I'm very, very slow at reading in Russian, or, better said, very, very slow at "trying" to read in Russian.

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(One Piece/Fairy Tail

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Fairytales contain a lot of ancestral knowledge and the fairytale of Vrouw Holle certainly does. In part 1 the Tribe of the Fox tells the fairytale. In part 2 we explain this story.

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In this dark take on the fairy tale,the growing hatred of a noble woman
secretly a practioner of the dark arts,for her stepdaughter and the
witch's horrifying attempts to kill her.

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Written and illustrated by Hilda Boswell
Narration and edited visuals by Indiana Rose

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Holocaust revisionists Mark Webber & David Cole Interviewed on The Montel Williams show

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He knew his sheep in the biblical way.

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Here we find the conclusive evidence, millions of sources of evidence, showing very clearly that what the bible claims is just simply not true or even close to being accurate.
There was never a population of Israelite or Jewish slaves in Egypt...and no significant numbers of Israelites or Jews were even in Egypt until thousands of years after the pyramids were built.

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>"..and people told their children from age two, 'when you're walking through the forest, there are men, that dress up like women and they will kill you. So even if someone is dressed like a woman in the woods, RUN! If you don't know them, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THEY'LL KILL YOU!' And they will."
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This keeps getting taken down from youtube. it's not bad but it's not great ether. hope anyone seeing this enjoys it.

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Is the film Hard Candy a modern retelling of the fairy-tale Little Red Riding Hood?

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Slavic's Harp, Among flap Light brown broad 432 Hz _

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Reel Features Season 6 Ticket 08

I do not own the trailer https://youtu.be/aqcZ41yxp94

Jungle Book (2016) Reviews

Reaction & Review UK Disney's Christmas Carol


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