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Utopia! Blood everywhere, Dragunovs roaring, helicopters blazing; a peaceful cattle protest gets put down and the voice of the Overseer animates the dry and humid air: “A commodity gets used only when the consumer chooses to, everything else is stealing!”

In a hospital, a mass of giggling female babies with beautiful blue eyes and cute puffy cheeks are thrown into a furnace to heat the facility and save on expensive electricity bills because having Rett syndrome, no left wise opposable thumb, and being a woman makes one less productive in adult life.

In one home, it has been found that a woman has been impregnated by a man without doing any procedural genetic screening tests, without retrieving a subsequent license for reproduction if appropriate, and without attaining “responsible” status from the Irresponsible Parenting Prevention Board. A Board formed in response to an epidemic of psychologically disturbed workers with high indication of ancient mommy or daddy issues and who without all the data collected from their smart phones, browsing times, financial activities, income, criminal record, travel record, political inclinations, Body Mass Index, and food preferences, the Irresponsible Parenting Prevention Board and its panel of experts cannot make it clear if the impregnated woman and man will be “responsible” parents. Given their continued outright disobedience and their Quebecois tongue, letting them have children risks one more worker with Tay Sachs or a Cluster A Personality Disorder!

Given that all three of these laws were broken, no hesitation for diplomacy should be made, the to-be mother has her child aborted at gunpoint, the child’s body parts are shipped to contribute to the mass production of a new artificial sweetener shown to increase sales by 8% in soft drinks and both the man and woman are given 15 years jail time, no parole at an experimental prison where new techniques of sub human hearing sound waves are being tested on the prisoners to see if the subliminal messages can get through without a word being whispered. Citizens shown mercy will abuse their privilege and sow future discord within the happy collective, remember that kids.

In another residency, an aging woman named Ms. Halls and retiree have just gotten out of the shower, put on a pair of ragged robes, and tries to pace to her neural interface computer. As she sits down, her heartbeat reaches 200 beats per minute in a mere 10 seconds and she collapses on the floor. Huh? Years back, the woman had received a chip under her forearm which made purchasing easier, stress relieving more controllable, and birth control automatic at timed intervals. Intuitively, because an unusual amount of young people had low standard housing in that region and there were high amounts of useless old people occupying high quality housing residences, the State conducted a “labor liquidity sweep” in order to offer higher quality residences for sale to the young people because such accomplishment of the ego would boost their productivity.

10 minutes later, officers of the Phosphorus Reclamation Agency retrieve her body and cremate it at the nearest facility where her ashes will be used as part of a new fertilizer product which has been shown to retain itself in soils at an increased rate of 20% than what traditional fertilizers without human parts could accomplish.

In an era where most have no family members or offspring, what to do with all of the possessions which Ms. Halls has accumulated throughout her work cycle? As her body is dragged out and flung into a pile of aged dead bodies in a government truck, 11 minutes after her collapse, wait for it…the Inheritance Reclamation Agency rushes in the other way and collects all her possessions whereby some will be auctioned off and some redistributed freely to the citizens by the Department of Worker Solidarity whereby every 3 years, a highly publicized and exciting lottery event called Santa Statemate (broadcast everywhere of course), chooses select citizens from the collective to write letters to the government detailing the stuff they want just so long as that stuff is chosen from an extensive government provided list and the price tag isn't over $50,000 per head, we wouldn’t want a citizen to make an individual choice now do we.

Imagine the cheers from the cattle, indeed, yes I can see the future politician winning an election, “If you vote me, I will decrease the age limit on the labor liquidity program and increase candidate numbers and quotas for the Santa Statemate lottery!” Hurray! Hurray! More free stuff! Ow! My head, forget all of the previous writing and what George Bernard Shaw had to say, the socialist future is great for worker families and the peasant. Prosperity, stewardship, lower taxes, freedom, smart living, liberty, unity, x rights, etc., as your current statesmen and professors shout in confidence.

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