I cut EVERY deep and gravelly wow, plus a few other choice phrases to round out this Documovie Preview. I hope you enjoy watching this half as much as I enjoyed making it. Please download it and make into other memes. This is great raw material for a youtube poop. This is my OC project, but I want the whole world to participate in improving my art. This is only a rough draft before I polish it up. I had to get the WOWs out there ASAP. I was working on trimming the 2 hour documovie for twice as long as I should have, since the first five hours, I lost the project when my computer had an episode. It was a blessing because I had a non HD version, and I replaced the Original source with an HD version. I saved it in 1080p. If you have a telegram, I can give it to you there, instead of this seemingly lower quality version.

Thanks for laughing, I know I sure did!

5 months, 3 weeks ago