John Podesta Executed at GITMO
By Michael Baxter - June 1, 2021

Traitor. Murderer. Pedophile. Luciferian. Clinton co-conspirator. John Podesta was the embodiment of evil-“was” being the operative word. On Tuesday morning at precisely 8:00 a.m. GITMO time, a military firing squad composed of Marine volunteers gave Podesta a 6-gun salute-center mass...

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Many celeb's

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Crucified Barbara - Into The Fire (2012 The Midnight Chase)

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About time. Bye Bye Hillary.

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Male Actors Executed.

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Obama`s Executed

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Sympathy For The Queen July 19, 2020
Two things I heard recently disturbed me and so I must report them to you
There is a list of 81 famous people who were reportedly tried and executed ...Now could that possibly be true?
What did these 81 famous people do?
Are all of these popular people really dead?
I saw a photo and the caption read:

One day 10 children went on a picnic with the Queen and were never heard from again

If the Queen worships Satan and they have sacrificial rituals, were the missing children tortured and slain?

Look into the face of any child and it's immediately clear

Why we hold these youngsters so close to our hearts and dear

What happened to those ten innocent children?

There have been accusations that the Queen is reptilian

Apparently, things are not always what they seem

What happened to those ten children who picnicked with the Queen?

When kids go on a picnic and then disappear, forever, rumors about what happened to them flow like a flood

Were these ten youngsters terrified, then murdered, so the Queen could drink their blood?

Did any of the participants fear being caught and prosecuted?

There are recent reports of ongoing military tribunals and the rumor is that the Queen was tried, found guilty and executed

Are they suggesting that 'royalty' is this kind of slime?

How many of the royal family were executed and for what crime?

We can't believe everything we hear and at this point, we don't know if we should shed a tear, have a beer or stand up on a table and cheer

The news is shocking, appalling and a bit unusual

Where is the confirmation of a military tribunal?

The people desperately want to know

Who was involved and if this is really so?

Who leaked this information and what proof was presented?

How, exactly, does one arrest the Queen

What did they say to her and how was she apprehended?

Was the Queen legally defended?

Who was present, when the Queen's life ended?

Lastly, the people want to know who made the decision and how was justice rendered?

Ten children vanish without a proper funeral

Rumors spread of a military tribunal

Did anyone hear a scream?

Is this real or just a dreadful dream?

Did the military execute the Queen?

There are things that one must not do and murdering children is a deed which society strictly forbids

One wonders if the Queen worshiped Satan and was found guilty of crimes against these and other defenseless kids

Is Queen Elizabeth dead?

Queen Executed, Replaced By a Double

The Queen is a Satanist

The Queen of England And The Children Who 'Disappeared'


Queen Elizabeth and 10 Missing Children Truth With Trishaly -FOUND GUILTY

Thread Reader: Child Trafficking

Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal

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Warning! Caution advised!
Tell me this homeless man was breaking the law, please.

Good resources:

TruthVids - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/truthvids/

Christianity for the thinking man



Zionist Crimes;


Holocaust Handbooks

Enjoy my Brothers and Sisters! Yahweh Bless!

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Track - Sentenced And Executed
Artist - Mossart Music
Speaker - Charles Lawson

Mossart is a unique sound for the soul. This is a collection of audio compositions from Mossart Music, with each work of art expressing a period out of real time. He uses very exclusive and meticulous sounds to create a type of emotion that in some way we can all feel. Mossart Music is created with the holy spirit and all glory goes to our father, God who art in Heaven. Think of this as a soundtrack to the end times, we are all witnessing here on earth. We must always remember to honor and obey God's laws, as well as keep our faith strong, to fight against temptations that arise on a daily basis.

Genesis 24:27 "As for me, the Lord has guided me in the way."

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