This week in Privacy News, Razer leaks a lot of customer data, Facebook ignored meddling data, and Apple watch tracks oxygen data...but only for "wellness", not for "Medicine." Also, ATT is looking to subsidize cell phone plans by selling user data.

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00:00 Razer Data Leak
02:19 Facebook Fails to Act
05:08 Instagram Spy Lawsuit
06:44 Google Stalkerware Update
09:17 Affiliate - ExpressVPN
10:06 Apple Oxygen Meter
11:43 ATT Ad Subst Bill

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1 day, 7 hours ago

Alex Jones breaks down the growing medical tyranny around the globe as Australia moves to arrest 'conspiracy theorists' and Facebook censors a credible Chinese virologist whistleblower that runs counter to the globalist authoritarian control narrative.

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Master Jedidiah Elite Blog 11 (Facebook Instagram Scam!)

🕵️Mystery, mystery,🔭what shall we learn today?🔮

👺The many mask I wear as acting ㊙️Agent 007🕵️


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1 day, 15 hours ago

Starting October 1 Facebook will no longer allow some DJs to post or live stream on their platform is this fair or just more censorship or maybe something else

#facebook #MusicGuidelinesforLiveStreaming #LiveStreamingPros

1 day, 18 hours ago

Facebook Bias Exposed for blatantly claiming two videos were False Information and totally FAKE news.

2 days, 10 hours ago

Link to original video: https://youtu.be/cJdripBOudQ

#Instagram #Censorship #CNBC

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2 days, 20 hours ago

The Social Dilemma is a 2020 American docudrama directed by Jeff Orlowski and written by Orlowski, Davis Coombe, and Vickie Curtis. The film explores the rise of social media and the damage it has caused to society, focusing on its exploitation of its users for financial gain through surveillance capitalism and data mining, how its design is meant to nurture an addiction, its use in politics, its impact on mental health (including the mental health of adolescents and rising teen suicide rates).


3 days, 4 hours ago

The US d0es n0t h4ve a st4nding g0v3rnm3ntal b0dy which d3clar3s th3 pr3sid3nti4l 3l3cti0n vict0r.

Original: Everything Inside Me https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuV7s0h4ZzM9LzsQ1Hho0cg

3 days, 21 hours ago

The powerful propaganda machinery of the American empire is now waging an infowar against anyone who publishes anything on the internet suggesting that the wildfires in California are the work of arsonists.

"We are removing false claims that certain groups started the wildfires in Oregon. This is based on confirmation from law enforcement that these rumors are forcing local fire and police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the public," said Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook.

And whenever the tech tyrants of Silicon Valley try to sensor ANYTHING on social media, take it as proof that what they're censoring is the truth. Because truth is treason in the empire of lies.

Also, after corporate media mandate what opinions citizens are allowed to have about the wildfires, authorities can come out of their dens to push the climate change agenda by blaming it for the fires.

The extreme majority of bushfires are caused by humans either deliberately or accidentally and have nothing to do with climate change. But this hasn't prevented it from being the dominant narrative by corporate media, politicians, and celebrities who continue to deceptively blame global warming for the disaster.

It's very STUPID to assume that trees self-combust due to extreme heat when in fact trees thrive in extremely hot weather and in the strongest direct sun they can get which is why Earth's rainforests are located around the equator where it's hottest and the sun is strongest.

Just look at the world's map and you'll see that Earth is greenest around the equator. Trees absorb the sun's heat and turn it into humidity and rain. Trees also consume carbon while cooling down the surrounding temperatures.

Remember, measuring the temperature in the shade is not the same as in the open. Trees create shade and thus cool the land. Therefore, by chopping down trees in mass or deliberately burning them, Earth's temperature rises considerably. The criminal cabal of international bankers know this, which is why they've been busy ordering the chopping down of trees and arsons around the globe to accelerate global warming and the melting of the Arctic for cargo ships to pass across this new trade route through the Bering Strait.

Reinforcing the hoax of climate change in the minds of the masses will also help extremists like Bill Gates to block out the sun. I know it's unbelievable, but it's true. This billionaire madman wants to block out the sun under the guise of defeating climate change.

#AndyStone #Facebook #Arson #Arsonists #Arsonist #EchoTerrorist #EchoTerrorists #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #Bushfire #Bushfires #DeadlyBushfires #CorporateMedia #ArcticPolicy #ArcticRoutes #NortheastPassage #PolarSilkRoad #BeltAndRoadInitiative #SCoPEx #StratosphericControlledPerturbationExperiment


4 days, 15 hours ago

This week in Privacy News, Yubico has a new security key, Portland bans facial ID, and the US Border Patrol is storing data for your whole lifetime. Also, Facebook tries to win College students and someone interesting joins the Amazon board.

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00:00 Google Health Lawsuit Dismissed
04:04 Yubico's New Authenticator
05:48 Portland Bans Facial ID
08:33 United Airlines Data Leak
09:54 Affiliate - PIA
11:10 Border Patrol 75 Year Data
14:32 Facebook Campus for Students
17:12 NSA Leader Joins Amazon Board

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A puppet gets mad about facebook hashtags and offers a solution.

1 week, 4 days ago

Reports coming out that Zuckerberg is working with the democrats to have influence in the 2020 elections!!

1 week, 4 days ago

This week in Business News, Apple stops #Facebook from talking about the Apple tax, #Walmart competes with Amazon Prime, and Amazon is hiring analysts to find unions. Also, Facebook is doing an experiment to pay users to close their accounts for the #election season.

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00:00 Facebook - Apple Fee Spat
02:42 Apple Approves Malware
03:52 Walmart Plus Subscription
07:09 Amazon Anti-Union Job
08:41 Affiliate - ExpressVPN
09:33 Facebook Account Experiment

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⚠️ No Truth Allowed ⚠️ from Mark Dice


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It's called the Dark Ages not because the sky was darker or because the times were more violent, but because of the mass censorship that took place at the time.

It's called the Dark Ages because little is known about that period because the government enthusiastically burned all the books and the publications that didn't rhyme with the official narrative. That's why it's called the Dark Ages.

The government back then decided that it's the only source of truth and that any other source is deemed dangerous to the safety and security of the population. Today we're living in another Dark Age due to the mass censorship that's happening online, which is where most of the speech takes place nowadays.

It's illegal to have an opinion that doesn't flow with that of the political class and its organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), which is purely a private political organization masquerading as a public health organization. If the WHO says anything, it becomes the unquestionable truth that you're not allowed to question, or else the tech tyrants will either censor you or block you completely from using their gated communities. History is repeating itself.

Websites like Facebook love masquerading themselves as public communities, but they're not. They're private properties and gated communities. They are basically top-down dictatorships. Decision-making is always taken a top-down structure, and the peasants within the gated-communities are never involved in decision-making.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter know that they can practice extreme forms of censorship with impunity because they're part of a monopoly. Any website that tries to compete with them is either eventually acquired by them or forced to shut down. These corporations are fascists, and they're financed by the fascist banking class who owns a money printing press that can counterfeit money limitlessly and infinitely. Try competing with that! Gab.com, for example, was ordered to shut down by the American government because there were some users there saying mean things about the Jews who represent only 2% of the American population. The politicians used a synagogue shooter as a scapegoat to shut down an entire social media website because that's what fascists do.

We can't gather in public nowadays because it's illegal. We can't express our thoughts in public anymore. The only place for dialog has become online on social media. And what do the social media dictators do? They censor us. They block us from having a dialog and sharing our thoughts.

Even more sinister, WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, will soon stop people from chatting about certain topics when texting privately. Imagine that...

#YouTube #Instagram #Facebook #Hatebook #FBMessenger #FB #WhatsApp #Censorship #FreeSpeechViolation #FreeSpeech #ThoughtControl #ThoughtCrime #ThoughtPolice #CensorshipHappy #BigBrotherIsWatchingYou #YouAreBeingWatched #Bullying #TruthIsTreason #TechOligarchs #TechTyrants #TechMafia #SocialMedia #MarkZuckerberg #Zuckerberg #AllSeeingEye


2 weeks ago

The social media companies Twitter and Facebook Are acting as both judge and jury banning all support for Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man engaged in the Kenosha, Wisconsin shootings who had gone to the city to protect local businesses, was seeing using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire set by leftists in the dumpster, administer first aid, and then fired upon Antifa members who assaulted him.
The problem for our society is the fact that just further polarizes us by disengaging the public from the ability to speak freely. The violation of the first amendment in the public square which is what the giant social media companies have become, is a growing problem for our democracy.

http://www.RechargeFreedom.com for more

2 weeks, 1 day ago

Mark Zuckerberg displays the Illuminati symbol in an interview with The Wall Street

The Social Media giant FaceBook was created by the military organization known as DARPA. Zuckerberg was the Zionist that was chosen to run the Tech Giant in the public realm. He is most assuredly a reincarnation/clone of one of the evil bastards that run the earth, or at least the offspring of such. Watch him looking over his right shoulder to make eye contact with his HANDLER that is located just outside of the cameras field of vision, and also watch that he does NOT mention the sigil until he sees the interviewer is looking at it. The movie about the creation story for FaceBook is complete BS, it is a SCRIPT that Zuckerberg had to memorize & repeat ad nauseam. It is the lie the masses were fed to beLIEve in the Hollywood movie too. FaceBook is all about INFORMATION CONTROL, not INFORMATION FREEDOM. Anyone that has had their FB posts deleted, bouts of software lockout in FB Jail, and FB accounts totally deleted, as my account suffered, has learned the hard way about the reality that TRUTH IS THE NEW HATE SPEECH on FaceBook (and YouTube). Their motto is CONTROL THE NARRATIVE AT ALL COSTS to help bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER! Here we see Zuckerberg reluctant to take off the jacket, even though he is uncomfortably hot & sweaty, because he didn't want anyone to see the symbolism INSIDE THE BACK OF HIS JACKET. If a person is proud of their company motto, logo, or mission, they would have had the symbol sewn on the back of the jacket, and the symbol would have been displayed on the FaceBook website as well as the company headquarter walls. The Illuminati is big into SIGNS & SYMBOLS, it is a way to gather power, create spells, and let other occult members know what is up. The assigned task for FaceBook was to become a Social Media success, overtake MySpace in popularity, and then to encourage people to voluntarily divulge their real thoughts, likes & dislikes, and FB would slowly crack down against The Truth Movement & Freedom of Speech. It has been a HUGE success for them, beyond their wildest dreams. FaceBook was created as a way to CONTROL INFORMATION, and for INTELLIGENCE GATHERING, while the project is being funded by Advertising Revenue and the sale of Personal Information. Welcome to the Zionists Wet Dream and the Illuminati's New World Order agenda.

2 weeks, 1 day ago

All news links on my UGEtube video. YT gave me a strike for not using their approved news media.

OUTREACH EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

zoom.us for the computer and the app store for zoom cloud to use on your smart phone. You can find me on zoom using my email addy: [email protected]. Our sessions are teachings, preaching, and fellowshipping.

https://usa.life/WGONews this is a Facebook type social media
I'm also on the new social media site called Parler look me up as WGON.


My email: [email protected] or [email protected]


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2 weeks, 3 days ago

#BREAKING: Victoria Police execute a warrant and ARREST pregnant woman in front of her children for a Facebook post.

It's heartbreaking to watch the young mother beg for mercy.

SHARE it for the world to see what is happening in Melbourne.

Shame on #DictatorDan


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2 weeks, 4 days ago

Victoria Police execute a warrant and ARREST pregnant woman in front of her children for a Facebook post.

2 weeks, 4 days ago

#BREAKING: Victoria Police execute a warrant and ARREST pregnant woman in front of her children for a Facebook post.

It's heartbreaking to watch the young mother beg for mercy.

SHARE it for the world to see what is happening in Melbourne.

Shame on #DictatorDan


Legal Fund: http://SupportAvi.com
TR News: http://tr.news/support
Personally: https://aviyemini.com.au/support/
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Facebook Changes their TOS in Orwellian Push

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2 weeks, 4 days ago

An Investigation of the Facebook Fact Checkers by the Columbia Journalism Review reveals that the Gates Foundation has bought and paid for fact-checking organizations as well as major media companies. We also speak with Dr. David Martin about the fact that these fact-checking organizations use headlines and not source documents to determine truthfulness.

follow Ben Swann at


3 weeks ago

Derzeit läuft eine Anklage Google, Facebook, Tesla, Alphabeth, NeuraLink wegen versuchtem Völkermord. Ihnen wird in 26 Anklagepunkten der Missbrauch von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) und der Mobilfunktechnologie vorgeworfen.


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- https://news-for-friends.de/google-facebook-neuralink-wegen-waffen-ki-technologietransfers-mitschuld-am-voelkermord-in-china-und-gefaehrdung-der-menschheit-durch-missbrauch-von-ki-verklagt/

- https://youtu.be/9jm4MzsxrJ8

- https://theaiorganization.com/obama-google-bidens-clinton-schmidt-sued-in-fed-court-weaponized-ai-bio-tech-transfer-endangering-the-lives-of-all-people-complicity-to-slave-camps-china,

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Google, Facebook auf der Anklagebank wegen versuchtem Völkermord

Derzeit läuft eine Anklage #Google #Facebook #Tesla #Alphabeth #NeuraLink wegen versuchtem Völkermord. Ihnen wird in 26 Anklagepunkten der Missbrauch von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) und der Mobilfunktechnologie vorgeworfen.

Ein Meilenstein in der Rechtsprechung des 21. Jahrhunderts dürfte die Anklage gegen Konzerne wie Google, Facebook, Tesla, Alphabeth und NeuraLink sein, die aktuell beim Bundesgericht in Kalifornien läuft. Auf der Anklagebank sitzen auch Größen wie Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page und Sandar Pichai. Ihnen wird in 26 Anklagepunkten der Missbrauch von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) und der Mobilfunktechnologie 5 G vorgeworfen. Ebenso wird ihnen Komplizenschaft und Unterstützung beim Völkermord sowie Organ- und Menschenhandel in China zu Last gelegt. Die Anklage geht davon aus, dass sich die Angeklagten durch Manipulationen mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz unvorstellbare Macht über alle Bürger der Welt verschafft haben, ohne dafür legitimiert zu sein. Dies sind Verschwörungstatsachen, denn diese Anklage zeigt auf, mit welch skrupellos krimineller Energie die Drahtzieher von Google, Facebook und Co. die Menschheit versklaven und sogar selektieren wollen.







3 weeks, 2 days ago

Zuckerberg conspicuously illogical manipulation of words speaks for itself. It seems that in their Facebook programming they must have a more intelligent use of logic than the 'founder" himself reveals in his sophomoric display

Regrettably our political leaders who do such questioning are themselves not familiar with the science of medicine or the logic of word use...and don't seem interested in being prepared for such conversations.

3 weeks, 3 days ago

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3 weeks, 4 days ago

Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig joins The Alex Jones Show to confirm that banning Alex Jones was a top emergency. Jun 26, 2020

Ryan Hartwig Twitter @realryanhartwig

Support InfoWars Here: https://drjonesnaturals.com/ , https://www.infowarsstore.com/support-infowars/donations.html and https://www.infowarsstore.com

3 weeks, 5 days ago

- Facebook Introducing a ‘Virality Circuit Breaker’ to Prevent Spread of Viral Content & other manipulations (by Twitter)

Original video by Jean-François Gariépy on The Public Space:
26:45 https://youtu.be/MXYAbnFWw5E?t=1605

JF's book: The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends

JF on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoFIyMX7PmlwwdmpXfyeNA

Intro music: OBLIVION OVERTURE by Scott Buckley

This video on YouTube:

3 weeks, 6 days ago

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) filed a lawsuit on 8/17/20 in San Francisco Federal Court charging Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and three fact-checking outfits with censoring truthful public health posts and for fraudulently misrepresenting and defaming CHD. CHD is a non-profit watchdog group that roots out corruption in federal agencies, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and exposes wrongdoings in the Pharmaceutical and Telecom industries. CHD has been a frequent critic of WiFi and 5G Network safety and of certain vaccine policies that CHD claims put Big Pharma profits ahead of public health. CHD has fiercely criticized agency corruption at WHO, CDC and FCC.
Read more at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/press-release/chd-legal-team-led-by-robert-f-kennedy-jr-sues-facebook-mark-zuckerberg-and-three-of-facebooks-so-called-fact-checkers-for-government-sponsored-censorship-false-dispar/
Source: https://youtu.be/tNVyiCNF1gI

3 weeks, 6 days ago

Peter Thiel April 2012

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3 weeks, 6 days ago

Since politics is just a theater, you might as well laugh along. That congressional hearing last year with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was just a theater in a bigger theater. Mark Zuckerberg is just a frontman for the CIA. Remember, it was the 500 MILLION dollar grant from a CIA bank that made Facebook what it is today. As for the politicians, they are all just paid actors and frontmen for the banking class that owns a money printing press called the Federal Reserve, which is an independent bank NOT part of the U.S. Treasury.

Once you realize that the Federal Reserve is an independent bank that's not part of the U.S. Treasury and that it's a money printing press for the banking class to buy anyone and anything they want, everything else becomes clear. America was already sold and paid for in 1913 when Wall Street banks hijacked America's monetary system through an act of treason by Congress and a racist puppet president called Woodrow Wilson. Since then, you are forced to pay income taxes, which were illegal before 1913. Since then, ALL of America's politicians are in the deep pockets of the banking class. Since then, politicians are in the service of the banking class, not the people who vote for them. Since then, voting is meaningless.

If you want the red pill, just research what the Federal Reserve is because once you figure it out everything else becomes clear.

Watch these videos:

#Facebook #MarkZuckerberg #FacebookCEOMarkZuckerberg #CIA #CIAAsset #WallStreet #MoneyPrintingPress #BankstersParadise #Banksters #StateBank #CentralBank #Rothschilds #Rockefeller #Morgans #PoliticsIsFake #DebtIsSlavery #TaxationIsTheft #EndTheFed #EndTheDebt #EndAllDebt #ForgiveUsOurDebts #ModerndaySlavery #TheFederalReserve #FederalReserve #Fed #Feds #Debt #FractionalReserveBanking #BankOfInternationalSettlements #BIS #IMF #WorldBank #Usery #Fiatmoney #DebtBasedEconomy #DebtBasedMoney #TaxFarm #JPMorgan #JPMorganChase #CityBank #BankOfAmerica #BofA #WageSlavery #WageSlaves #EndSlavery #StopAllSlavery #CentralBank #CentralBanks #Zionism #Zionist #Zionists


4 weeks, 1 day ago

Despre facebook la crestini

4 weeks, 1 day ago

facebook - Sinuciderea ta de Dan Bercian

4 weeks, 1 day ago

Cornel Avram - Monstrul Virtual ucigatorul de tineri

4 weeks, 1 day ago

What are some alternative platforms to the current mainstream subservient groups?

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1 month, 1 week ago

Big tech interfering with politics.

1 month, 1 week ago

Assanges Last Video recorded on the internet.

1 month, 1 week ago

We address Beirut, Faceberg Censorship, Primary Elections, Omar's Competition, and Revisionist History.

1 month, 1 week ago

Ejecutivos de Amazon, Apple, Facebook y Google testifican en una audiencia antimonopolio

(Jul 29, 2020)

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Dear Freedom Lovers

It's not difficult to understand what #BLM is about. It has nothing to do with equal rights for blacks which are already a reality for a long time. It is a communist organisation designed to divide blacks and whites and it is spreading racism among both races. It is sponsored by the leftist zionist George Soros and it serves his agenda instead of serving black lives and rights. You can convince yourself when watching the links to the youtube videos below:





I also explain how vicious some blm supporters are and how they treat other people on facebook inposing insults on them and being openly racist against whites.This is very sad.


Subscribe, like comment.

Regards Damian

1 month, 3 weeks ago

This disgusting post was snagged thanks to a patriot who posted it on FB to expose these scum. You can go search on FB and find many pedo groups, yet people are being censored for the most stupid things.

For more exposing the deep state visit:

1 month, 3 weeks ago

FB is not showing my posts to people. Not suprising in the least.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

"Reality Check New CDC and WHO Study Proves No Evidence Face Masks Prevent Virus" https://youtu.be/duPJmQDQuyo

1 month, 4 weeks ago

Werewolf takes a bite out of un friending people over political argument

1 month, 4 weeks ago

Nick Fuentes | Jessica Doty-Whitaker - Without FACEBOOK we would never know this story..

#Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department




2 months ago

Rozwiń ⬇

W jaki sposób Facebook kształtuje interakcje z ludźmi w społeczeństwie? Jak bardzo nasze dane są przetwarzane? Co jest takiego w tej aplikacji iż tak mocno nas od siebie uzależnia?

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2 months ago

…und was sind Deine Schlußfolgerungen?

WER war die erste und einzige geschichtliche Kraft, die sich den NWO-Tätern (Marx-Mordechai, Trotzki-Bronstein, Rothschild,.. - „Weltrepublik“, “Weltregierung“.) bereits vor 100 Jahren entgegenstellte? Und von der geballten und vereinten Macht des Liberal-Kapitalismus und Bolschewismus, niedergewalzt wurde? Was sagt uns diese innige Zusammenarbeit der Roten und Goldenen Internationale? https://www.bitchute.com/video/e3P5mo8snIuC/

2 months ago

This guy just doesn't get it and isn't a Libertarian. I mean by supporting certain taxes, tariffs, "If you don't like it just leave." mentality and other stuff, he reveals he's not truly for freedom.

Link to the page: https://www.facebook.com/libertarianeye2/

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Obviously Facebook Is Now A Publisher, Not A Platform

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Projekt Veritas - Facebook - Facebook-Insider-Unternehmen sperrte mein Konto wegen H-1B-Dokumentenleck.

Quelle: Qlobal-Change - https://t.me/QlobalChange

2 months, 1 week ago

Facebook-Insider-Unternehmen sperrte mein Konto wegen H-1B-Dokumentenleck
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2 months, 1 week ago

America First Ep. 636 - 2020-07-08 - GAME OVER: Advertisers Boycott FB in Protest of Hate Speech

Kanye West presidential bid: 8:26 | Immigration policy improving: 22:19 | FB advertiser boycott: 42:23 | Superchats: 1:00:35
Remember to use https://mrs0m30n3.github.io/youtube-dl-gui/ if you want to download livestreams as they happen. Doing this during the preshow lobby ensures that you'll have the full episode.
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2 months, 1 week ago

Advertiser Giants Boycott Facebook in Protest of Hate Speech | Nick Fuentes America First Ep. 636 w/ chat



2 months, 1 week ago

GAME OVER: Advertiser Giants Boycott Facebook in Protest of Hate Speech | AF Ep 636 | Nick Fuentes

Great episode of America First tonight!




2 months, 1 week ago

Audit Finds Facebook Made 'Devastating' Moderation Errors

The audit stresses that the way Facebook handled some of President Trump's posts may set a precedent where politicians routinely exploit the platform.


2 months, 1 week ago

Facebook CEO Meets With Civil Rights Groups Behind Advertising Boycott

Civil rights groups have long said that they feel as if Facebook hasn't been serious about removing harmful content from their platform.


2 months, 1 week ago

Please share this video with everyone you know. Re-post it on social media and on the comments sections of the BBC's,SKY's,CNN's Youtube videos.

ROSE/ICKE IV - https://londonreal.tv/rose-icke-iv-we-will-not-be-silenced/

Please sign this open letter against the removal of videos like these from Youtube - https://londonreal.tv/digital-freedom-of-speech-open-letter/

Against 5G? Sign the worldwide petition here - https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Shouldn't a father be outraged to know that his 7-year-old daughter is being spied on by several private companies that activated her selfie camera without her knowledge as she was undressing in her own bedroom? It's happening today with impunity to countless children around the world because pedophilia laws that were written decades ago don't apply to today's tech oligarchs. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg can activate the front and back camera on any phone in the world that has one of his apps (Facebook, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram). And it's not only him specifically because there are countless other apps like TikTok and Snapchat who also have similar access. And even if you uninstalled Facebook from your phone, the operating system is still owned by either Google or Apple, and there's nothing you can do about it. EVERYTHING you do on these phones is monitored by Google and Apple, both of which are mercenary companies for the banking class (aka the 1%, deepstate, shadow government, the elites) that also owns the NSA, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the FBI. When you use Facebook or any smartphone, the banking class record everything you do like the pages you like, the people you interact with, and your every movement in the world. Yes, the all-seeing eye is forever watching you and your loved ones, and there's nothing you can do about it. After all, social media companies are private corporations, and they should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want. Right? The terrifying truth is that owning a smartphone in this dystopian reality is not much different from having a random stranger sitting in your bedroom watching you undress EVERY DAY. In Orwell's 1984, there's a telescreen in every home that's constantly watching and listening. You can't switch it off even if you want to. Today, Orwell's prophecized telescreens are perfected to be handheld so they go with you anywhere you go, and they're so desirable and convenient that you have no desire to switch them off. We call these telescreens smartphones. You can't switch them off even if you want to because they're designed in a way that you can't remove the battery. The "turn off" option offered by these devices is just a placebo. They're always on. They're always watching you. They're forever listening. Thanks to Google and Apple, Big Brother is forever watching you. Have you accepted the new norm? Have you been brainwashed and conditioned to accept the fact that there's an elite class of individuals who own everything and everyone and have an all-seeing eye that spies on anyone? If the answer is yes, then congratulations you're now a sheep unworthy of sacrificing.

#Deepstate #Facebook #FBMessenger #WhatsApp #Instagram #SocialMedia #Pedophilia #MarkZuckerberg #Zuckerberg #FB #Privacy #NoPrivacy #SeflieCam #AllSeeingEye #TechnoOligarchs #ItsTimeToWakeUp #Dystopian #DystopianReality #Orwellian #OrwellianNightmare #Telescreen #OrwellianTelescreen #Smartphones #SmartGadgets #Apple #Google #Ads #Surveillance #BigBrother #MassSurveillance #YouTube #Hatebook #Instagram #Advertisements #Propaganda #Spyware #Privacy #YouAreBeingWatched #BigBrotherIsWatching


2 months, 2 weeks ago

#facebook #zuckerberg #mark zuckerberg #advertisers #walmart #target #GOP #NAACP

This is a video I shot last week, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg is sticking to his guns in some regards, however, it can easily be said and demonstrated that he seems to be trying to balance both sides of things. He is smart enough to realize that people / businesses on both sides of the aisle spend money and help keep facebook afloat, which makes him smarter than most in Silicon Valley. That said, the pressure on him must be immense so we'll see how long he holds out because he did say that he thinks those advertisers will be back soon enough.

Some say he is hedging his bets because we wants to be in the good graces of both sides, especially with the elections right around the corner.

Will the advertisers come back, will these anti conservative groups get their way through continuous bullying of companies, will the Zuck cuck out eventually, answers to these and other exciting questions, coming, in the months ahead!

Archived sources: archive.ph/ySqP3 and archive.ph/0nZ9A

Youtube: youtu.be/_YRK1x0D0Dw
Bitchute: bitchute.com/video/XWcGWD5HXyU1/
Daily Motion: https://dai.ly/x7utyja

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Mirrored from Smosh Bits on facebook.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt has shaved of billions of dollars from Facebook's profits by turning large companies against Mark Zuckerberg and his platform. ADL is pushing Facebook to censor the kind of content that they don't like. Including content that is lawful, like White nationalism, right-wing political groups and edgy humor from the right. How is this legal? This is an excerpt from Flashback Friday episode 83, watch the full show here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/NpXRoIS0MaEq/

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2 months, 2 weeks ago

I believe I am a victim of fraud perpetrated by Facebook in specific instances and circumstances. This instance is not the first time but is the best documented.

This video documents the method I was following using Facebook's own tools. I hit their arbitrary and undisclosed (grounds for fraud) limits in the FOLLOW-UP VIDEO as my page-likes-campaign continued accumulating likes.

They suspended a service for which I was paying them on grounds unsubstantiated: they would not allow me to add more "friends" while I was paying them for a page-likes-campaign to find me likely future customers.

#facebook #fraud #discrimination #legal #platform-publisher #section-230

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Follow up video with MORE on-camera evidence.

I believe I am a victim of fraud perpetrated by Facebook in specific instances and circumstances. This instance is not the first time but is the best documented.

THIS VIDEO demonstrates over two days that the app and desktop browser experience is NOW DIFFERENT. So, my question is "have they changed my STATUS so that using their platform and app is more difficult" which would be discriminatory toward myself and users treated similarly.

So, does your app still function the way I demonstrated in video 1 and 2? Because MY USER EXPERIENCE has changed dramatically!

They suspended a service for which I was paying them on grounds unsubstantiated: they would not allow me to add more "friends" while I was paying them for a page-likes-campaign to find me likely future customers, a misrepresentation of the service for which I was paying.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Facebook is having its own (most likely temporary) ad-apocalypse. Luckily for us sane people, there are alternatives to Big Tech companies like Facebook.

Game Featured: Slay the Spire

Minds: https://www.minds.com/coolbear/
Gab: https://gab.com/CoolbearG

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Veja nosso site: https://visaolibertaria.com

#Adpocalipse #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram

Ajude o canal:

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LSCnrubCVcpuLrGTTLMqpwRTXvYz7vMbbA (Litecoin)
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nano_1s6i6xwujzqnmie8nc3x8rfumdnebpsd6h4cp9wgkcpk4eb1xn5u7n48ok5b (Nano)

A Coca-Cola foi a última empresa a anunciar que fará uma pausa de conteúdo de publicidade patrocinado nas redes sociais Facebook, Twitter e Instagram. Mas não foi a única. A lista de empresas que pararam de anunciar em mídias sociais recentemente é grande: Hershey, Unilever, Verizon, Honda, Birchbox, Ben & Jerry's, The North Face, REI, Patagonia, e outras. Ao contrário, porém, do que vem sendo anunciado pela mídia tradicional, elas não estão deixando de anunciar no facebook porque estarem descontentes com "discurso de ódio" e "grupos de extrema direita". Essa é só a esquerda falando.

2 months, 3 weeks ago