Grassroots came out with Facemints the other day and I had to jump on something new and different. This strain took me by surprise, and not really in a good way. It looks great, tastes good, smells eh. A somewhat lack luster strain, I wanted it to be more, but it just couldn't compete. Stay on my video to find out what made this strain a disappointment, and as always stay lifted :)

Update* I recently switched over to editing fully in premiere and doing all the motion graphic stuff in after effects, and I will be slowly re-introducing a lot of the special effects as we go. This new process will cut down on editing time in the future once I have my base template finished and I'll be able to crank videos out in a much faster manner. I also broke my head shaver, so if anyone has good brands they like to recommend for a clean dry head shave, that would be cool.

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