+NOTE: This is MY THIRD FUCKING TIME trying to upload this video to BitChute. The other two got stuck in 'Process and Publish'. Absolutely ridiculous. This site is horrid. Go to JoshWhoTV instead. Now onto the video itself...

Friday night is the second installment of the Convideodrome Thunderdome series, spun off from its first appearance on Various Vortices back in August into its own thing now. Anyway, as with last time, its an at-home concert. We will hear live versions of some new and old songs: From the indie rock of '5G' and 'Animal Kingdom' to the experimental industrial funkhop of 'My God Machine' and brand spankin' new song 'Serpentine Fashion', the psych dub of 'Alien Psyop' and much much more! Half a dozen or so of the songs are different than last show. For some, it is their first time being performed live ('Chinatown', 'Cold As Ice', others). See ya there, bitches! The show will be followed by a separate stream of repeats from earlier in the year. There were technical difficulties with streaming to JWTV and Flote so I ended up only streaming on D Live and Bitwave.

1.) Two Trains Two Wolves
2.) Chinatown
3.) Cold As Ice
4.) From Within This Whirlwind
5.) My God Machine
6.) 5G
7.) Animal Kingdom
8.) Alien Psyop
9.) Serpentine Fashion
10.) The Seraphim Speaks To Me

I was going to play more songs but I ran out of time and didn't want to keep the neighbors up.

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Best of Medulla Mactabile Maculae's music "UNIDENTIFIED HITS" release available on 93.93 publishing from 24/04/2020


Medulla Mactabile Maculae on Bandcamp

Original video, music & production by Mihailo Dragojevic

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Alec Empire is best known for his work with legendary digital hardcore outfit Atari Teenage Riot, but his most recent project is the soundtrack to a new German/French film 'Volt'. The film depicts a near-future Germany where the borders have been closed and refugees are collected in camps, and violence spills over after a policeman accidentally kills a refugee. German label Dependent has released Empire's soundtrack - digitally and on double 180gr vinyl. Empire says he was influenced by 'Escape from New York' - specifically the way director/composer John Carpenter underlaid the film with specifically written sparsely orchestrated leitmotifs. Cut with footage from 'Volt', we're premiering a video for the track 'Victims of Authority'. _ Ransom Note is an online music, arts and culture magazine. We provide a home for readers and writers with boundless enthusiasm, esoteric knowledge, fierce opinions and impeccable taste. With our core team immersed in all aspects of dance music, we publish news, articles, and interviews covering the greatest in innovative, underground culture from across the globe. We offer regular, exclusive music and mixtapes from our favourite artists, and publish features shining a light on everything from the freshest new artists to the untold tales from rave history. Alongside this we offer musings on film, books, life, and art, generating some context and controversy as an antidote to the reheated PR that clogs up the internet. Our office is fuelled by Tunnock’s Bars, cat memes, hangovers and a ridiculous, never ending love for our culture.

Editing and post production by Zan Lyons

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Website: https://infomag.es/

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Clown College Music Video by Wolf Tijuana

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This video is about how the Deep State assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963.
Music from the album "1963" by US-based Electronica duo NAVASA
℗ 2017 Abraca Pocus (BMI) Everett & Biribauer
For more info go to www.navasa.band
Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1963/1444810473
Speech excerpts from JFK's "The President and the Press," address
to The American Newspaper Publishers Association, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC, on 27 April 1961
You can listen to the entire speech here:

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