆ 2022 Nobel Peace Prize to Ales Bialiatski from Belarus and the Russian human rights organisation, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organisation Center for Civil Liberties. – in anticipation of the coming nuclear war between the three orthodox brothers; Russia + Ukraine + Belarus

😲 So, isn't everything clear now?

4 months, 1 week ago

Leaders agree on peace framework for Ethiopia and Tigray
Top military commanders from Ethiopia and its embattled Tigray region have agreed to allow unhindered humanitarian access to the region and form a joint disarmament committee following last week's truce.

The commanders, who since Monday have been meeting in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, signed an agreement Saturday that they said calls for disengagement from all forms of military activities.

Both parties have agreed to protect civilians and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region of more than 5 million people, according to a copy of the agreement seen by The Associated Press.


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4 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 BBC & and its Somali reporters are conspiring against the cradle of Ethiopian Christianity – against Christians of Northern Ethiopia. (Amhara + Tigray + Eritrea). They never bring such 'revelations' about the atrocities that the fascist Oromo invaders of Southern Ethiopia -- that are in power for the past 130 years – are committing since their arrival in Ethiopia in the 15th century. We never hear or see reports on the ongoing genocidal ethnic-cleansing campaign in the so-called Oromo region of Ethiopia. Over thousand Orthodox Christians are massacred daily in this region. But have you ever heard or seen any report about these tragedy? No! Even in this BBC video the reporter, by avoiding the ethnicity of the government forces, which is Oromo – he wishes to portray 'Amharas' as Perpetrators, and 'Oromos' as victims, inciting ethno-religious animosity between them.

As we currently observe it in Ethiopia, whether Europe, America, Russia or China, they all support the wrong side, providing support to the perpetrator, explicitly or implicitly Imagine the genocide that is taking place against Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia was a genocide against Muslims? NATO would have bombed the hell out of Christian Ethiopia. We saw that in 1999 when NATO blasted Orthodox Serbia on Orthodox Easter Sunday

I had previously believed that incompetence and concurrent Islamic ascendancy (secondary to social media and the fall of the prior bipolar world which kept modern Islam in check) was the reason that Islamic jihad continued to make steady advances, and the West acted out a nonstop Comedy of Errors and could make no progress impeding the advance of Jihad. It is far more Machiavellian than I had imagined.

There is simply no other explanation for the meteoric rise of Islamic jihad/caliphate except to accept the West supports these developments. I am now firmly convinced the West supports Jihad and the aspired Caliphate, but the reasons for the Civilization Treason could be multiple. Islamic jihad and its threats are not unusually ascendant because they are concurrent with the West's unusual unraveling and self destruction (historical timing and synchronicity being the jihadist's helper-nonsense). Its the contrary. The West believes a collective voice for disparate Muslims peoples would provide stability, a degree of multipolar security, and great economic opportunities. Very sad, but the West wants a Muslim caliphate at the deepest levels of power.

4 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 'Our Families Are Dying:' Protesters Shut Down Freeway in Downtown Seattle

A banner on the surface of the freeway read "Our families are being murdered! #Tigray genocide."
According to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), all lanes of I-5 north were blocked at Lakeview.

FOX 13 spoke with two of the demonstrators, Helen and Fedilla, off camera.

They were on the ground but for the safety of their family in Tigray wanted to remain anonymous.

"Our families are dying, our children, their kids being slaughtered," Helen said.

"We're not sure if anybody's alive, or dead or what the case is," Fedilla said.

They were a part of the peaceful caravan, which turned into a headache for those gridlocked, they said they did it for their loved ones, living through a humanitarian crisis.

"This isn't a political issue, it's ethnic cleansing, they're not going to stop until all of Tigray is dead," Fedilla said.

Friday, Nov. 4, marked two years since the war started.

During this time, these protesters and thousands of others have not been able to communicate with their families.

"They don't have electricity, they don't have phone, they don't have access to medicine. So we're here to make a point," Helen said.

The demonstrators were seen waving flags, standing and chanting out of their cars as they say 91% of the people in Tigray are being starved to death.

"Nobody wants to be on the freeway, putting anybody at risk or inconveniencing people, but it's sort of like desperate times call for desperate measures," Fedilla said.
Fedilla says a peace treaty was signed two days ago,but the situation has only worsened after Ethiopia bombed Tigray four hours later.

"Then they bombed them again the next day, so we're seeing that this isn't a matter of peace," Fedilla said.

The war now one of the deadliest conflicts in the world globally now being referred to as the Forgotten War, until now.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

💭 The warring parties in Ethiopia’s Tigray region signed a peace deal on Wednesday, but two years of civil war has taken a terrible toll on the people who live there.

There has been a communications blackout meaning little has been seen or heard from the region during the conflict.

BBC World Service has obtained this exclusive footage, the first by an international broadcaster since fighting resumed in August.

👉 Courtesy: BBC

4 months, 3 weeks ago

💭 What Happened During the Last DAYS of Biafra? Can You See the Parallel with Tigray?

😈 African Union High Representative for The Horn of Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo was Nigeria's head of state from 1976 to 1979 and later as its president from 1999 to 2007.

☆ The Reptile Olusegun Obasanjo Scares Away The Little Ethiopian girl
☆ The Reptile Queen Elizabeth Scares Away Child
☆ 50 Years after the Biafra Christian Genocide, the reptilian Genocider is sent to Ethiopia as a peacemaker. The Reptilians who awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to his genocider brother-in-arms to Abiy Ahmed Ali, because he made an alliance with the Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki. His pact with notorious Isaias, which won Abiy Ahmed a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, was essentially a war pact.
☆ Now, Olusegun Obasanjo might as well be awarded the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for the latest genocide pact between the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia and the traitor 'Tigray People's Liberation Front' (TPLF).
☆ They are all working together for a common luciferian cause of exterminating ancient Christians! We recently see this in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Ethiopia.
☆ Group Presents Life Crocodile To Reptile Obasanjo

☆ The Biafran Pogroms and Genocide (1967-1970) claimed
an estimated number of 3.5 million Christian lives

4 months, 3 weeks ago

💭 An Ethiopian man admitted he was “trying to kill people” out of contempt for America during an attempted vehicle attack at the Pentagon Friday morning, according to court records obtained by The Post.

Tamirat Tilahun Yehualawork, 36, is accused of driving a large SUV through two access checkpoints and into a secure parking lot on the grounds of the Defense Department’s headquarters in Arlington, Va. before attempting to run down a Pentagon police officer, according to his arrest affidavit.

“The officer took cover, pointed his weapon at the vehicle, and began giving verbal commands that Yehualawork ignored,” a Pentagon Force Protection Agency special agent wrote in the document. “[He] then drove over a sidewalk and through grass towards the Pentagon Mall Entrance.”

Law enforcement eventually stopped Yehualawork by “pinning his Ford Expedition with their cruisers against a parked vehicle adjacent to the mall entrance,” according to the affidavit.

Yehualawork, who entered the US on a visa but whose “immigration status is unclear,” resisted arrest and was “forcibly removed” from his vehicle, the report said.

“While being advised of his Miranda Rights, Yehualawork yelled, ‘F–k America,'” the special agent wrote in the affidavit. “After acknowledging his rights, Yehualawork told officers, ‘I hate American [sic] and I was trying to kill people.'”

He now faces federal charges of “assaulting, resisting or impeding” law enforcement and criminal trespass, according to court documents.

Alexandria US District Judge William E. Fitzgerald on Tuesday denied Yehualawork bond, noting that the affidavit “indicate[s] the defendant poses an ongoing danger to the community by clear and convincing evidence.”

💭 The 2nd part:
Remembering 911 – The Pentagon Attack History
September 11—or Meskerem 1—is Ethiopian New Year's Day

💭 Pentagon Mulls Using Elon Musk's Rockets to Deploy Troops From Space

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has been in discussions with Elon Musk's SpaceX to potentially use rockets to rapidly deploy military personnel and cargo across the planet, documents reportedly show.


4 months, 3 weeks ago

💭 Ethiopia and Tigray Forces Agree to Truce in Calamitous Civil War
After two years of fighting that left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced and facing starvation, the surprise deal came out of peace talks convened by the African Union in South Africa.

After two years of brutal civil war, the Ethiopian government and the leadership of the northern Tigray region agreed to stop fighting on Wednesday as part of a deal that offered a path out of a conflict that has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions in Africa’s second-most-populous country.

Senior officials from both sides shook hands and smiled after signing an agreement in South Africa to cease hostilities, following 10 days of peace talks convened by the African Union.

The surprise deal came one day before the second anniversary of the start of the war, on Nov. 3-4, 2020, when simmering tensions between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and the defiant leaders of the country’s Tigray region exploded into violence.

Mr. Abiy, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, initially billed the war as a “law and order” campaign that he promised would be swift, even bloodless. But it quickly degenerated into a grinding conflict accompanied by countless atrocities, including civilian massacres, gang rape and the use of starvation as a weapon of war.

The deal was signed by Getachew Reda, a senior leader in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and Redwan Hussien, Mr. Abiy’s national security adviser, in Pretoria, South Africa’s administrative capital.

It contained a raft of provisions for disarming fighters, permitting humanitarian supplies to reach Tigray — where five million people urgently need food aid — and bringing a measure of stability to Ethiopia.

“We have agreed to permanently silence the guns and end the two years of conflict in northern Ethiopia,” the two sides said in a joint statement.

But mediators warned that it was just the first step in what would most likely be difficult negotiations before a permanent peace could be achieved. It was unclear how the deal’s provisions would be monitored or carried out. And negotiators cautioned that forces inside and outside Ethiopia could yet derail the process and tip the country back into war.

Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, welcomed Wednesday’s deal as an “important step toward peace.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House spokeswoman, said, “The United States remains committed to supporting this African Union-led process.”

4 months, 3 weeks ago

🔥 Erta Ale volcano (Danakil depression, Ethiopia): intense activity in southern pit crater reported from field observations

👉 Courtesy: Volcano Discovery

Our expedition leader and guide from VolcanoDiscovery Ethiopia, Enku Mulugeta, visited the volcano in mid-October to make new observations. A couple of significant changes in the southern pit crater have been observed since the last update.

Vigorous lava spattering continues to eject hot, fresh and plastic lava clots that in turn have piled into 5-7 meters high deposits (so-called hornitos) at the northern and southern walls of the crater due to short travel distance from and/or above the vent. Hornito is considered to be rare hawaiian-type phenomena that is formed when part of lava, flowing within lava tube, escapes through a hole out of lava tube due to strong degassing in the form of spattering.

Furthermore, both hornitos are formed on the thin solidified crust of the pit crater, among which a gap resembling a cave-like lava tube appears to be prone to collapse into a large lava lake as it used to be before.
Slabs of dark, solidified crust continue to shift on the lava lake surface accompanied by typical bright orange lava glow between them.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

This video was made about 2016, it's still quite relevant. My original music is here: https://lordstompy.bandcamp.com/ For bookings, CDs or contact: [email protected] Donate to my channel: paypal.me/LordStompyMusic

4 months, 4 weeks ago

❖❖❖ Do Not Harm ZION, Do Not Dare to Touch THE ARK of The COVENANT! ❖❖❖

🔥 A quarter of Britons have resorted to skipping meals amid worsening inflationary pressures and food scarcity concerns, according to one survey.
More than four in five people in the U.K. are worried about rising living costs and their ability to afford basics necessities over the next six months.
The findings come after Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey pointed to a forthcoming “apocalyptic” food crisis.

5 months ago

❖❖❖ Do Not Harm ZION, Do Not Dare to Touch THE ARK of The COVENANT! ❖❖❖

🔥 In an ominous sign of the turbulent times we're all living in, we're starting to see people go through some really extreme things. According to new research, millions of people in America are skipping meals every day because of the high cost of food. Even in the world's richest country, families are depriving themselves of their basic necessities due to the worst cost of living crisis in a generation. In some states, nearly 75 percent of U.S. households can’t afford enough to eat. Conditions are getting exceedingly hard for our population, and to make things worse, a number of factors are now converging to create the biggest food crisis we’ve witnessed in our lifetime.

The pain caused by the highest living expenses we’ve seen since the 1970s is economically eviscerating millions of families in the US and in the entire world. A new study conducted by the UN highlights that some things that are happening right now in developing nations are “foreshadowing” what’s coming soon to America. The new report released by the UN World Food Programme uncovered that nearly 9 of 10 families in Sri Lanka are skipping meals to stretch out their food supply. The analysis underlined that what’s going on in countries like Sri Lanka right now is a “sneak peek” at what life will be like in America when food shortages and food inflation really start to bite.

In America, grocery prices have spiked to record-breaking levels, and the rising costs aren’t stopping. With grocery inflation hitting 12 percent in September, marking the highest spike over a 365-day period since 1974, a survey conducted by DebtHammer revealed that we’re not so distant from the reality that’s gripping developing nations like Sri Lanka after all.

The study found that nearly half of Americans, or 45%, are skipping meals as a result of inflated, unaffordable prices. The main reason why approximately 122 million people in the nation are eating less is to cut back on food spending to be able to afford other essential expenses, such as energy, rent, and gas, researchers noted. In some states, the percentage of people eating less to be able to get by is eerily close to Sri Lanka’s. For instance, a separate survey by CouponBirds exposed that in West Virginia, more than 7 in 10 people, or 75% of all West Virginians, are skipping meals because of the skyrocketing cost of food.

5 months ago

💭 Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni claims the only way to peace between Ukraine and Russia is military assistance to Kyiv.

The only way to facilitate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine is helping Kyiv to defend itself militarily, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni told parliament on Wednesday.

"Peace can be achieved by supporting Ukraine ... it is the only chance we have for the two sides to negotiate," Meloni told the Senate ahead of a confidence vote on her newly appointed rightist government.

Meloni has repeatedly pledged support to Kyiv, while her coalition allies Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini have been much more ambivalent on the issue due to their historic ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

5 months ago

Tigray peace talks begin in South Africa but hopes low for halt to fighting

Peace talks aiming to end the nearly two-year-old war in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia have started in South Africa, although the chances of bringing the conflict to an immediate stop are believed to be low.

Representatives of the Ethiopian government and a team sent by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a political organisation that has ruled the northern region for decades, are to spend five days together in the most serious effort yet to find a negotiated solution to the conflict.

International calls for a halt to the war have been mounting in recent weeks. Violence has intensified as both sides seek success on the battlefield to strengthen their negotiating position.

The talks have been organised by the African Union (AU), which represents more than 50 countries on the continent.

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5 months ago

👉 Courtesy: Forbes Magazine

💭 On October 25, 2022, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a warning of a heightened risk of genocide in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. According to the statement, “the situation has deteriorated exponentially as Ethiopian security forces, supported by Eritrean forces and Amhara special forces, have seized key towns and cities imperiling vulnerable Tigrayan civilians.”

As the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum added, “ethnic-based targeting and the commission of mass atrocities have been an intentional strategy of parties to the conflict between the Ethiopian and regional Tigrayn governments and their allies that began November 2020. In the past two years crimes against humanity and war crimes have been perpetrated with impunity. These crimes include murder, rape, sexual violence, persecution, and other inhumane acts. There is growing evidence of sexual slavery and forced pregnancy.”

This is not the first such warning concerning the situation in Ethiopia and the risk of genocide. Indeed, in December 2021, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum identified several warnings signs of potential genocide against the Tigray people including, “reports of massacres and other targeted killings of Tigrayn civilians, dehumanization and hate speech—amplified on social media—encouraging violence against members of the group, mass arrests and arbitrary detention, and possible collective punishment in the form of a human-made famine in the Tigray region.”

The warning comes also after, on October 17, 2022, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that, “the situation in Ethiopia is spiraling out of control. Violence and destruction have reached alarming levels. The social fabric is being ripped apart. (...) Civilians are paying a horrific price. Indiscriminate attacks — including in residential areas — are killing more innocent people every day, damaging critical infrastructure and limiting access to vital services. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes since hostilities resumed in August, many of them for the second time. We are also hearing disturbing accounts of sexual violence and other acts of brutality against women, children and men.”

These reports are not new. Among others, in August 2021, Amnesty International, published a report concluding that sexual violence in the context of the conflict “has been accompanied by shocking levels of brutality, including beatings, death threats, and ethnic slurs. (...) It is often accompanied by threats and by additional acts of physical and psychological torture aimed at causing lasting fear, and physical and psychological damage.” The majority of the interviewed women and girls were gang raped. The victims included children and pregnant women. Some of the abused women and girls were held in sexual slavery for several weeks.

5 months ago

💭 By fixating on Erdogan’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his war in Ukraine, we have neglected Turkey’s involvement in another tragedy that epitomises its uncomfortable fit within NATO: Ankara’s drone sales to Ethiopia.

The Telegraph has labelled the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as the ‘Great War of Africa’ and the ‘deadliest war in the world’. It is on track to be the bloodiest and most costly conflict of the new millennium, yet it has failed to grab major headlines.

Clashes in late August between the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the militant Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Ethiopia’s northern regions reignited a two-year civil war that has seen horrific crimes committed by both sides.

At least half a million Ethiopians have been killed and millions more displaced. These figures, which already dwarf the human cost in Ukraine, don’t include the cost of the war’s agricultural devastation during a severe drought, which the World Bank estimates will plunge 70 million East Africans into famine by next July.

Disturbingly, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed—a former Nobel Peace Prize winner—has morphed from Africa’s democratic darling into a repressive and autocratic warmonger.

Worse still, Abiy has equipped his forces with fleets of armed drones from international suppliers, including the United Arab Emirates, China and Iran. Since last November, however, when it finalised a security pact with Erdogan, the ENDF has been turbocharging its drone fleet with Turkish Bayraktar TB2s—a platform so cheap, reliable and popular it has been called ‘the Toyota Corolla of drones’.

The use of these drones has fundamentally changed the strategic calculus underpinning both sides’ behaviour, threatening to push any potential peace deal out of reach. The damage they have wrought throughout Tigray prompted UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk to issue a statement last week describing the toll on civilians as ‘utterly staggering’.

5 months ago

❖ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Saturday, October 22, 2022 (Week 42) St. Michael, St. Mattew

💭 We are in a war with satan directly as he 'seeks his kingdom/ emirate/ ummah' and the total annihilation of christians.

Today mankind is faced with 2 completely different persons:

The Sinless Jesus Christ and the false prophet Muhammad who suffered from sin, and 2 dramatically different Gods – The Almighty God of Moral Perfection Jesus and Allah (the AntiGod/ Antichrist.) By calling for more genocide of Christians and supporting Islam these wicked Aba Gedas/Ministers/Pastors have renounced God and have embraced Allah (the AntiGod/ Antichrist.)
Mankind has a choice between 2 Dramatically different Gods. On one hand The God of all peace, love, mercy and goodness (A God of Moral Perfection) or an evil Allah (the anti god/ Antichrist) of Extermination, genocide, assassination, murder, hate, Terror, torture, brutality, slavery, rape.

And 2 Completely Different Prophets


Jesus Christ was a true Prophet of peace and love, goodness and mercy.
False prophet Muhammad was a true prophet of extermination, murder, slaughter, rape, terror, torture, hate, slavery, child molestation. These are crimes
against humanity. These are crimes against The Almighy God.

Allah embracing Muslims terrorizing Christians, killing them, destroying their churches, kidnapping & raping their women, as divine, holy laws of Allah (the AntiGod/ Antichrist). What would God feel about Aba Gedas/Ministers/Pastors allying themselves with Islam which seeks the total annihilation of ancient Christians/Jews – the total obliteration of the Bible/Torah, - the total destruction of Jesus as divine, promoting eternal laws of Allah (the AntiGod). There is no brotherhood in islam. To Muslims - all non muslims are "The Other" and must be murdered.

So, there is no moral equivalence between Christianity and islam. Christians are Sanctified by the body and blood of christ received at HOLY COMMUNION. Muslims are sanctified by the blood of murdered kafirs guaranteeing accession to a virgin delight paradise.

Even if we ask that God exists, then Islam is a total and complete rejection of God and His teachings. Again, those Muslims who kill and are killed in the service of this bogus Allah are not going to ascend to paradise but will descend and join their founder Muhammad and his master Satan in the fires of hell.

5 months, 1 week ago

💭 At least half a million people have died so far from direct violence, starvation and lack of access to health care.
While the world's eyes are trained on the war in Ukraine and whether Vladimir Putin is unhinged enough to use nuclear weapons, another war rages mostly unseen some 3,000 miles away in Ethiopia.
The war is centered on the northern region of Tigray, where a long-standing political conflict between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) turned violent in 2020. The region has been under a near total blockade for most of the time since, cut off from humanitarian aid, electricity, telecommunications and banking, leaving 5.3 million civilians in dire straits. The Ethiopian government's renewed offensive has escalated the crisis even further.
Accurately estimating the dead while war continues is difficult, but the best estimates available suggest at least half a million people have died so far from direct violence, starvation and lack of access to health care. Starvation seems to be a feature rather than a bug in the government's battle plan. More recent estimates suggest that this number have died in combat alone, possibly bringing the overall deaths closer to a million.
To put it in perspective, the United Nations estimates about 6,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine so far, and estimates put military deaths in the tens of thousands. Even if these estimates are low, the best available numbers suggest that the scale of death in Ethiopia exceeds that in Ukraine many times over. And yet Ethiopia has received a small fraction of attention, both from policymakers and the media.
Calling out the atrocities for what they are would at least put Ethiopia and Eritrea on notice that the world is watching, and the long arm of international justice could ultimately prevail. Offenders in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia and Sierra Leone, to name a few, ultimately faced justice after all.

5 months, 1 week ago

💭 A bizarre opinion column published by the New York Times on Monday lamented that the American government is currently not funding abortions in Ethiopia – a country ravaged by a genocidal civil war where basic health care is increasingly difficult to access, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) warned this week.

The column, written by abortion activist Anu Kumar, notably omits that Ethiopia is in the throes of a war between its government, backed by allied Eritrea, and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a Marxist political party that previously ruled Ethiopia for nearly 30 years. The war began in November 2020, when the TPLF reportedly attacked a government military base, prompting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner, to blockade the entire Tigray region. The government has since designated the TPLF a terrorist organization and surrounded Tigray with the aid of the Eritrean military.

The Tigray blockade is reportedly causing mass starvation, depriving civilians of critical medical aid, and making it impossible for Tigrayans outside the region to know the fate of their families. Multiple international actors, including the U.S. government, have accused Abiy of “ethnic cleansing.”

The article also fails to note the years-long phenomenon of outsider pro-abortion activists complaining that the world has too many Africans, enthusiastically urging African mothers to reconsider having more children. The most prominent of these scandals occurred in 2017 when French President Emmanuel Macron, leading a nation with a dark history of oppression on the African continent, complained that Africa has a “civilizational” problem in its large families. A year later, he stated that girls in Africa were not “properly educated,” leading to too many children, and “more choice would mean fewer children in Africa.”

Advocating for abortion in Ethiopia joins support for terrorist-turned-dictator Fidel Castro in Cuba, denial of the Holodomor genocide of Ukrainians by Joseph Stalin, and the claim that women enjoyed better sex under totalitarian communist regimes among the dubious causes the New York Times has embraced throughout its existence.

The New York Times opinion piece promoting abortion in Ethiopia fails to mention that the country has been at war for nearly two years, or that basic medical services in Tigray, and in much of the rest of the country, essentially do not exist. It instead shames America for not doing enough to ensure that more babies are aborted in the Christian-majority African nation.

5 months, 1 week ago

Mobile phones and cash in a drought. Clown world.

5 months, 1 week ago

✈ In response to the following statement by deputy State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel:

💭 “US Says Iranian Drone Supplies to Russia and Ethiopia Violate UN Resolution
“Earlier today, our French and British allies publicly offered the assessment that Iran’s supply of these UAVs to Russia is a violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, and this is something that we agree with,”

👉 AP Diplomatic Writer Matt Lee asked Mr. Patel :

"Why this, all of a sudden, is now a big violation of 2231 when you didn't call it out as such before? There was nothing done in terms of action on the drones being used in Ethiopia, in Syria… No action on Ethiopia.”

But now, they call it out as 'a big violation of 2231' because these Iranian drones are being used in 'their beloved' Ukraine.

Iran sent Ethiopia armed drones in the summer of 2021 in violation of a standing UN Security Council resolution, the US State Department said on Tuesday.

By the way, Tehran got these drone technology 'inadvertently' from the US (remember the US drones 'lost' flying over Iranian airspace in 2011 & 2019?). In April 2012 (Re-election year of Barack Hussein Obama – and the drone + the billion dollars Obama & Biden given to Iran as a present ), Iran claimed it had copied technology ( reverse-engineering) from a US drone brought down in December 2011 on its eastern borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Israel has also 'inadvertently' contributed to Iran’s drone technology. When the Shahed-129 was unveiled in 2012, some noted similarities to the US MQ-1 Predator. It is a large drone able to carry eight missiles. However, analysts believe that its design can be traced back to a crashed Israeli Hermes 450 drone — two were apparently lost over Iran in the 1990s.

Furthermore, Iran gets more drones from China.

5 months, 1 week ago

💭 World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday there was a "very narrow window now to prevent genocide" in his home region of Tigray in northern Ethiopia.

Tedros, who previously served as Ethiopia's health minister and foreign affairs minister, has been sharply critical of Ethiopian authorities throughout the two-year war.

The government has, in turn, accused him of trying to procure arms and diplomatic backing for rebel forces - charges he has denied.

In his sharpest comments on the war yet, Tedros told reporters in Geneva that food and healthcare were being used as weapons of war in Tigray, which is largely cut off from the outside world.

"There's no other situation globally in which 6 million people have been kept under siege for almost two years," Tedros said. "There is a very narrow window now to prevent genocide."

5 months, 1 week ago

💭 Fighting in Ethiopia’s civil war has claimed tens of thousands of lives, while millions more face hunger and starvation. For almost two years, the Tigray region has been largely isolated and under a state of siege. Millions of Tigrayans are in need of food and lack of supplies have pushed health systems to the brink of collapse. “There is nowhere on earth”, says WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “where the health of millions of people is more under threat than in Tigray”.

5 months, 1 week ago

💭 These evil Delegates from colonized Ethiopia were surrounded by Tigrayan protesters on their walk to the 2022 IMF-WBG Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 Protesters supporting Tigray gather Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington D.C.

Our brave sister and Activist Eleni Abrha, whose father was killed in the ongoing genocide in Tigray, interrupts the genocidist finance minister Ahmed Shede's visit to the World Bank – as he prepares to beg for more money to fund the fascist Oromo regime's genocidal war against Christians of Ethiopia.

As the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia seeks international support, organizations cannot shirk their obligation to acknowledge its political realities.

This week, Ethiopia, a low-income country facing economic difficulties, is making its case for a financial bailout at the spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF.

It is also conducting a war of starvation in the northern Tigray region. Week by week soldiers are destroying everything essential to sustain life — food and farms, clinics and hospitals, water supplies.

How should the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development treat a government engaged in widespread and systematic destruction and impoverishment, not to mention killing and rape? Bank staff don’t like to make political judgments, but in this case the directors — representing the shareholders including the US and UK — cannot shirk their obligation to acknowledge the political realities in Ethiopia.
The directors of the World Bank and IMF cannot shy away from these hard issues when they consider Ethiopian requests for additional funds over the coming weeks. They should not fund Ethiopia’s self-destruction, but instead use their leverage to insist on an end to war and starvation.

European Union opposed to World Bank's $300 million grant

The World Bank’s board has approved a $300 million grant for Ethiopia to support the immediate needs of people as they face the devastation caused by conflict in the country.

A spokesperson for the European Commission told Devex, however, that the move is “premature” and potentially “counterproductive” to the nascent peace process. Analysts following Ethiopia also expressed concern that the grant would reward the government before it opens up full humanitarian access to the conflict-hit region of Tigray.

The Ethiopian government is accused of mass killings and gender-based violence, or GBV, among a range of allegations made by human rights lawyers since fighting began in the northern Tigray region in late 2020.


5 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 A Texas man was arrested after he entered a newborn baby nursery, started running around, snatched a baby and choked it while saying, “Die!”

The Odessa, Texas police department wrote about the attack on Facebook.

Marcus McGowan Jr. was arrested and charged with two counts of Attempted Capital Murder, as well as Assault, Assault of a Public Servant, Resisting Arrest, Attempting to Take a Weapon From an Officer, Criminal Trespass, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

On Monday evening, the Odessa Police Department arrested an 18-year-old man who allegedly broke into the newborn nursery at Odessa Regional Medical Center and assaulted two infants along with a group of medical staff trying to help the babies. Now an affidavit has revealed new details about the events that led to the arrest of Marcus McCowan Jr.

McCowan has been charged with two counts of Attempted Capital Murder, as well as Assault, Assault of a Public Servant, Resisting Arrest, Attempting to Take a Weapon From an Officer, Criminal Trespass, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

According to the affidavit, around 6:30 p.m. on October 3, officers with the Odessa Police Department were called to ORMC, located at 520 E 6th Street after nurses called 911 and said a man was choking an infant. Officers arrived on the scene and, after a brief scuffle in which McCowan tried to resist, placed him in handcuffs. Investigators said as McCowan was being escorted away, he tried twice to take an officer’s gun from his holster but was unsuccessful.
Once McCowan was removed from the Labor and Delivery unit, investigators met with several nurses and a respiratory therapist who explained in detail what transpired.

McCowan was visiting the hospital because his girlfriend was in labor. According to one nurse, McCowan approached her at the nurse’s station and grabbed her arm and made an “unintelligible statement”. He was asked to leave the area and nurses said he then began running back and forth in the hall. The nurses called McCowan’s actions “odd and unreasonable”.

McCowan then reportedly approached a new mom who was holding her newborn in a baby carrier while waiting to be discharged. The nurses said McCown began focusing his attention on the newborn, but briefly walked away when the new mother moved her child from his line of sight. A short time later, nurses said they heard stomping and then saw McCowan running toward them at full speed while yelling and screaming.

💭 Texas & Tegray (Ethiopia) Massacres + Tedros (TE) & The Queen | ትግራይና ቴክሳስ + ቴድሮስ & ንግሥቲቱ

☆ TExas
☆ TEgray (Tigray)
☆ TEdros (Tigray Native)
☆ TEsla (Besides, Elon Musk owns Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH = Ethiopia)

5 months, 3 weeks ago

👹 U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, who is retiring at the end of the year, was in Ethiopia this past weekend. For the 2nd time since the fascist Oromo-Islamo-Protestant regime began the genocidal war two years ago against Orthodox Christians of Tigray, Ethiopia. Of course, the Senator gave 👹 evil Abiy Ahmed Ali another green light to massacre children and women of Tigray. Today, the fascist Oromo's air force conducted a horrific drone attack in Adi Daero town of Tigray. The air strike on Tigray camp for displaced people killed dozens of children and elderly. This is the second time in a month.😠😠😠 😢😢😢

👉 In the video:

👹 Senator James Inhofe visits the black Hitler, Abiy Ahmed Ali.
Ethiopian leaders have expressed their genocidal intent in closed-door talks & openly on social media platforms. A while ago, their supporters called, openly, to 'drain the sea.' Look at what's happening in # Tigray; # TigrayGenocide is not a plan anymore, nor is it a hidden desire

💭 TigrayGenocide | The Nobel Peace Laureate PM A. Ahmed The Black Adolf Hitler?
🐷 የኖቤል የሰላም ተሸላሚው ግራኝ አሕመድ አሊ ጥቁሩ አዶልፍ ሂትለር ነውን?

☆ M & M ☆
👉 Hitler's Book: 'Mein Kampf/My Struggle' = Abiy Ahmed's Book : Medemer/ Synergy
☆ M & M ☆ = 👉 Mohammad + Martin Luther
👉 Senator Jim Inhofe, Presbyterian Protestant Guardian of Pentecostal-Muslim Protestant Abiy Ahmed Ali

💭 ትግራይ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል | የኖቤል የሰላም ተሸላሚ ጠ / ሚ አሕመድ ጥቁር አዶልፍ ሂትለር?
☆ መ & መ ☆
👉 የሂትለር መጽሐፍ "ማይን ካምፍ / ትግሌ" = የአብይ አህመድ መጽሐፍ መደመር
☆ መ & መ ☆ = መሀመድ + ማርቲን ሉተር

👉 ፕሬስበቴሪያን ፕሮቴስታንቱ ሴናተር ጂም ኢንሆፌ = የፔንጠቆስጤ-ሙስሊሙ ፕሮቴታንት አቢይ አህመድ አሊ ጠባቂ

💭 Protestant Jihad | Is The Tigray Crisis God’s Judgment or the Regime’s? Ethiopian Christians Take Sides
💭 Green Light from USA to The Fascist Oromo Regime of Ethiopia to Go Ahead with Genocide of Christians?

5 months, 3 weeks ago

🔥 The Wrath Of God?

Florida is a nice place, but it unfortunately has become a lot like California, representing both the best and the worst that America has to offer. This is especially true in the area of homosexuality. While there are many conservative and religious Floridians, there are a tremendous amount of sodomites and immoral activity that takes place there. Given the serious moral decay of America that we see taking place before our eyes and the increasing disrespect for even the most basic of Christian morality, looking at this storm I began to wonder if perhaps, in some way, it was connected to this crisis.

The word “Hurricane” originally comes from the Taino Indians, a people who inhabited the Caribbean and parts of Florida when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. The original world, “Huracan,” was a god of evil in their pagan religion, and the natives thought that these storms were attacks from this evil diety. Interesting.
For many years, it has been popular to give Hurricanes a name to distinguish them from others. Certain names, however, are retired from circulation because they are associated with particular catastrophes, such as Hugo (1989), Andrew (1992), and Katrina (2005). This hurricane is named Matthew, which of course comes from the New Testament Evangelist St. Matthew, whose traditional sign used by the early Christians and continuing today in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is that of an angel:

The Book of Kells, the oldest New Testament in Ireland, showing the four evangelists. St. Matthew is depicted as an angel in the upper left quadrant.

Angels -the ones obedient to God- in the Bible always play important roles in executing God’s will, both for aiding man in his struggle for righteousness and punishing him in accordance with God’s will. In the Old Testament angels appeared to Moses when he was in the desert, and the angel St. Raphael came to the aid of Tobit when he was under attack from the demon Asmodeus. In the New Testament it was the angel Gabriel who announced Jesus’ conception to St. Mary, an angel who announced to the Holy women news of Jesus’ resurrection, and it the book of Revelations it is St. Michael the Archangel who battles against the ancient dragon. Yet also in the same Bible it was angels who guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were expelled from it on account of their sin, and it was the angel of death who slew by the command of God the firstborn of every living creature in Egypt following Moses prophecy to the Pharaoh about God’s impending punishment for his refusal to free the Hebrews from their bondage. Interesting.

5 months, 3 weeks ago

+ 💭 Queen Elizabeth II in Ethiopia February 1965
💭 Westminster Abbey, which is directly under the monarch’s jurisdiction, currently refuses to return the Holy Tablet

George Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury, has told The Art Newspaper that he is “astonished and saddened” that Westminster Abbey is refusing to return a sacred Tabot to Ethiopia. For the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a Tabot is a holy tablet that symbolically represents the Ark of the Covenant.

London’s Westminster Abbey is what is known as a Royal Peculiar, which puts it directly under the monarch’s jurisdiction. This means that returning the Tabot might well require the blessing of the monarch, the supreme governor of the Church of England.

In July 2018 The Art Newspaper revealed that the Ethiopian government was calling for the restitution of the abbey’s Tabot. Although King Charles III will now be dealing with a myriad of pressing issues, he is known to be sympathetic towards the Eastern Churches. More than 150 years after its acquisition, an appeal to the new king for the return of the Tabot might finally prove successful.

Westminster Abbey’s Tabot was looted at the battle of Maqdala (Magdala) in 1868, when British troops attacked the forces of emperor Tewodros. The Tabot was then acquired by Captain George Arbuthnot of the Royal Artillery.

Arbuthnot donated the Tabot to the abbey. Two years later a new altar was commissioned for the Henry VII Lady Chapel. The dean inserted the Tabot into the back of the altar, where it remained visible, along with two other sacred objects: fragments from the high altar of Canterbury Cathedral and the leading Greek Orthodox church in Damascus.

The Ethiopian Church has a strict belief that Tabot should not be seen, other than by priests. In 2010 the abbey therefore added a covering so that its Tabot is no longer visible behind the altar. Today a ghost-like rectangle where the front of the tablet could once be viewed can just be made out.

An abbey spokesperson said last month that “there are no current plans [for its return], but the future of the Tabot is kept under review”.

Carey, who served as archbishop from 1991 to 2002, told us just before the Queen’s death that he is disturbed that the Church of England “has not returned a sacred object belonging to another faith and country”.

💭 British Museum considers loan of ‘invisible’ objects back to Ethiopia

The British Museum holds 11 Tabot, the largest collection in the UK. To reflect the prohibition on them being seen, they are kept in an underground store that even the museum’s staff cannot enter.

Tabot since 1990. The group argues that the museum would legally be able to deaccession, under an exemption which allows it to dispose of objects that are “unfit to be retained”. Since the Tabot cannot be seen, the pressure group argues that there is no point in them remaining in the museum’s collection—and they should be returned to Ethiopia.

5 months, 4 weeks ago

❖❖❖ R.I.P ለሁሉም ነፍሳቸውን ይማርላቸው ❖❖❖
💭 Florida (FL) – ADI rolf = ADI Daero (E) – ADOLF + ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front 'Jebha')

Eritrean war planes bombed ADI Dearo. ELF is a Jihadist group created by Arabs. USA + Canada + Europe + Israel + Russia + Ukraine + China supported UAE + Iran + Turkey drones massacring Orthodox Christians in Tigray, Ethiopia.

The DAY after the ADI Daero (The region of Ethiopia where The Ark of The Covenant is preserved) Massacre – this tragedy in Florida – ADI rolf = ADI Daero

💭 Catastrophic Destruction Leaving Hundreds Dead In Florida Hurricane Aftermath. Hurricane Ian ravaged the area and collapsed part of the Sanibel Causeway

💭 The Conspiracy of Silence: The world and its media outlets are of course silent on this story: Ethiopia: Christians Carpet Bombed by The Nobel Peace Laureate & His Foreign Mercenaries – over 50 children massacred.


💭 Residents in the Northern Ethiopian city of Adi Daero, in Tigray scream in agony while searching for their families in the ash and trying to rescue people trapped under a rubble. A mother is heard shouting loudly "my son, my son, I lost him..."

Yesterday, unEthiopian fascist Oromo regime's and Eritrean air forces bombarded many towns in Tigray including Shire, Adi Daero and Mekelle.
Adi Daero Massacre, in Tigray Ethiopia, 27 September 2022

This barbaric act was carried out on 27 September 2022 – on the very day Christians celebrated the annual Christian festival of the Meskel (which means “CROSS” in Ethiopic), marking the finding of the “True Cross” on which Jesus Christ was crucified. The festival is one of the major religious celebrations of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia.

💭 Six million People Silenced: A Two-Year Internet and Phone Outage in Ethiopia
💭 ስድስት ሚሊዮን ሕዝብ ታፈነ፤ በኢትዮጵያ የሁለት ዓመት የኢንተርኔት እና የስልክ አገልግሎት መቋረጥ

✞✞✞[2 Corinthians 10:4-6]✞✞✞
"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled."

5 months, 4 weeks ago

Hostilities in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region escalated as air strikes and the mobilization of troops in towns on either side of the border with neighboring Eritrea forced tens of thousands more people to flee their homes.

The renewed hostilities after a five-month ceasefire threaten to hamper Ethiopia’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for a new loan and inflame regional tensions in the two-year-long conflict.

New satellite imagery of one of the world’s most reclusive nations shows a military buildup inside Eritrea near the border with Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, backing up witness accounts of a new, large-scale offensive.

Eritrea has fought alongside Ethiopia against Tigray forces. It rejects allegations that its soldiers committed some of the worst atrocities in the conflict that began in late 2020. Witnesses in Eritrea this month told The Associated Press that people including students and public servants are being rounded up across the nation and sent to fight in the new offensive.

The satellite imagery provided by Maxar Technologies shows what Maxar described as battle tanks, self-propelled howitzers and a M-46 field gun battery in the Eritrean town of Serha, near the border, on Sept. 19. The town is across the border from the Tigray town of Zalambessa, one of the first communities overrun in the war.

Eritrea is one of the world’s most closed countries to independent journalists, and images from there related to the war in Ethiopia are rare.

Last week, Tigray forces accused Eritrea of launching a full-scale offensive along the border in what appeared to be an escalation of fighting that renewed in August after months of relative calm.

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6 months ago

👹 The Problem is Abiy, not Ethiopia

☆ Increasingly, Abiy’s vitriol toward the TPLF appears to be a projection or his own mindset, and not rooted in reality.

☆ Abby treats anyone who does not agree completely with him as an enemy. Here, he repeats the experience of Erdogan, Turkey’s president.

☆ Rather than engage professionally, the Abby regime prefers to rely on trolls. Such tactics always backfire.

☆ That Abiy appears to have blessed a foreign invasion of Ethiopia is treasonous on its face.

☆ Abby embraces the attitude, l’état, c’est moi, but he is wrong. Ethiopia is a great nation. It is not a single man. Abby’s campaign in Tigray has been a disaster. It should mark the end of Abby’s rule, but that does not mean an end to Ethiopia – unless Ethiopians continue to follow Abiy on his suicide mission.

Source: https://www.19fortyfive.com/2022/09/how-ethiopias-abiy-ahmed-lost-the-world/

6 months ago

😠😠😠 ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ! 😢😢😢
💭 Residents in the Northern Ethiopian city of Adi Daero, in Tigray scream in agony while searching for their families in the ash and trying to rescue people trapped under a rubble. A mother is heard shouting loudly "my son, my son, I lost him..."

Yesterday, 'unEthiopian' fascist Oromo regime's and Eritrean air forces bombarded many towns in Tigray including Shire, Adi Daero and Mekelle.

6 months ago

Go to my YouTube channel to watch the complete video:

6 months ago

💭 Did a Nobel Peace Laureate Stoke a Civil War?
👉 Courtesy: The New Yorker
💭 My Note: No coincidence that this story came out during the annual Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Celebrations of Meskel (The Cross) / Demera. Of course, the attention seeker evil Oromo fascist Abiy Ahmed Ali gave him his blessing.

„Abiy spoke about how Ethiopia could be useful to its allies. For one thing, he suggested, Ethiopia could “fight their wars” for them. He had noticed that Westerners no longer seemed eager to send their sons into combat, but Ethiopians were good fighters, he said, and did not have the same qualms.

“But Abiy has other funders who are less concerned with human-rights vio­lations. On a helicopter trip to Awash National Park, a swampy wilderness east of Addis, he travelled with a group of Emiratis, whom he introduced vaguely as “friends.”

“Ethiopia’s relationship with the United States was a preoccupation for Abiy. During a helicopter trip through the countryside, he turned away from the view and declared how much he “loved” the U.S. “Really,” he said. “America is a beautiful country. And the Americans are very good people. And I know the country, maybe better than some Americans!”

6 months ago

👹 Muslims Take Christian Woman, Saw Her Legs Off, Cut Her Fingers Off, Put Her Severed Finger Into Her Mouth, And Strip Her Naked. One Muslim Man Says: “Look At The Bitch… She Became A Rock.’

On Friday, the Armenian Ministry of Defence confirmed that the woman in question was killed during the clashes on 13–14 September along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

The footage, ostensibly filmed by a Muslim Azerbaijani soldier, shows a number of bodies of Armenian soldiers, including two women.

One of the women has been stripped naked with text written across her breasts and stomach. A stone has been placed in her eye socket and a severed finger in her mouth.

The man filming the scene comments in Azerbaijani: ‘look at the bitch, there are two women. She became a rock.’

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces spoke about the footage during a visit by foreign diplomats to the resort town of Jermuk in the southern Vayots Dzor Province on Friday. The town was subject to Azerbaijani shelling, with Azerbaijani troops taking control of positions near the town during the fighting.

‘They committed atrocities in our combat positions against our service members, including women service members’, Edward Asryan told the diplomats. ‘I can’t find words to describe how they dismembered a female soldier, cut off her legs, and fingers, stripped her naked, this is the ultimate level of cruelty’, he added, promising to show the video to them.

😠😠😠 😢😢😢

6 months ago

👹 Turkey's Erdogan: Armenian attitude towards Azerbaijan will have consequences
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday Armenia's attitude towards Azerbaijan was unacceptable and would have consequences, after days of clashes between the two neighbors.

"We find the situation that has occurred due to Armenia's violation of the agreement - reached after the (2020) war that resulted in the victory of Azerbaijan - to be unacceptable," Erdogan told a rally in the Turkish capital Ankara.

"We hope that Armenia returns from this wrong path as soon as possible and uses its time and energy to strengthen peace," Erdogan added.

"This attitude will, of course, cause consequences for the Armenian side, which not only does not fulfill the terms of the signed agreement but also constantly displays an aggressive attitude."

🛑 No More Armenian Genocides: The World Must Restrain Azerbaijan and Turkey

🔥 The World’s First Christian Nation Is Under Attack.

On September 13, 2022, the Azerbaijani military launched a large-scale assault on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Cities and towns deep inside Armenian territory have been bombed. So far, the Armenian government has confirmed 49 soldiers killed; the true death toll, among both soldiers and civilians, is surely higher.

Russia has brokered a fragile ceasefire, but fresh attacks were reported this morning. France has announced that it will raise the situation at the UN Security Council.

This attack represents yet another stage in the Armenian Genocide. This genocide process began in the late 19th century, when the Ottoman Empire massacred hundreds of thousands of Armenian Christians, and reached its peak in 1915-1923, when the Empire liquidated the Christian populations of Anatolia and sponsored anti-Armenian massacres in the Caucasus. From 1988-1994, Azerbaijan carried out further ethnic cleansing of Armenian Christians.

💭 World War III | Anti-Christ Turkey Bombing The World's Most Ancient Christian Nations: Armenia & Ethiopia

6 months, 1 week ago

👹 Edomites Awarded The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to the evil genocider Abiy Ahmed – and Ishmaelites gave him The 2022 Islamic 'Jihad Award'

☆ Noble Peace Prize = License for Genocide
☪ Islamic Prize = A reward for Jihad

💭 The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War | NYTimes

❖❖❖[Psalm 83:5-8]❖❖❖
“For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant: The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites;
Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assyria also has joined with them; They have become a help to the children of Lot. Selah.”

6 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 And this is happening with the help and conspiracy of the West -- the day after Ethiopian New Year's Day – 9/11. The world is not giving enough attention to this crucial phenomenon. To this wicked world, death of the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II matters more than the life and fate of Armenian and Ethiopian Christian Children.

🛑 ሦስተኛው የዓለም ጦርነት | ፀረ-ክርስቶስ ቱርክ በሁለቱ ጥንታዊ የክርስቲያን ሀገራት፤ አርሜኒያ እና ኢትዮጵያ ላይ የቦምብ ጥቃት በመፈጸም ላይ ናት

ይህ እየሆነ ያለው ደግሞ በኢትዮጵያውያን አዲስ ዓመት ቀን ማግስት - 9/11 ነው። ዓለም ለዚህ ወሳኝ ክስተት በቂ ትኩረት እየሰጠ አይደለም። ለዚህ ክፉ ዓለም የ፺፮/96 ዓመቷ ንግሥት ኤልሳቤጥ ዳግማዊ ሞት ከአርመንና ከኢትዮጵያውያን ክርስቲያን ልጆች ሕይወትና ዕጣ ፈንታ የበለጠ አስፈላጊ ነው።

🛑 World War III started on Sep 27, 2020 when Turkey and Azerbaijan waged a coordinated Jihad against Christian Armenians of the Republic of Artsakh ( Nagorno-Karabakh). Even Jewish Israel supported Islamic Azerbaijan.

👉 As we read in “Haaretz”

💭 Strange Bedfellows

“In trying to describe the conduct of the parties involved in this fight, a cynical observer might quote from “The Tempest,” Shakespeare’s last play: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” This is how Turkey and Israel, currently hostile to one another (with Recep Tayyip Erdogan stating only last week that Jerusalem belongs to the Moslems), find themselves both supporting Azerbaijan, a Shi’ite Moslem country. On the other side, Iran, a third of whose population is of Azeri extraction (including its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei), is supporting Christian Armenia and, according to some reports, supplying it with weapons. Russia, which has a military base in Armenia, is trying to please everyone, arming Azerbaijan as well. The same pattern of behavior characterizes the Kremlin’s policy in Syria, with Vladimir Putin assisting the regime of Bashar Assad and the Iranians, while providing Israel with “silent encouragement” for carrying out air strikes against Iranian positions, Hezbollah and Shi’ite militias. Greece, a strategic ally of Israel, currently in conflict with Turkey over the transport of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean basin, is supporting Armenia.....One other issue that should worry Israel and any other conscientious Jew is that Israel, the state of a people that was murdered in the Holocaust, is refusing to recognize the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire during World War I, a genocide avant la lettre.”

🛑 World War III started on Nov 4, 2020 (as America's presidential election hogs the international media spotlight) after the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia supported by Eritrea, the UAE, Turkey, Somalia, China, Iran and many other Eastern and Western nations waged a coordinated Jihad against Christian Ethiopians of Tigray. Even Jewish Israel to some extent supported the genocidal Islamic-Protestant Oromo regime of Ethiopia.

👉 As we read in „Jewish Insider„

💭 Are Israel and Iran competing on the same side in Ethiopia?


6 months, 2 weeks ago

Forces in northern Ethiopia's Tigray region that have been fighting the central government for nearly two years said on Sunday they are ready for a ceasefire and would accept an African Union-led peace process. Reuters reported.

The announcement was made amid a flurry of international diplomacy after fighting flared last month for the first time in months in northern Ethiopia, torpedoing a humanitarian truce. Al-Jazeera reported.

“The government of Tigray is prepared to participate in a robust peace process under the auspices of the African Union,” said a statement by the authorities in the northernmost region of Tigray. Al-Jazeera reports.

The African Union (AU) welcomed the TPLF's announcement, calling it a "unique opportunity towards the restoration of peace" in Ethiopia, the AU chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat said in a statement late Sunday. CNN reported.




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6 months, 2 weeks ago

💭 On Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022 / Pagumen 3, 2014, according to the Ethiopian calendar) Orthodox and Catholic Ethiopian Christians celebrated Feast of the Archangel Raphael.

❖ Sunday, 11 September is Ethiopian New Year's Day which marks Meskerem or September 1st, 2015 -- the first day within the Ethiopian calendar

😇 The Feast of the Archangel Raphael

One of the most important miracles of Saint Raphael is commemorated on the third day of Pagumen (Ethiopians follow a 13-month calendar – and the 13th month is called Pagumen).

One of the most important miracles of Saint Raphael is commemorated on the third day of Pagumen. The miracle is related to a Church dedicated to the archangel and is said to have been constructed on an island outside the city of Alexandria in Egypt. It is said that the church was threatened to be demolished by a whale and started shaking whilst the believers were praying inside the church. It was later saved miraculously by the Archangel Raphael.

The story described in the Book of Tobit, an Old Testament scripture, states that Saint Raphael was revealed to a man named Tobia who had a blind father called Tobit. The archangel instructed Tobia to fish in the River of Tigris and the heart and liver of a fish is said to have been served to Tobit, and that cured his eyes. According to the same story, a woman named Sarah (not the wife of Abraham) was married to seven husbands one after another, but all died on the first night of the marriage.

Saint Raphael intervened and told Tobia to marry Sarah. He miraculously exorcised the evil spirit and Tobia was spared the fate of Sarah’s previous husbands. St. Raphael is also believed to have been empowered by God to intervene for fruitful marriage, fertility and to reduce the labor during childbirth. He is also said to have performed a number of miracles on this day (Pagumen). That’s why the day is celebrated with special vivacity in the churches dedicated to the Archangel.

Pagumen is also called Rehiwe Semay literally meaning ‘The opening of heaven’. It is believed that on this day the prayers of believers reach before God in a special manner, and hence the term Rehiwe Semay. The rain that falls on this day is also considered Holy; it is believed that it blesses Christians and protects them from infirmity and bad fortune. On this day, we see children rinsing in the rain to receive blessing. Women add drops of the sacred rainwater to their dough to have their Injera and bread blessed.

😇 May Archangel Raphael’s Intercession be with us, Amen!

6 months, 2 weeks ago

😇 The Feast of the Assumption of Saint Mary 😇

Filseta (Ge'ez: ፍልሰታ) or The Assumption of Virgin Mary is a feast day observed by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

The Assumption of Virgin Mary is the most highly honored feast among all the feasts of the Saints. Observed on August 22 (August/Nehase 16 According to the Ethiopian calendar), the Feast of the Assumption commemorates the entrance of Saint Mary’s corporeal body and soul into heaven as she preceded the faithful believers, taking her seat at the right hand of her bridegroom and Son. The feast is based on the conviction that the Lord did not permit the body in which He Himself had dwelt to fall prey to corruption and dissolution: though Mary as a human being underwent death, she was taken up into heaven. To Ethiopians, the celebration of this event bears a powerful witness to the eschatological truth of their faith. As members of the Church, they await the final consummation. On the Last Day, the righteous will rise from the grave and be united once more to a body–not a body such as we possess now, but one that is transfigured and “spiritual” a body in which inward sanctity is made outwardly manifest. The Ethiopian faithful, assured of their resurrection first and foremost by the resurrection of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, are being further assured by the Assumption of their sister, the Virgin Mary, and therefore observe the Feast of the Assumption with high honor and supreme joy. (1 Cor. 15:40-42)

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians have a striking loyalty to their faith which is easily observed during such seasons as the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. This devotion is expressed, as we have seen, through the rich and varied hymns and prayers dedicated to the Virgin, in addition to the splendid titles and the poetic imagery which are associated with her. Thus, Ethiopians have retained a sense of the mystery and miracle of the incarnation of God, God’s relationship with humanity, the divine maternity of Mary, her favor with God and her identity with the people of God throughout the ages. Almost every facet of the Ethiopian Orthodox liturgy and worship is an elaboration of the grace of God extended to humanity in the mystery of the incarnation of our Lord anti Savior Jesus Christ through the holy Virgin Mary. In this respect, Ethiopian Christians see the election of the Virgin by God as the instrument for the work of salvation.

The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is important for Ethiopian Orthodox believers for several reasons. For one thing, much of the life of the Orthodox is spent in recitation of the prayers and of the devotional literature honoring the Virgin Mary. Throughout their lives, they listen time and again to the stories of the Virgin’s life and hardships, joys and sorrows contained in the apocryphal gospels and The Book of the Miracles, as well as others....

7 months, 1 week ago

Thumbnail caption:
Grace McKinley walks her daughter and a friend through an angry crowd on the way to Fehr Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 9, 1957. One member of the crowd holds a sign that reads, “God is the author of segregation.”

Have fun and love White Christian America

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Vimeo channel : Leo Plunkett
comment on channel:
gorka [5 years ago]
Im so impressive with this pretty video, maybe my next trip next January. Witch camera and program do you use to edit? many thanks


|Relevant| |Films|

Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 12:15 PM EST


#Landscape, #BMPCC, #Black magic, #Galada, #Ethiopia,


a white woman defending my family and the people of ethiopia ? - Emperor Haille Lasaillasse ### #EagleFM #CLEMENTINE 8:08 PM till 8:09 PM.. what lies... good question... ansWer was ut will take a lot of #time #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL
#NAMIBIA what happened at #EAGLE_FM you have your 'seat at the table?'' ###
ethiopia supposed to be a orthodox coptic christian nation? #FAIL #CHURCH #FAIL #FAIL #antichrist @hate @JESUS CHRIST ##. Lord what do you have to say to them? I WILL UTTERLY DESTROY YOUR NATION. it will be desolate and barren###

#CANNIBAL #CAINE #ABEL #two sons (twins) of #EVE##.
#SAVAGE #SAVAGES people of ethiopia are #lillith's #soawn #spawn
vimeo: Ethiopia-181396277.fdash-fastly_skyfire_sep-video-1f0cee83.mp4
[download] 100% of 106.17MiB
bitchute: owjMVMklbtDe-video.mp4

8 months ago