This week in Business News, Vivaldi blocks cookie popups, AlmaLinux now has commercial support, and Spotify is set to increase prices. Office looks to kill off Calibri, Apple sued over movie purchases, and Nestle issued a cease and desist over CA water bottling. Finally, EU issues new rules requiring certain content to be removed from the Internet in one hour. We also have some SillyVille articles.

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00:00 Vivaldi Cookie Blocker
01:12 AlmaLinux Commercial
02:02 Spotify Price Increase
03:11 New Office Font
05:02 Apple Sued Over Movie Sales
08:07 Nestle Stealing CA Water
13:31 Uber Price Plunge
15:32 EU Internet Rules
18:18 Affiliate - ExpressVPN
19:13 Telegraming With Grandma
21:51 Beavers Kill Canada Internet
22:56 Felony VHS Embezzelment
25:17 Subscribestar

All Articles:

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+++ Das EU-Parlament hat kapituliert +++ - Guido Reil

Video: Das EU-Parlament hat kapituliert.

#eu #parlament #euparlament #diktatur #politik

9 months ago