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ALL mainstream, and now what is ANTI-social media, has been covering this up for DECADES; please mirror/share this video and "A Child's Voice"; keep in mind those producing materials on this forbidden subject end up being targeted if not KILLED.

Please follow and support any and all patriots that have the courage to expose this heinous crap happening not just to AMERICAN CHILDREN, but to children on every continent as we learned in the "Extreme Pedophilia Survey".
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One of David's early interviews before he claimed his "sister had a blood test and it turns out he's not Jewish, but a NAZI".🤣
tags:#ExtremePedophilia, #SatanicRitualAbuse
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tags: #ExtremePedophilia, #SatanicRitualAbuse
He seemed like a good kid with his only dissembling being covering up his Jewishness and later claiming she said, "Hail Satan". His massive library was deleted after this mirror and he challenged me to a debate; he also had a hyper-sexual senor eater tap dance into his life and appeared to have been mind controlled based on dilated pupils.

Start Jewish Testimony from original video description:
"EveryBody Every1", aka +MysterEy1,[Youtube] said: "Another thing I forgot to mention in the vlog: one night, there were a dozen guests over at my friends apt. She got up in front of everybody and did a weird strip dance, in some partial trance-like state. It surprised me, I never saw anybody else ever do this so detachedly and in front of strangers. She was "not all there".

"It wasn't like it was some club for entertainment and horny guys, it was a mixed group of urban hipsters and friends of my friend.

"Anyhow, this girl is one example among several wherein I found out personally on satanic alternative lifestyles, which are in fact dangerous to the rest of Society. They are the cause of a lot of the pain and suffering in this world. They are sick and they are powerful, in the elite circles. The struggle of the End times will come down to this. Cleansing the Earth..."
*Likely BS SNIPped*

>>>"There is a long history in my family concerning satanism, cult activity, ... As the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrifice."
/END Jewish Testimony

As it's clear on Youtube we're only allowed to display LIES about Muslims and other gentiles, but FACTS about Jews are forbidden, this will likely not last long. (It was covered up by the Jewish cults that own/control Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube.)

See also Vicki Polin testimony which this testimony corroborates, except, and as Vicki testified, Jews performing these black magic sex rituals with children, do not call it "Satanic" or "worshiping the devil."

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Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!)
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These are various clips that contained amazing personal synchronicities. Ingratiation of cult agents for intelligence and ritual smearing, assassination via air bubble injections attempted on me in the hospital. The tactics of the smearing itself and that the same cult is behind so-called "Gang Stalking" which cannot be denied as they both leverage cult cops for sanitation or even assassination.

According to a 35 year veteran law enforcement friend who later 'forgot' had warned me about 'the guys [cops] they send to your house'; that it did not matter if I was unarmed, that, "Oh, you'll have a gun." Should they be sent to assassinate was the implication, and there can be no doubt cops are controlled via Masonry, a key choke point in their betray from within model. The same friend had a RUSSIAN Jewess tap danced into his life and he converted at ~57; too weird and not a likely coincidence.


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