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A new law aimed at halting the spread of faggot content in schools has been passed in Hungary, overshadowing other topics at last week's European Union summit, with half of all fruity EU members condemning the move.

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Seriously, fuck these people. Why we lauded a bunch of sociopaths and pedos I'll never understand... Why we dont collectively stop is beyond me as well... Any time y'all are ready though. Shit is WAY overdue imho

Fair use.

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Track 10 from the 2017 "Total War" release. Nationalist hardcore punk/oi! from Denver, CO.

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This is truly terrifying in retrospect. Brainwashing kids watching VH1 (Video Hits channel) so Epstein can pimp them out more easily in the near future.
Disgusting. And those fucking faggots that do the commentary. There is a special place waiting for them.
Featuring Bill Clinton & Kevin Spacey

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I agree one hundred percent with this pastor these people are headcases

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Track 08 from the 2016 "Hail Metal....Destroy Faggotry!" release. Nationalist metal/thrash metal from Chicago, IL.

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Game of the year 2021

Very fun, less glitches than cyberpunk 2077, can tell this is a labor of love.

Black Lives Splatter 0.2 - Windows (7/8.1/10)

Windows 7 is currently untested but should work now as of 0.2.

Black Lives Splatter 0.2 - GNU/Linux

Download the Pc game for free

for anyone that has a problem with this game or trys to find an excuse to censor or stop its distribution:

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Track 05 from the 1994 "White, Straight and Proud!" release.

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a bunch of rich antifa faggots

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Black lives matter proudly fly their black power alongside the gay pride flag.
If you support BLM your gay.
Nothing wrong with being gay.
I'm just letting you know.

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I'm sick of this shit

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The creator of this video would later dedicate his life to Super Smash Melee, a fate worse than death.

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Kangz vs Faggots

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Immediately after the Nazis’ rise to power, homosexual men in Germany were persecuted, humiliated, imprisoned. In concentration camps they were singled out with pink triangles. For many decades afterwards, the victims were never acknowledged, their stories never told.

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This is why I'm a eugenicist. This is why I'll carry out the orders on the Georgia Guidestones...

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Subscribe to my channel if you're not a fucking jewish rabbie.

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