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This is the Stupidity we Australians have to unfortunately tolerate in 2020 with these Corporations pretending to be Police, over a Flu that has killed 0.7 per cent of people, if that. This truly is EMBARRASING to anyone who has half a brain. The only thing good that is coming out of it is this fake pandemic will backfire on these clowns & their idiot corporate fake government masters, the fake media, fear porn corporations, etc, but until then we have to cringe at their ideocracy. World forgive us Australians (the people) we are nowhere near as stupid & brainwashed as these corporate clowns.
Also a good down to Earth talk which is rare as hens teeth today on what a virus really is, & why you MUST TURN OFF YOUR TV & RADIO... LIKE NOW. Better still throw it OUT THE NEAREST WINDOW...

1 year, 6 months ago